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Flowers  inside Iqbal Park, Srinagar, Kashmir

( Photographs  Avtar Mota )

 (Names  of some flowers  seen in the Kashmir valley)

1 Hyacinth is Sumbal in Kashmiri.

2 German Iris is Sosan that grows in graveyards.

3 Self Heal. Is Kalavyoth in Kashmiri.

4 Amaranth is Mawalin in Kashmiri

5 Iris is Maswal in Kashmiri.  Maswal flower has  also been used frequently in Kashmiri poetry .

6 Golden Collyrium is Virikyom in Kashmiri 

7Guelder Rose is Dastaar Posh in Kashmiri 

8 Hollyhock is. Sazaposh. in Kashmiri.

9 Marigold is Jaffur. in Kashmiri. Jaffur also finds mention in Kashmiri poetry."Poozaai Khaaraan jaaffer fotiye- Atiye nazar traav " says Sufi poet Samad Mir . 

10 Ipomoea is Ashqa- pechaan in Kashmiri.

11 Narcissus is Yemberzal in Kashmiri .The flower declares the arrival of the spring season in Kashmir.

12 Jasmine flower. Hee posh in Kashmiri.  The word ‘ Hee-thar’   or a branch laden with jasmine flowers  is frequently used in kashmiri language .

13 Red Poppy is Gulaal. This flower looks  like a tulip. A wild variety that grows in Pampore Karewas  ( plateaus ) much before the saffron crop.  Word Gulaaal has been profusely used in kashmiri poetry . Poet Dina nath  Nadim writes  ‘ Gulaal rang Naadimus Chhu shaaran’  or  ‘The couplets of  Nadim are red like poppies’

 14 Sunflower is Gule-akhtaab. in Kashmiri.

15 Periwinkle is Sadabahaar in Kashmiri.

 16 Rose is Golaab in Kashmiri.

 17 Wild Rose is Aarwal in Kashmiri. ( Finds repeated mention in Kashmiri poetry. The flower appears in Sufi Poet Samad Mir's popular song " Tan naar daez aarwali ")

18 German iris is Sosan in Kashmiri. Word Sosan is quite popular in the Kashmiri language. Both Pandits and Muslims used the word to convey suffering or misfortune. Sosan, a beautiful flower destined to live in the graveyards.

Some flowers inside Badaamvaari Garden of Kashmir
( Photographs .. Avtar Mota )
                                                                ( Narcissus or Yemberzal )
                                                             ( Almond blooms )                                                                                    

(Avtar Mota )

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