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   ( Kashmiri Pandit Women Striking  Shrine Bells for Peace and Prosperity..Photo source .. The Hindu Newspaper..)
        ( Sharika Temple Srinagar Kashmir)


Close to Navreh  comes another  cultural  ritual   known as Zang-Trei  or third Auspicious day ; A ritual  of Shakti tradition of ancient kashmir. Centred around women considered as harbingers of peace and prosperity for a family , Zang Trei  festivity coincides  with  a visit to  shaktipeeth  Sharika Temple at  Hari Parbat Srinagar. A fair at DeviAngan  or  the spring time festivity at blooming  Badaam vaari garden nearby was another attracttion of NAVREH . The  busy water  chestnut ( Gaer or singharra) sellers, Halwai shops, water Baloon sellers ,  toy sellers and so many other attractions for children at Devi Angan, Badaamvaari or outside Chhatti Paadshashi Gurudwara. No more chills or snow or cold winds now. Flowers , greenery ,sunshine and pleasantness all-around.

 On Zang Trei or third day of Vikrami New year,  kashmiri Pandit women visit their Parental home  for sometime  . This is the  first auspicious visit of  the  year intended to  seek long life   and prosperity for parents and other family members  by the married woman. She is received with hugs, tears and love in her Parental home. After having  tea  and bread etc , She is given some cash (Attagath or conveyance money in kashmiri ), a packet of  Salt ( Considered Auspicious by kashmiri Pandits as  Salt is linked to Goddess Lakshmi ) and Bakery ( Tseot or kulcha) that she carries to her in law's house.All these small gifts are intended to seek prosperity and Long life for her husband, children and other members of the family in her in law's house. It is a day of  reunion and get together . Those amongst the  married Kashmiri pandit  women who are far off from their parents and consequently unable to visit their parental home , pay a visit some Temple or some family close by to be a part of this ancient tradition. They also return to their homes with Attagath  and a packet of salt.


To this Query, Pandit Raghunath Kokiloo (a Saint  and  practioner of  Shaivism)   has told me something  like this:

"Zang trei is linked to our  Shaiva Darshana. Three is auspicious and very important in Shaiva Darshana . What is a TRISHULA ? Understand it as three   fundamental dimensions of life . You  can also call it ida, Pingala and Sushumna. These are the three basic   nadis ; one to the left, second to  the right and third in the  centre of the pranamaya kosha  ( Energy body)  of the human system.

Three is AUM  depicted by three curves .And Bhur, Bhuva and Swaha or the  triple control over thought ,word and deed exercised by a shaivite .

Again , the Rhythm of the universe lies in the  trinity  symbolized  by  Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesha representing creation,  preservation  and destruction respectively.

 That  is why  so many shaivites all over the world put three lines of Ash over their forehead."

And stalwart Modern Kashmiri poet Dina Nath Naadim  also describes Zang Trei festivity in one of his poems..A poor mother alongwith her son  is on a visit to Zang Trei festivity in Badaam Vaari  Garden. The boy is tempted by so many toys while  the  poor mother is quick to  distracts his attention .

 I add  select  lines from the  to conclude this post..

Fraekvin Phulayaa , Lukka  Arsaatha
Taaran Peith Peith Katiji Jamaata .
Zangtrei Hunz Grukh
Taafa pholvun
Val Saa Maaleyah
Gobra Tathyah
Dabluss Ponsuss Soruy Duniya
Meiti Guchh Peen Pan( Whistle )
Tot Kya baa Chhukh
 Tresha Chamhuvv.

( Dina Nath Naadim )

Abundance of spring Flowers ,
Noise of sparrows on overhead electric wires ,.
A crowd celebrating Zangtrei festival,
Sun shine on all sides,
“Come dear child
Come son come dear
Entire world for a penny “
“ I too want to buy a whistle mother“
“Oh you look Febrile,
Let us quench our thirst first .”

(Autar Mota )


Kashmiri Pandits celebrate NAVREH or  their New Year’s Day on the first day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra corresponding to  March –April of the Gregorian Calendar .     

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