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Date 08.07.2012

Photo autar mota

This form of dance known as Bachnagma ( A male dancing in female dress ) was popularized in Kashmir during the reign of King Zain Ul Abdin (1420 – 1470 AD ) popularly known as Budshah ( The Great King ). Even the extinct Hafiz-nagma ( female dance accompanied by Sufiana music) was also started and popularized by King Zain Ul Abdin in Kashmir . This great king was a connoisseur of music and fine arts . By temperament he as more liberal than the Mughal emperor Akbar.He gave royal patronage to men of Art and letters . He himself was an accomplished poet writing in Persian and kashmiri under a pseudonym QATAI . Here are two lines from a kashmiri poem composed by king Zain Ul Abdin…

Zaaveull Qamar Aaveull Badan Shokuss chaman zokuss chhu ban
Yaaduk Sezurr Raadukk Thazar farshuss Chhu Kunn Arshuss chhu Thumm..

He had renowned scholars in his court. I quote a few ;Mulla Ahmed , Shreevar, Jonaraja , Bhat Avtaar , Yodha Bhat , Baba Shukr Ud din , Baba Baam ud din,baba Nasar Ud din and som pandit .

This group in phtographs   danced at AHARBAL Water Fall on 8-7-2012 on a composition of kashmiri  Poet Rasul Mir. They performed a mix of Bhangra ( Punjabi ) and Bachnagma ( Kashmiri ) dance . The Ghungroos in their feet made an striking sound of CHHUMM - CHHUMM all over near the water fall.



( Autar Mota )


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PAMPORE   TOWN ( Kashmir ) AND  SHEERMAAL  ( a kashmiri bakery item. crisp and tasty to take with saffron kehwa tea. )


“ Jenaab Astaan Aassivaa Tschaamit ”
“ Had you gone inside the Ziyarat ? ”
“ Yim Aaess Rueit Insaan . Hazrat Sharif Ud Din Wali . Aaiss chhiss Dapaan Shog-Bubb sahib. Kaashir Hundh Reuosh. Ye Jenaab Guvv Nambalbal . ”
“ He was a pious Soul. Hazrat SharIf Ud Din Wali . kashmiris call this ziyarat as Shogabubb sahib ‘s ziyarat . A saint of kashmir’s Reshi order. This place is known as Nambalbal ”
“ Me ouss Az Mushtaq Dapaan Sheer Maal Chhe Baqaar. Sheermaal Jenaab sirf -Paantch . Pataa Niyuvv. Aghar Pagaah Chha Baqaar Teilli Niyuvv Pagaah . Yim Paantch Gayee myaani Tarafaa tohee . Ye thhaviv myon card ”
“ Mushtaaq was informing me that you need Sheermaals . Just five left now . If you need tomorrow then no issue . Take tomorrow. Take these five as a free gift from me. Keep this business card of our shop ”
That was a brief conversation with Proprietor of HEEMA MALNI ( HEMA MALINI ) SHIRMAL SHOP well known kashmiri Bakery at Pampore selling just Sheermaals only. The proprietor proudly informed me that His Sheermaal has been tasted by Mrs. Indira Gandhi as well. But then why this name ?
“ His wife is now old. In her youth she was named as Hema Malini . Every one would insist buying Sheermal from Hema Malini’s shop as this family prepared the best stuff in the valley. .The family took this name so sportingly that they named their shop as HEEMA MALINI SHIRMAL ( HMS). Yes we had another Sheermaal shop at Drangbal Highway run by a kashmiri Pandit known as PRAACHEEN KASHMIRI HINDU BAKERY. Sheermal of that shop was also wonderful. People would come from far and wide to buy those sheermals. After saffron , pampore was famous for two sheermaal shops . See Sir this HEEMA MALNI shop uses VERKA pure Desi Ghee and quality flour . Some more shops bake sheermals using animal fat . Not worth eating . And I tell you sir , many  Pandits  take  Sheermaals  from this shop to jammu  and other places where they are presently putting up. You remember the kashmiri line of lal-Ded “Raaz Hans Rovukh Kaavunn Manz. ”.That is happening to this HEEMA MALNI SHIRMAL. ” Added Mushtaq an employee of our Bank who lives at Namablbal Pampore.
I need to complete the line that Mushtaq told me at HEEMA MALNI SHREEMAL SHOP. The line comes in a shrukh of kashmir’s greatest saint Nund Reyosh ( sheikh ul Alam ) as under

Aaravalan Naagraada Rovukh
Saada Rovukh Tschooran Manz.
Mudagaran Gwor Pandithh Rovukh
Raaza Honza rovukh Kaavun Manz…

(The located lost amidst the boulders
Like a saint lost amongst the thieves .
The learned Pandit lost himself amongst the ignorant
Like the swan lost amidst crows all over.)
( Autar Mota )

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Why is this Almond Tree lonely in Spring ??????
Badaam Vaari Garden Srinagar Kashmir .
Spring 2012. Photo Autar Mota
To this photo I add poem “ Roots “by Kurdish Poet Sherko Bekas …

Even if the stars,
the clouds,
the wind and
the sun
do not see the murderers,
when the birds are killed in the sky,
and if the horizon turns a deaf ear to them
and the mountains and the rivers
do not keep their memory,
there ought to be at least one tree
who witnesses their death
and writes their names into its roots.
( Sherko Bekas Kurdish Poet )

And who is this Sherko Bekas ??????????...........
Sherko Bekas (2 May 1940), is a prominent contemporary Kurdish poet. He was born on 2 May 1940 in Sulaimaniya in Iraqi Kurdistan as a son of the Kurdish poet Fayak Bekas. I found his poems stimulating. His poems are about human nature, of people and for people, both near by and verydistant. Autar Mota is reading this great Kurdish Poet Sherko Bekas . Reading some of his Mini Poems , one is reminded of Naadim Sahib's "Haaerisaat " . Some sample poems are :-

( PAIN )

I am a towering pain
without having to climb onto the shoulders of another grief.
If I lift my head
just a few inches
I can already see the wounds everywhere,
and the poor can see me
wherever they are.

( Sherko Bekas Eminent Kurdish Poet )


History came
and compared its greatness
to the magnitude of your sufferings.
your sufferings surpassed it by a few fingerbreadths.
When the ocean wanted to compare
Its depth to that of your wounds,
It screamed for fear of
Being drowned in them.

(Sherko Bekas)


... To me

My heart is like a boat
With some holes in the bottom.
again and again
water presses its way in,
and I bale it out.
Before I have baled out
a bucketful of old sorrow,
it is already replaced by new sorrow.
But neither does this restless boat sink
nor does it anchor
in the whirlwind of this night.
( Sherko Bekas )
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Actor Amitabh Bachan with his parents . Dr Harivansh Rai Bachan Shrivastava and Mrs Teji Bachan

DASHDWAAR SE SOAPAAN TAK : A Book ( Autobiography of Dr Hari Vansh Bachan part 4 )

“ This is not a book that gives us the story of Bachan ji and his family alone . It gives us the story of an age and era that has emerged in more deep colours and contours . “ Dr Hazaari Prasaad Diwedi .

“ If i look at Autobiographies , this book appeals to me as the tallest and absorbing.” Ramdhaari singh Dinkar

“ Such books can be guiding tools for our new Generation. Our youth must read such books . It is for their benefit ” Dr Shiv Mangal singh Suman

The autobiography of Harivansh Rai Bachan ( Amitabh Bachan’s Father ) is in four parts published as four separate Books . Kya Bhooluun Kyaa Yaad karoon , Need Kaa Nirmaan Phir Phir ,Baseiray Se Door and Dashdwaar se Soapaan Tak. All the four books are amazingly absorbing. I want every one to read them . Read them thoroughly. Those who have not read them have missed something great . Missed the sincere observations of a great mind . Brilliant anecdotes. A fulsome peep into Amitabh’s grand personality as a loving father , Husband , son , Friend, Father in law and law abiding citizen. A Peep into the personality of some great writers , poets, painters and politicians . Stories about the Author’s visits to Europe , Russia and central Asia .The Poet’s struggle with depressing poverty at his village . His own poverty . His tuitions . Death of his first wife Shyamala . His love for poetry . Allahabad University Days. Both Firaq Gorakhpuri and Harivansh taught English at Allahabad University .His love marriage with Teji . The noted poet, a man of few words, was enamoured by Teji's charms and spirited commitment to the society. They fell in love and married in 1941. Born to a Sikh family, Teji Suri married Harivansh Rai Bachchan in 1941 after the death of his first wife Shyamala. she met Harivansh Rai Bachchan Srivastava in Allahabad where he taught English at the Allahabad University. Bachchan was a widower at that time, having lost his first wife, Shyama, after 10 years of marriage. During his lifetime, Harivansh Rai remained completely engrossed in his muse, leaving his dynamic wife to handle all family matters. Even in social engagements, Bachchan senior always willingly played second fiddle to his gregarious wife. Besides her commitment to social service, Teji also took part as an amateur artiste in dramatic groups, both in Allahabad and New Delhi.

Bollywood circles say that without his mother's encouragement, Amitabh would never have given up a secure private job in Kolkata to step into the quick sands of Bollywood. She was an accomplished singer and stage performer in her early days and acted in Shakeapeare's plays translated by her husband. It was Harivansh Rai and Teji Bachchan that Indira Gandhi sent her daughter-in-law-to-be Sonia Maino when the young Italian arrived in India to marry an Indian Airlines pilot named Rajiv Gandhi? She was anxious that Sonia learn a bit about Indian culture and customs, and who better to give her a crash course than the elder Bachchans?



“Amitabh never brings his problems before me. He tries that I should not even know it from others. Possibly he knows that the struggle that I had put up in my life was enough and no more worries for me from his side. Yes he is quite open with his mother. One day I heard him saying to his mother that with his body structure , it has not be possible for him to establish himself as a hero in the film industry . He confided to her that he would now try for a side hero roles .That was when Amit had acted in two or three films.I also could not help him with any advice as I had very little knowledge about films . I would often mistake Dileep Kumar for Rajinder kumar. You can now understand my knowledge about films .Yes during those days even some producers asked for return of the advance amount from Amitabh for films that he had initially signed for them . He was worried . I was helpless. Then My friend Satyendra sharat came to live with was for some days . He was connected with film industry and advised Amit to have patience . He told us that Amit has the potential to be a star one day.

Here i can tell you one thing clearly . Amit has a wonderful style not only to carry but also to present himself for any event. His command over Hindi and English is more than normal.. And I am sure the day he writes his autobiography , it shall surpass all sale records .

During this period we celebrated Amitabh’s 30th birthday on 11-10-1972. Amitabh was not happy with his Film work. No offers were coming to him . He attached no importance to his Birthday. Teji and I bought a gift for him without his knowledge. I wrote a special poem. Amit was happy with this gift and the poem. He left for his shooting seeking our blessings.”


“Teji had a serious attack of Asthama.We went to doctors in Mumbai . Some said that we should shift to some dry climatic zone. The humid air of Mumbai had aggravated her problem. I talked to Amit and Jaya . They felt sad . It was the period of Amit’s first wedding anniversary . The son wanted his mother around. But the son also wanted his mother to get well . He was in pain to see her unwell. She had recurrent attacks. As per doctor’s advice , Amit and jaya decided to arrange a house for us in Greater kailash New Delhi. Sent a truck load of goods with a new fiat car , a cook and a driver for our comfort. A telephone connection . New Curtains . A study room was created for me . My friend Sateyndra lived near Archana cinema in Greater kailash area New Delhi.. Accordingly Amit looked for a house nearby .I was happy . Teji and jaya felt sad . Amit ensured that we had a three bedroom house so that he could come frequently. Requested Satyendra’s wife Usha ji to take care of us .Usha ji was a teacher . Even during his busy shooting schedules , Amit called his mother daily and never forgot to thank Usha ji . aftetr her school closed around 1 PM , Usha ji was with us till evening every day. I wrote very little as Teji’s health kept me worried. Amitabh and Ajitabh kept visiting their mother . Allopathic medicins did not give the desired relief to Teji who would remain confined to bed .One day Amit Brought a senior Homeopathic Doctor from Mumbai with him. Teji read Hanuman Chaalisaa without fail everyday..A little improvement. For Teji’s birthday Amitabh sent His daughter Shweta and Jaya and a maid to Delhi. Ajitabh also came with his wife. Teji felt happy in the company of shweta. Theraafter Amitabh had to go to Kashmir or shooting of his film kabhi kabhi. He insisted that his mother and i should also join them. He felt that this might make his mother better. He booked a special suite for us in Hotel Oberoi palace srinagar. Beautiful lawn . One can sit in this lawn for hours and hours and be in mother nature’s lap. We saw Amitabh’s serious acting in this lawn only. Shweta would be with us for the whole day . Teji and myself were very happy. In the Hotel’s beautiful Lawns , Teji played with shweta. Celeberated Amiitabh’s birthday in Kashmir on 11.10.1974. I wrote a lullaby for little Shweta …..

Chidiya o chidiya kahaan tera ghar!

O Little Sparrow ! where is your nest ?


And Amitabh would frequently come to us from the make up room. Talk to us and immediately switch over to is acting . Appeared so much absorbed as if all others around were strangers .Punctual and disciplined . Not wise for a father to praise his son . But the happiness of listening his praise from others ;Yes he always gave this happiness to us in bountiful measures. “

                                                      ( Amitabh with his father  )

Dhanya Bhaag Pitu So Jug jaana

Kaan Sunaa Jo Poot Bakhaana

( Tulsi Dass )

( What more luck does that father need  in this world ,
 who listens his son’s praise from one and all.? )

( Autar Mota )                                                                         

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