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News In    'THE NEW YORK TIMES" Dated 16th November 2017..

" After 19 minutes of dueling, with four bidders on the telephone and one in the room, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” sold on Wednesday night for $450.3 million with fees, shattering the high for any work of art sold at auction. It far surpassed Picasso’s “Women of Algiers,” which fetched $179.4 million at Christie’s in May 2015. The buyer was not immediately disclosed.
There were gasps throughout the sale, as the bids climbed by tens of millions up to $225 million, by fives up to $260 million, and then by twos. As the bidding slowed, and a buyer pondered the next multi-million-dollar increment, Jussi Pylkkanen, the auctioneer, said, “It’s an historic moment; we’ll wait.The price is all the more remarkable at a time when the old masters market is contracting, because of limited  supply and collectors’ penchant for contemporary Art "

A prominent Art Dealer is reported to have commented:

" There is extraordinary consensus that it is by Leonardo "

Another Art dealer commented:

" There is too much money in the world. It is crazy. I am stunned ."

It is believed to be a portrait of Jesus Christ "Salvatore Mundi"  or"  Saviour of the World" that was initially estimated around $100 million but the aggressive marketing by Christie's brought it  to an astonishing level.
The painting has passed through many ownership .  As per Reports published in Newspapers  , Sotheby's  had sold it privately for $80 million to Yves Bouvier ,a swiss Art dealer who further sold it to a Russian Collector Dmitry E Rybolovlev. In the present auction, Rybolovlev family Trust was the seller.

Da Vinci reportedly painted this portrait around 1500 AD. It is reported to have surfaced at Christie's in 1958 with a price tag of $125 at that time.
The authentication of this blockbuster painting may be an issue for some critics. For others, the aggressive over cleaning prior to sale may also be an issue. But all said and done it is the triumph of Marketing skills over reality. Christie's Marketing Department rolled it out as "MALE MONA LISA" for display in New York, London and Hong Kong . The auction was held at Christie's Auction House in Midtown Manhattan.

(Autar Mota )

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                                    (      James Barbour and  Ali Ewoldt)
                                                                             ( Tickets )


The longest running opera show in Broadway History ..
  some days back , We went to Majestic Theatre in Times Square New York  to witness Andrew Llyod Webber's longest running opera ( based on the novel' Le Fanto'me de L'Opera' )' The Phantom of The Opera'.
The opera had Well known Broadway singer and actor James Barbour and the chicago born actress Ali Ewoldt in lead roles. James Barbour has also acted as Sydney Carton on Broadway in" A Tale of Two Cities " and" Les Miserables" .His role in films like Eight Crazy nights, Alchemy, Dracula, The Gift and Excalibur have already created his space in cinema .
This two act opera has 19 scenes and is set in Paris of late nineteenth century. The first act or Overture ( follows a brief Prologue) has 10 scenes while the second act or Entr'acte has 9 scenes .

Broadway is the name of a street in Manhattan New York that joins North of the city with south like so many avenues. There are about 40 professional Theatres on Broadway that show plays . Each theatre has minimum seating capacity of 500 persons . So many well known names from Hollywood also act in Broadway plays , comedies and musical shows.

Some current popular shows  at Broadway  Theatres are Alladin ( New Amsterdam Theatre), Hello Dolly( Shubert Theatre), Lion King( Minskoff Theatre) , Dear Evan Hansen( Music Box Theatre), Mormon( Eugene O'Neil Theatre) ,Parisian Woman( With Uma Thurman at Hudson Theatre),Come From Away ( Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre) ,A Bronx Tale ( Longare Theatre) ,Cats( Neil Simon Theatre) ,Chicago ( Ambassador Theatre) and many more.

Any Broadway play or opera prohibits you to conduct Audio or video recordings. Any flash used in photo cameras is prohibited as it disturbs the performers and audience. You may be noticed by the standing security guards and politely asked to leave the hall. I found them Very strict on this aspect .Phones are to be placed on silent modes. This restriction is backed by adequate legal framework created under New York City Law.
Now i understand why Poet Dina Nath Naadim was highly impressed when he saw the Chinese opera ''The White Haired Girl'' during his visit to that country. In New york, i Came to know many things about 'The white Haired Girl ' from a Broadway booklet . The opera was first staged in 1945 and President Mao is reported to have been in Tears after he saw the opera 'The White Haired Girl.''
My Salute to the great Broadway actors especially James Barbour ( Phantom), super talented actress Ali Ewoldt (christine) ,Rodney Ingram( 3 roles he performed ) , Laird Mackintosh ( Monsieur Andre) ,Raquel S Grown and so many other actors. The fantastic Bellet dancers got standing ovation at the end. The opera finished with an appeal from Barbour seeking donation for poor Breast Cancer patients. His words could move even the strongest in the audience. He said:
'' Dont believe that Cancer is something that happens to others. Help those who cant make it unless you put your hand in the wallet and part with one dollar, five dollars ,ten dollars or twenty dollars. Those unfortunate guys also have a right to life .you can make that happen. No cash we ask. As you leave this theatre , Just buy a Phantom key ring, a T Shirts , a pen or a cap. Help if you can . ''

In recent years, performing arts Technologies world over have undergone unprecedented growth and evolution. For performers , it has created newer scopes to excel and be more creative.
According Prof Priscilla Lindsay from School of Music Theatre And Drama , University of Michigan USA :
" Technology is the backbone of any theatrical, dance, or musical production. The audience needs to see, hear, and feel a performance as fully as possible so that it is a rich, emotional, and unforgettable event."
I will add that we need to do a lot in India to make Technological updation in our Theatre . Our Theatre has yet to become financially viable .It has to prove its financial viability for the people who devote their time and energy for it. The opera that i saw has been running at Broadway since last 29 years with newer and newer actors moving in as time passes on.The value addition of Ballet pieces with superb music was simply a treat. Theatre that makes profuse use of updated Technology to support performers on stage is still missing in our country. I mean the computer guided light, special effects and sound management is still not availbale in most of our Drama Theatres. Computer guided set change over system is something unknown to us. While watching the play under reference, i felt as if the sound was specially delivered to my ears.
Anyways ,the list could be long but i am convinced that we need to do a lot to improve and make our rich Theatre economically Viable. It pains me to see our talented Artists doing some dull jobs to live. To them, our Theatre is unable to provide honorable means of sustenance.
(Autar Mota)

TIME OUT ( New York )Magazine in its 'Best of Broadway segment ' informs about staging of "The Parisian Woman " at Hudson Theatre sometime in November 2017.The play has celebrated Hollywood actress Uma Thurman in lead role. Shall try to witness this one as well.

January 26, 2018, is the anniversary date for Broadway's longest-running show. I am informed that this 30th anniversary will be celebrated two days earlier on January 24. Plans are being final

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Saturday, November 18, 2017



                                                 ( ON ABC TELEVISION  )

                                ( READY FOR STEPHEN COLBERT SHOW ON CBS TELEVISION )

PRIYANKA  CHOPRA appears  on full page Advertisement  "The New York Times" dated 15th November 2017

( Mobile photos.. Autar Mota)

After being listed amongst 100 most influential and successful women by TIME magazine,well known Indian Actress  PRIYANKA CHOPRA joins the Big league of Models in the Ad World. She has been signed by world renowned Luxury Diamond Jewelry House of NIRAV MODI for their Advertisement campaign.

Nirav Modi has  picked Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Priyanka Chopra to front its latest global advertising campaign. Nirav Modi has designed Diamond Jewelry for renowned names in Hollywood. Aishwarya Rai also wears a Nirav Modi Necklace. Nirav Modi has an impressive  Diamond Jewelry outlet on Madison Avenue Manhattan apart from other stores  in London, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

PRIYANKA  has earned her space in Hollywood through her role in ABC (TV) produced serial QUANTICO.

Well done PRIYANKA..

(Autar Mota)

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               ( At Macy's Store Manhattan)


  (Christmas Tree Outside White House Washington DC)

      ( Biggest Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Centre to be open end for Public on 29th Nov.2017)


(Mobile Photos... Autar Mota)

Shops are being decorated in NYC. Christmas Trees with colorful lights welcome you in Markets. Discounts and Sales at every store.  Purchases for friends and family . Illuminations.. Food for poor and homeless outside so Many churches. A mood to donate and spend on charity. Plans to spend Holidays with parents and family.

"Mom ! Love you. I am gonna to spend some quality time with you. Coming over during Christmas Holidays. Love you Mom."

" Sis (sister) , Love you. How you feeling now ?  love to kids. See you in Christmas Holidays "

" So Grandma you are with us during Christmas . Love you."

" You not visiting parents on Christmas? What kinda man you?"

That is what I heard.

In Boston A Cab driver told us:

"Sir , in Boston or in entire  New England (the American States of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine),  we have shops called 'Christmas Shops' that only sell Christmas decorations and toys all the year round!   For Christmas, be  guests of my family ."

And in NYC, we find  people   decorating the outer space of their houses with lights . We see  statues of Santa Claus, Snowmen and Reindeer outside some houses or shop windows. Rockerfeller Center  is preparing to put up a  huge Christmas Tree close to the  public ice skating rink . So shall it be at Bryant Park where the public Ice Skating Rink is since functional.

Visit any  store, shop or restaurant, without doubt you shall hear "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells"  or "Santa Claus is coming to Town " or " White Christmas " and similar
Christmas  songs . This is the Time to remember all those childhood songs

Christmas is arriving  to  revive and strengthen bonds ,
 love and family ties. Empathy and Goodwill is in the Air from all sides. That is what I felt.
 And  "No man is an island" .

( Autar Mota)

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Thursday, November 16, 2017



MEL ROSENTHAL.. ( 1940-2017)

  I have seen Mel's photographs many times  . He was a great master in portraying Urban decay through his frames. Inspite of the frigidity  that he captured, human face with hope was central to his frames. 

Mel was born and brought up at Bronx in New York state. It was painful for him to see his Bronx getting ruined by industrialization and trash dumping. Then the violence created Burnt and looted buildings, Desolate streets and yet people living with hope however elusive . This was during the decade of 1970s . These photographs were exhibited at various Galleries to present a human face of BRONX. The Museum of New York also exhibited his images . Through these images ,You can see Boys looking for a ground to play . A lonely boy looking in desolate locality with hope over riding his despair. A mother and daughter smiling with hope even after losing everything that they had . Every frame had a  bleak story to tell  yet  simultaneously  reflect  hope .

Mel had a doctorate in literature but taught photography at Empire State college of Arts , New York. He travelled to Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico ,Vietnam and many other countries to capture hope in overall bleakness. Refugees , immigrants , sufferers and children are the the focus of his work. Mel died some days back due to Dementia complications. He was a family man . His father was a Lawyer and his mother was a Painter. He is survived by his wife Roberta Perrymapp , son Josh Klinefelter and a sister Brenda Rosenthal Nailboff.

He would say:

" I use camera as a weapon against desensitization. Photography may create victims but at least it forces someone to look at them. And a photographer may not solve mysteries with his camera but he should illuminate conditions and social dynamics ."

Peace be to his soul.

( Autar Mota)

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Monday, October 23, 2017





( Vunal )

Na chhu Buth Thar Ath
Na chhu Soorath Kaanh
 Anzaen Khayaala Mothmu’t
Shaayad  Tarnyomut
Kaemmi Taam Prutchhus Naava
Dopnuss tchei Gaaikha Vunal?
Koelli Baeth Baeth Paetch Loa’t Loa’t
Khaetch Kochuv kienn
Vatta Meinaan Raetchi Raetchi Bradaan
Donvaai Narrie Gilnavaan,
Zun Gam e Duniyaah !
Pra’th Kaa’nsi Sanaan
Prath Kaansi Yahaai zun Vu’nna Valaan
Hunga Munga Tchalli Kuenn Dazzi Gaelli Aakhir
Akh Aekk Sundh Buth Dyavaa Aessi Ti Vutchhav

( Dina Nath Naadim )

My simple and hurried english rendering goes like this .....

( Fog )

We never saw its face ,
Never did we see its back either ,
Shapeless ,
Like a long forgotten thought,
Or an  Unfamiliar reflection that turned cold ;
Someone puts up a question  ;
What is your Name ?
Are you Fog ?
 Very silently it moved past the river banks
And filled the lanes and narrow paths ,
  Measuring passageways
And looking carefully at everything around,
It swept us ,
Like the sorrows of this  existence
That are delivered from all sides by both the hands .
Engulfing  everything ,
It made everyone to slip into obscurity  ,
Surely , it shall  vanish of its own  ,
Die with warmth
And melt away .
And at that moment  alone,
We may be able to see each other’s face ..

( Autar Mota )

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017




Poetry is closely linked with music and sound. To fully understand poetry One needs to have some knowledge of Music and sound effects as well. It equally applies to Musicians who also need to understand feelings and the mood of the words that they are singing . In a way Poetry and Music are closely interconnected . If Poetry has inherent Music , music is poetry presented through sound effects .

In Modern kashmiri poetry , Dina Nath Naadim has created enormous sound effects in his poems .Using these patterns , he was consciously and continuously freeing kashmiri poetry from its centuries old Bondage of Meter , Rhyme and generic monotony and at the same time adding grace , Beauty and Artistic excitement to it .

Through word sounds , he made sustained attempts to infuse musical effects in kashmiri poetry . These sound effects have imparted Inertia, Vitality , Flow, Movement and quite often a strange internal Rhyme to his poetry .As a skilled craftsman , he has made good use of what is known as consonance, Dissonance , Alliteration and Onomatopoeia in Poetry .

This illustrious accomplishment of sound effects by Naadim warrants a close scrutiny and for this achievement , Naadim has possibly none as his rival in Modern kashmiri poetry . Alas ! There has been no serious attempt to study the syntactical patterns that Nadim devised in kashmiri Poetry . These patterns enhanced the unmatched Diction in his Poetic work..

In his early poems “Nov Son’th or New spring “, written in 1946 , he uses sound of Birds and moving wind to create poetic resonance . Words like “Koo Koo “ of Koel and “ Hoo Hoo “ of the spring season’s light wind have been used in the opening lines of the poem to create Poetic exhilaration and reverberation .Again in his poem "Quami Yakjehti" or " National Integration "  Naadim  uses bird sounds.

I quote:

" jaana-vaaruv  mutcharav Ton'th .Piyoo  Piyoo ya Tiriv Tiriv,  Goo too too ya chiriv chiriv , Aalam Aalam sonthaai son' th"
" The birds open their beaks to sing  Piyoo Piyoo or Tiriv Tiriv.They sing Goo goo goo or Chiriv Chiriv. Spring season comes to stay all over the world"

In his Poem” Dal Beath Baeth” or “Along the Banks of Dal Lake” written in 1961 he again uses words like “ shee shee “ to describe speeding breeze . Again he used words “ Tschee Tschee “ to describe tossing waves arising from of waters of Dal Lake.

In his Poem Tamie doh ( That Day ) written in 1971. Naadim uses the ticking sound of a wall clock as a forceful sound effect in his opening line .Then in his poem Chaer Katha ( Foolish talk ) , He uses the galloping of a horse as sound effect in the poem ( Tadaakh Ta Padaakh Tadaakh Ta Padaakh ), The breaking sound of wooden doors and windows too has been conveyed in this poem written in ( Daarie Ta Burr Pheatt Braen Braen Braen Braen ) .

The sound of water laden clouds has been superbly described by him in his poem "Paan Tchaadar" ( Water laden cloud ) " I quote ,

"Gurr Gurr Garaar Gurr Garar Garar , Jhar Jhar Jharaar Jharaar Jharar , Tar Tar Taraar Tar Taraar Tarar Sar Sar Saraar Sar Saraar Sarar "..

In his poem Maut ( Death ) , Naadim brings in melancholic sound effects . i quote ,

" Tak tak Taabun tar Tam tar tar -- Shar Shaka Shaapun Shar Shum Shar Shar "
In his poem Qaumi Yakjahti ( national Integration ) , Naadim uses sound of birds to create sound effects in his verse. I quote
" Piyoo Piyoo Ya Tiriv Tiriv,Goo Goo Ya Chiriv Chiriv "

In His poem Zalaer zaal (Cob web ), Naadim uses sound words to convey his disenchantment . I quote ,

"Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh , Oh Oh Soruyii gardi Gubaara .".


In his Poem “Shuhul Kull “ Nadim uses the magic of word sound exactly the way Russian Poet Mayakovsky was famous for . Repetitive usage of a single word to carry forward a sentiment forcefully. “Barag Barag” , “ Laenjein Laenjein “ Vathar Vathar “. Again the contrast technique of Mayakovasky is clearly visible in this poem. Naadim uses contrasts together to put impact . “ Prein Ta Chheit ( Shining bright and dull )“, “Zug Ta Shaam Rang ( White and black ) “ “ Yetiek Faraeing ( Residents and outsiders ) “. Nadim also favours usage of similes that form a hallmark of Mayakovsky’s poetry. Mayakovasky was known for pushing comparisons and similes to breaking point in his poems. And it is now quite clear that Naadim had read enough of Mayakovasky . Like Mayakovasky , Some poems of Naadim are meant to be read aloud for the sound words that create a rhythm of a drum beat or a march cadence. This style is used in poetry to create Auditory images . And Like Mayakovasky, Naadim has also excelled in this task . The influence of Mayakovasky’s poems “Our March” and “Call To Account” is visible on Naadim’s poem a “Naara e Shabaab and “Naara e Inquilab’ . To substantiate my point , i quote some lines from Naadim's poem "Jangbaaz Khabardaar" or " Beware  O war monger " ..

" Thahar Laeni bronh ma pakh, fasaad fitana keanna Hyaath, Ya bum ta gun machine Hyaath _Hiroshima ya chhuyi na  yath karakh tche Lurpaar vuchh, Grezaan chhu Aabshaar vuchh ,nishaat shaalmaar vuchh,  wattan yi myon chhuyi bedaar navbahaar vaar vuchh, iraada vustvaar vuchh, Tulav tyongal ta naar vuchh."

" Stop, Don't cross your limits. Don't come here to fight  , create  troubles and for settling scores. Don't come with your bombs, guns and weaponry. This is not Hiroshima that you can raise to dust.Look, our water falls are roaring. our nishat and shalimaar gardens  are awake. Awake lies this beloved land of mine .Look how beautiful is our new spring season over here and our rock like determination. Stop else we can also arise with flames and fire .."

For Naadim , Many a critics may consider it as a result of turbulent happenings in subcontinent as the poems were written around 1947. But I am focusing on the overall impact of the throw of word sounds . These word sounds are certainly a Mayakovasky influence on Naadim.


( Autar Mota )

This write up appeared on my Facebook Page  sometime back. Noted scholar  Dr Shashi Shekhar Toshakhani in his comments to my face book post wrote as under  ,

" Autar Mota' Ji's post is a highly appreciative attempt to stimulate discussion on the need for a reappraisal of Dina Nath Naadim's poetry at both ideological and structural levels.  Despite having passed away nearly three decades back, Naadim continues to be the most important modern Kashmiri poet. The comparison with Mayakovsky is important as well as relevant as both the poets display remarkable similarities so far as characteristic peculiarities of their poetry are concerned. They also have much in common in their approach to the questions of the function of poetry and the role of a poet. I too had made a reference to Mayakovsky's influence on Naadim in my  Book “Kashmiri Sahitya ka Itihas “ , published way back in 1985. What enhances the value of Autar Mota Ji's write-up is the details he has given, including the translations of some of Mayakovsky's representative poems and his photographs. Both Myakovsky and Dina Nath Naadim were passionately committed to the ideology of Marxism and sought to free their poetry from the hold of centuries-old conventions, stereotypes, and stylizations inherited from traditional verse to give expression to their new thoughts. Regarding poetry and political action as inclusive they produced what can be described as a heady mix of poetry and politics. It was this that made their poetic readings draw tumultuous ovation from the crowds who thronged to listen to them. Nadim, like Mayakovsky, verbalized his thoughts through a new language and a new idiom. His innovatory experimentation was not merely of a technical nature but indicative of a new way of looking at the contemporary human situation. His choice of free verse as a medium of expression was a basic requirement for answering the challenges of the shift in sensibility which he himself had brought about in Kashmiri poetry. This proved to be a turning point in the history of Kashmiri poetry. In Hindi, Nirala was the first to write in free verse as far back as 1923, to be followed by Sumitra Nandan Pant . In fact, this was an important characteristic of avant-garde poetry throughout the world in the early decades of the twentieth century. In Kashmiri, poetry had always been directed more at the listener than at the reader. Naadim's use of blank verse created a bridge that connected the two. Autar Mota Ji has also pointed to the musical effects created by Naadim in his poems by employing alliteration, consonance, internal rhyme and other poetic devices. In fact, these devices, particularly internal rhyme, have throughout been the main characteristics of Kashmiri lyrical poetry. What distinguishes Naadim is that he brought into play the inner music and acoustic values of Kashmiri words, which combined with his imaginative use of images taken from the day-to-day life of the common folk, created a tremendous effect on the minds of the people. While doing so, Naadim stretched the strengths and potentialities of the Kashmiri language to their farthest limits. His strength as a poet lay in the "unexpected dynamics of words and rhythms", to use the words of the noted Malayalam poet K. Sachidanandan.”

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