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( A Dolmen site in UK ..Photo courtesy ..http://www.stone 

  ( Pottery an beads from Burzahom on display at National Museum ,New Delhi .Photo by the blogger)  
      ( A protected Menhir from south Korea ) 

            (  A cranium from Burzahom . Looks as if cranial surgery was performed on it ) 
             ( Rock art  from Burzahom )

                   ( A Menhir from Burzahom)


     ( Excavated from Burzahom , Kashmir)


I quote from Page  283 of the Book....
'EMPIRES OF THE INDUS '. by Alice Albinia  ..Published      by John Murray Publishers, London UK ....

" As I am standing beside the menhirs at Burzahom, the caretaker  wanders over.I ask him why there is no museum ,even though according to archeological reports from the time of excavations , one was due to be built in the 1970s. I have already been visiting the State Archaeology Department in one of Srinagar's  heavily guarded government buildings, where clerks  sit drinking tea all day long in darkened   rooms stacked high with unread files.The people there explained ,  " Funds for the museum were not forthcoming and there is too much tension in the valley."

Long back , Mr R K Saproo of ASI told me this :-

"The early Neolithic settlers  of Burzahom made simple gray or reddish-brown clay pots in different shapes and sizes. They also made stone tools that were polished . Animal bones were also used in making tools like harpoons for fishing, needles for sewing, and arrow-heads, spear-heads and daggers for hunting. The skeletal remains of Neolithic people found at Burzahom were
similar to those found in Harappa of the Indus Valley Civilization .The excavations had thrown up   residential  structures of mud , burial pits, bone tools, stone tools , pottery and beads  from the Neolithic period and Megalithic period .The objects excavated reveal evolution of civilization from stone to metallic age and from hunting to farming .By 2,000 BC, the Neolithic people of Burzahom started to live in mud huts.  There is also evidence of multiple burials, usually under house floors or in the compounds. Red ochre was smeared on the bodies before burial.   "

The Burzahom archeological site is on UNESCO’s world heritage watch list.  UNESCO, defines the  the Neolithic site of Burzahom as under:-

“ Burzahom brings to light transitions in human habitation patterns from the Neolithic period to Megalithic period to the early historic period."

Tne Neolithic and Megalithic are two different periods . The Neolithic Revolution, or the (First) Agricultural Revolution, was the wide-scale transition of many human cultures during the Neolithic period from a lifestyle of hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and settlement, making an increasingly large population possible.The neolithic evidence found was from 2900 BC to 1000 BC and the Iron Age or Megalithic period evidence found was from 1000 BC to 300 AD.  Strictly  speaking, Megaliths are  huge stones that acted as either burial sites or memorial stones. These are  found the world over.Use of high-quality red and black pottery during  Megalithic era is highly characteristic. At Burzahom, objects and constructions relating to both Neolithic and Megalithic era have been excavated .

For the first time since its excavation in the 1930s, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has started restoration work of the Neolithic archeological site of Burzahom in Srinagar outskirts. The site which is known to be the first Neolithic site to be discovered in Kashmir dates back to 3000 to 1000 BC.In 1944, Mortimer Wheeler, Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India had also done some excavation at the site.  The Archeological Survey of India made detailed excavations of the site between 1960 and 1971.We don't know the fate of stone age tools ,weapons and  objects excavated in 1936 jointly   by Dr. Helmut  Terra and Dr T. Peterson  and later by Superintending Archaeologist T. N. Khazanchi . Are these with us ? I don't know.May be thes objects and tools  made of stones , animal bones and metals  have   landed in some European or American  museum due to human  greed.I don't know the fate of all  the Megalithic period menhirs that existed at the site . The menhirs link Burzahom with world Megalithic Civilization as similar  objects have been excavated in Italy, Sweden, Russia, Turkey and many African countries.

There is one particular rock drawing at Burzoham that has been established to be about five thousand years old. This artwork shows two bright objects in the sky, with figures of animals and humans. The scientists believe that this stone drawing at Burzoham is a complete sky chart of the night on which the Supernova was first observed by unknown observers around 4,500 BC. A supernova is a transient astronomical event that occurs during the last stellar evolutionary stages of a massive stars life, whose dramatic and catastrophic destruction is marked by one final titanic explosion. Thus using their artistic skills, the inhabitants of Burzohama observed and carved something unique for posterity.

Burzahom excavations and subsequent excavations at Pampore, Brah and many more areas in the  valley  is the strongest evidence  of  a Neolithic Civilization in Kashmir. Alas ! most of us are ignorant and those who know have failed to put these vital excavated items into a scientifically maintained museum.I have seen some neolithic remains in Jaisalmer Rajasthan which are   far far less than what we discovered in Kashmir but at Jaisalmer ,they have been preserved and protected in an area of about 300 acres duly fenced with 24x7  watch and ward staff .The place is mentioned in every tourist booklet and  many tourists visit the place . It is nothing in comparison to what we have at Burzahom and other sites but sooner or later, this oldest heritage and link shall also go the way grand Wular lake  has gone.

I was told by reliable persons that Megalithic Dolmens were also excavated from Burzahom but unfortunately we list them due to neglect  and vandalism. We failed to preserve and protect this prehistoric  heritage . Dolmen comprises of three or four vertical stones on top of which  which a horizontal stone is placed . Menhir is single stone . Dolmens  were used to commemorate the dead and also may have acted as centres for various ceremonies in the area.

If you visit Burzahom,  you find that it has been vandalised to such an extent that the site has almost lost its archaeological value.The menhirs ,i am not sure about present status , were vandalised long back.

( Avtar Mota) 

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Brasserie Lipp is a restaurant  located at 151 Boulevard Saint-Germain in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Albert Camus used to frequent this restaurant.Mention the name Brasserie Lipp and famous authors, such as Proust, Camus and  Sartre, come to mind. In the  room with white table covers , Camus would sit with friends for drinks or coffee and his favourite  snacks that included Cheese Danish and pastries.

Once   the meeting place of the literary and intellectual elite of Paris city,  It is now a popular tourist destination. Its historical reputation is derived from the patronage of Surrealist artists and intellectuals such as Ernest Hemingway.  Other patrons included Proust , Gide, Malraux, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce and Bertolt Brecht. Although Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir  were also seen in this restaurant but they always preferred and patronised 'Cafe de Flore ' another well known restaurant. The couple were allotted free space to sit and work on first floor by the management of the restaurant .

Lipp, in actual fact, catered to a clientele that fell into three distinct categories: Lunchtime was for the local professionals and business people who wanted to dine in a quiet, serious place ; early evening was for writers, booksellers, publishers, magistrates, civil servants, doctors and artists looking to unwind over a drink or two and have a good chat; the later evening hours were for * “Tout Paris.”
For over 140 years  since its creation in 1880 by Léonard Lipp, the Brasserie has enjoyed a solid literary and political reputation. The menu of the Brasserie LIPP is characterised by traditional dishes that are   exemplary in quality.Among the famous specialities of the Brasserie LIPP are Bismark herring( a fish speciality ), brandade de morue ( potato and bread speciality ),  choucroute garnie( potato  and mutton speciality) , roast chicken, blanquette de veau ( rice pilaf, butter ,herbs and mutton speciality ) and tete de veau( a non vegetarian preparation from head portion) 

( Avtar Mota)

*(Tout Paris)  is a French expression referring to the fashionable and affluent elite of the city, who frequent fashionable events and places, and establish trends in upper-class culture.

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."We are different.”

“We’re basically the Chipotle of the Middle Eastern food.”

The food cart at 53 Street on 6th Avenue declares this to differentiate itself from many carts of similar name seen in Manhattan,New York. They  sell delicious  and  mouthwatering  food from Middle-East .Everything is fresh and clean. Everything is prepared before your eyes. At the 53rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, the "Halal Guys " carts serve  gyros, sandwiches, and platters to a steady line of patrons from 11 am to 5 am say for 18 hours non-stop . The chicken sandwich,  pita brimming with shredded chicken, lettuce, and signature white sauce, is completely delicious and affordable  at $8.

Even if you grab your plate, you have to decide where to eat with the plastic fork. You have to select a spot  to sit down .  One can see people sitting on the rim of the small fountains in front of the Crédit Agricole building on the west side of the Sixth Avenue. These fountains have the imposing sculpture of a female torso created by  artist Jim Dine in 1989 . This sculpture looks like a variation of  the 'Venus de Milo'. Titled "Looking Toward the Avenue," one can see customers of Halal Guys sitting on the stone  enclosure of  this sculpture.

You can see  office workers grabbing foil platters to eat back at their work  desks. Some like it standing. I  saw some carrying their food to  their homes or public parks and eating it at their convenience. The  aromas coming from the "Halal Guys" carts are tempting. The pedestrians get tempted to give this food a try. Those waiting  in the line for buying feel  the wait will bring culinary delight .

The "Halal Guys "is a company now that sells through various outlets and   franchise arrangements in various locations across the US . It has opened a franchise  in   Phillipines as well. Many new entrants to the  restaurant business opt the franchise route  created by the parent company the  'Halal Guys'  instead of striking out on their own. The" Halal Guys"  allows them  to use the brand’s name, likeness, menu, and other intellectual property in exchange for  fees or ongoing royalties . Rather than going through a risky  trial-and-error  route to find out what works and sells , the entrepreneurs  follow an established and  successful business plan.  They also get full  support from the ' Halal Guys' ,the parent  company in the areas of  advertisment , finding trusted suppliers, and establishing operating procedures.The company has introduced  Halal Food concept in the US  via a fast ,casual  and street restaurant format.

Initially strated in Manhattan for immigrant  drivers  who were mostly from middle East, Egypt, Turkey, Iran , the 'Halal Guys ' carts now  cater to many segments of the American  society. However , their ninety  percent  customers  remain the Muslim immigrants .  From  Manhattan, the " Halal Guys"  moved to many other cities in the US. Started by three young  Egyptian immigrants , who travelled to the United States in a  hope of a better life .These three young immigrants , Mohammed Abouelenein, Abdelbaset Elsayed, and Ahmed Elsaka   set their sights on becoming a true American entrepreneurial success story. Starting in 1990 from selling ' Hot Dogs'  from  their cart in  Manhattan ,the Halal Guys introduced items like chicken and gyro over rice to the street food of  America. In most places, the 'Halal Guys ' carts open around 11am and remain busy for the day till early morning of the next day . Most of these franchise carts shut down for 6 to 7 hours from 4am  or 11 am.The  carts are there for your lunch and late night dinners.

We met a regular customer of the ' Halal Guys '  at 53 Street   during our visit to MOMA or the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan. He told us this:

" Not the cart  you see at the construction site . This orginal 'Halal Guys'  cart.This  tourist neighbourhood  that why Sheraton and Hilton hotel this side. Look that side , There these hotels . You get me. Hey gentleman .  These cart guys go little   free this moment. Later no time  when too many customer coming. They busy  busy till 1 o'clock night . Very busy. This special cart at 53 Street 6th avenue under this  stone art. I go daily customer . Here tourist ,office worker , shop employee, driver , student and all come  taste cheap ,fresh and healthy Halal food.You  taste taste. Taste gyro, pita with humus , chicken platter, falafal or Vegan special if you Vegan . You want  ?  He go prepare special.   He my friend . Taste very special  white sauce . The  ' Halal Guys ' company  owner three    guys . They start  1990 . That time truck  and taxi driver go their customer.  They Egyptian guys.The original guys  come more than 30 year. They go restaurant dish washing. They  go cooking chef . They go  restaurant helper hands . They go truck driver. Hard work. Sincere . No cheating.They make final' Halal Guys ' company  start in Manhattan . Now many cities .America great country. It make you happy if the guy go for  hard work , truth, simple and no cheating. Everybody  come here this cart   Turkish, Iranian, Indian,  Bangladesh, Latino, African American, Arab, Europe guys and Asian peoples. You get me.  Chinese come  little little. They  their cooking like. These guys here   using chicken,  meat, chickpea , rice floor, coconut oil, soya  powder,lettuce. tomato, lemon, spice, herb, beets, mushroom,Paprika and many other things. When you finish ,you eat  special Bakalva .Sweet sweet yummy. You Latino or Indian?  Madam look  Indian. The dress say that. "

" Thanks for information "

"  You Waalcom "

The present management of the " Halal Guys"  declares this :-

" Through hard work, determination, perseverance, and dreaming big, our founders have paved the way to take delicious American Halal Food mainstream. These restaurant industry visionaries understand and appreciate what has made them successful, and they give credit to where it all began: with their original, loyal NYC customers and tourists that made us famous."

( Avtar Mota ..).

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June 2022..Avtar Mota in a Park ,New Jersey ( USA) ..

Majaz Lakhnavi was always right......

"Mujh mein tu rooh e sarmadhi mat phoonk,
Raunaq e bazm e arifaan na banaa...
Iss zameen ko zameen rahaney dhe,
Iss Zameen ko tu Aassmaan na banaa...
Raaz tera chhupa nahin sakta,
Tu mujhe apna razdaan na banaa..
Meri jaanib nigaah e lutf na kar,
Gham ko iss darja kaamraan na banaa"

( Avtar Mota)

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                           ( Darbuka)
            ( Tumbaknaari making )
                     ( Tumbaknaari)
                      ( Tambourine)


A pottery  shopkeeper in  Moti Bazar  Jammu told me this :-
“ Pottery market is declining everyday. Apart from steel,  people are buying  pots and utensils  made from plastic and  metals like stainless steel and  aluminium. Now our sale is confined to rituals connected with   deaths , marriages and other religious functions.  Lool , this traditional water Surahi has no buyer now. These Diyas or lamps are sold on Deepawali  only. Yes  Kashmiri Pandits are our new customers .Kashmiri Pandit marriage ceremony   has made Jammu potters innovative . They have mastered  the technique of making the widely used percussion instrument known as  Tumbaknaari . One marriage means a demand of 6 to 8 Tumbaknaaris  . These are also carried to far off cities like Mumbai, Delhi Jaipur and even Bangaluru by them. It makes  Mehndiraat  singing entertaining. Some  Kashmiri Pandits  told me that they use it for evening singing even a month before the Mehndiraat or after the auspicious Muhurat is declared by  their family priest. You must be knowing better.
  It sells like anything during marriages .In fact we have  heavy  demand for Tumbaknaaris during kashmiri Pandit  Marriage season.”
What is the source of Tumbaknaari ?
A Tumbaknaari comes close to  Tonbak , Tambourine ,  Daff, Egyptian Darbuka . All these instruments have  wooden or earthen or metallic shell which is  covered from one side ( that is wider) with  leather or  synthetic material  . Generally sheepskin or goatskin  is stretched and secured with glue.The other side that is not wide is kept open. Tonbak is an essential percussion instrument used by Kurdish musicians  . In many European paintings on display inside Metropolitan Museum of Art ,New York, I have seen a Tonbak type musical instruments. The tambourine is a popular hand-held instrument that is often played by a number of members of any given Gospel choir in the church. I have seen a Tonbak type instrument being played by people performing  traditional Brazilian  music for  Samba, Choro, Coco, or Capoeira. Did the Portuguese carry it to Latin America? I have seen the traditional and ancient percussion instrument of Konkan region of India known as Gomutt. Made of clay and animal skin, a Gomutt is version of Tumbaknaari .
The Tonbak (also called Zarb, the Persian goblet drum) and the Daf (the Kurdish frame drum) are the only national drums of Persia. Also the presence of goblet drums in Asia, North Africa and East Europe shows the importance of this class of drums. Unfortunately, the origin of the Tonbak is still in dispute.During the Pre-Islamic age in Persia,  the tonbak was known as the dombalag. Today, the names that the tonbak is known by ( tonbak, donbak, dombak) are possibly  derived from  dombalag only.
The origin of the tambourine is unknown, but it appears in historical writings as early as 1700 BC and was used by ancient musicians in West Africa, the Middle East, Greece and India. It is believed that the tambourine passed to Europe by way of merchants or musicians.
A Dafli or Daff is a handheld bass producing device, which can be thought of similar to a drum or Tabla. There is not much learning involved unlike other musical instruments and one can soon learn to produce a musical pattern on it. They are often used in rural folk fares, religious festivals, or Bhajans.Daff or Dafli has also been used by Sufis.
Darbuka is a Percussion made of a wooden shell (presently  aluminium) with a leather head ( presently synthetic) . As drum,  it gives deep low notes as well as ringing highs .It has a tunable and replaceable synthetic head . Darbuka is  a modified version of Tumbaknaari  . Darbuka was and is s popular percussion instrument used by Armenians and Turks.
Is Tumbaknaari a version of  Pataha ,the percussion instrument used in ancient Kashmir? I have found two more musical instruments of ancient Kashmir that bear close proximity to Tumbaknaari.
The Nilamata Purana makes mention of Pataha .It is a sort of drum that was used as a musical instrument  in ancient Kashmir.

The Nilamata Purana says ,' The land of Kaśmīra was thronged with ever-sportive and joyful people enjoying continuous festivities. Living amidst scenes of sylvan beauty they played, danced and sang to express their joys, to mitigate their pains, to please their gods and to appease their demons'. Pataha finds mention in Ramayana and Mahabharata . It is believed that the Pataha was played upon generally in accompaniment to the lute. The Shivapurana makes mention of Pataha .Paṭaha ia also mentioned in  Natya Shastra . Lord Shiva is believed to have danced on the beats of Pataha .

Isn't Tumbaknaari a universal percussion instrument ?  Whether Tumbaknaari is an indigenous musical instrument of Kashmir or it has come from Persia , one can't say conclusively. It needs research .  There are also reasonable grounds to believe that this percussion instrument has travelled to  Europe and the world through the ancient  silk route . 

( Avtar Mota)

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In the US , especially in  Manhattan  and Jersey city where I stayed, i observed that  some workers from the Latin American countries say ,' no hablo ingles'  the moment  you start conversation in English . It translates to ,"I don't know English". The construction workers, the restaurant employees , the drivers, the home delivery boys, dog walkers,  workers in malls/ stores , helping hands in apartments , the food delivery workers and many more   may start  conversation in Spanish presuming your familiarity with the language.The second most common language spoken in the United States after English is Spanish. I am informed that more than 60 million( out of a total population of 330 millions approximately) Spanish speaking people live in the US. And the way the data is trending, by 2050, one in three people in the US will speak Spanish (this data includes bilingual people who also speak English).
Language sharpens communication skills . It makes interaction simple . True, a well spoken sentence is quickly  understood. However ,this doesn't imply that command over language is a prerequisite to any conversation or communication. At  99 Ranch , the well known Taiwanese vegetable and grocery store in Jersey city , a cashier knows no language other than Mandarin (Chinese) . I usually queue up in front of his  counter to pay for the  kohlrabi , collard greens and lotus stems that i buy from this store.  99 Ranch is a chain of stores in the US selling groceries, fruits , vegetables and non-vegetarian items to the Asian ( Korean and Chinese )  community .

The Latin American workers in the US  have picked up tooti footi ( broken) English.This tooti footi English is to be understood with facial expressions, body language  and pronounciation styles.Once you know these  basics, the communication becomes easy . Another lesson  that i learnt after communicating with the immigrant workers  in the US is that those who leave their homes ,well wishers and families and move to alien lands in search of food and shelter , keep their souls rooted to their native soil however far  they might have come from it .Based on their personal experience  and exposure to grim realities of existence in alien lands , all these people have interesting stories to convey . The migration gives them a greater survival instinct  . Don't underestimate their general awareness and understanding. Go near, speak with sincerity and compassion  and you find them warm and opening up to your conversation.  In May 2022,  I had some conversation with a construction worker from Bolivia . He told me this:-

" I see . You India . Waalcom ( welcome) .I
Poco Ingles(  little English ) . I  10 year Embrika( America). I Mestizo. My great great great great grandma Ayamara tribe marry white man coming Europe. We go mixing mixing peoples  call Mestizo  . Mestizo look white white but not go  tall.  In Bolivia coontri( country) Mestizo go large nimber ( number ). Then go   Aymara, Quechua, Chiquitano, Guarani and Moxeno tribe good  number. People coming Europe and Efrika( Africa)  now   small nimber ( number ) . Native  Mestizo looking smaller size . 4 and half feet woman  . 5 feet  men they tall.  No food. No job . Peoples go other coontri (country) . Go embrika( America)  .In my coontri baby stand on leg  need work . They go need food. All children all fimily( family ) want work .Poor, no work go all find in my coontri Bolivia. So  fimily go other coontri  embrika.. Child go . Single go. Women go. Anybody  go embrika. Here we go silary ( wages) 15 to 25 Dooler ( dollars) one hour .  Contract  8 hour one day labour. Some pay 15 some 20 some 30 dooler one hour rate.  Embrika big big brother coontri for many coontri  peoples. Many peoples come their coontri poor poor. Here they work . Here they go happy living. They sending fimily money. We thank embrika . Great coontri. Great peoples. My coontri law 10 year child also labour work . No police catch. It law. But no work. I soccer play  in school. No money. Many play good soccer . But no money . They go labour other coontri and  embrika. My coontri peoples go living big big nimber( number) Washington DC. Ronaldo Rivero and Marcelo Moreno I asking  you .You get me ,sir.  They  soccer play . They Bolivia.


                         ( Mestizo women )

Anybody like Bolivia cinema. Juan Carlos Valdivia make "American Visa" . It say what Bolivian desire go in mind. Everybody In my coontri  dream embrika ( America ) going. There no poor poor living. You get  me . Very good  film . It Bolivia cinema.
You knowing Simon Bolivar. He die 200 year now. He give fight and liberation Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador,Peru, and  Bolivia  all coontri  under Spanish rule. He respect all  Hispanic America coontri. He fight on horse . He go fight with men and gun .He go Europe and death.  My coontri name his name. Bolivar and  Olivia. You get me ,sir.

Fruit binana( banana),pine apil( pineapple), Mingo( mango ).apil( apple)  orange , Limon( lemon) , grapefruit, tangerine, peach, , nectarine, aapricot( apricot)  green grapis( grapes)  purple grapis, red grapis , strawberry , fig, dates, plum, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon, pear, kiwi,  and many go grow in my coontri.We all but no sea no beach.Land and Land. Farmer grow  rice ,sugarcane, maize, wheat, sorghum , sunflower  big big crop soyabean.

My coontri 2 capitol( capital) . La Paz and  Sucre. My coontri have popelishan ( population ) 12 million peoples. My coontri have all good good but big big nimber ( number ) peoples go poor  poor.

Yes ,you right about drug .In my coontri, many peoples engage cocaine making from coca. Coca plant grow and many  peoples making  cocaine. It bad. Not good for peoples and coontri. It bring bad name . Many go rich  do  business simagal ( smuggle )  cocaine. Very bad . Very very bad for coontri and peoples.


 ( A cocktail of Singani, the National Drink of Bolivia) 

How you go knowing Singani? That 
Bolivia drink.  Anybody like Singani . It so good.You right. Che ( Che Guevara) catch  kill Bolivia army.. He come Bolivia before he dying. He not Bolivia peoples native. "

"Thank you "
" You Waalcom "

From my experience and numerous interactions with petty traders on footpaths,  sweating construction workers , food delivery workers.  salesmen in stores, apartment employees, drivers,travellers in metro trains and many more, I have only heard  ' echoes of life' apart from receiving warmth and goodwill .And poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz says this:-

"Doond ujjday huvey logon main wafa ke moti,
Yeh khazane tujhe mumkin hai kharaabon mein milein.."

( Look for the pearls of commitment in uprooted people,
You may find these treasures in  the people considered as  'not the good ones' ..)

( Avtar Mota) 

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" The Tulips And the Snowstorm" ...(Stories from Kashmir)  is now  with  Jersey City Public Library .  Visited the library yesterday and donated the book . 

The Jersey City Free Public Library is the largest municipal library in the State of New Jersey( USA), serving one of the most culturally diverse cities in the US. The library has 400000 plus books apart from other material on digital platform. Opened in 1899, the library has been a cornerstone of Jersey City's growing and changing community for more than 120 years.

The book is  also available on Amazon worldwide.
link for US
Link for Canada
link for UK
link for Australia
Link for Italy….
Link For France
Link for India

Thanks to Sri Ashok Kangan ( 09419130480), the book is also available at Kangan Traders  Udhaywala ,Jammu with a special discount. Contact my pan India agent and stockist for instant phone delivery ( with discount ) to any corner of the country . He is Rohit Pandita ...Mobile..9596976373... Just call him 10 am to 10 pm IST.

( Avtar Mota)  

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