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( Photo Autar Mota )


Deen Baksh , a Gujjar from Kangan wants to go inside the hospital but is stopped at the gate by a Guard in uniform .
“ O khan ! Chalo Baahar. Ye Zenana Haspataal . Idhar Tera Kya kaam. ”

"O Khan ! Move away. Get out from this place. This is a maternity Hospital. What brings you to this place ?

“ Idhar Mhaaro Humsaaya Nissar Chowdhary Ka Beewi Aayo. Reechh Naal Zakhmi . Jenab Haaput Zakhmi keeno ! ”

"Sir, My friend Chowdhary Nissar 's wife has come here.She has been attacked by a wild Beer."

“ Achha ! Me Sab Bolegaa woh Kidhar Hota hai . Pehle Udhar se 5 Cigarette Laao. Wills Navy Cut. ”

"Okay.I shall tell you everything. First get five Wills Navy Cut cigarettes for me."

Deen Baksh brings 5 Navy Cut cigarettes. The Guard puts four in his pocket while the fifth he puts under his lips and looks towards Deen Baksh :

“ Idhar Bachaa Paida karne Wala haspataal. Haapat se jang ka haspataal hedroon .. Nawa Bazaar. Chalo. Chalo Apna raasta varna idhar labour room me Bharti kar degaa aur tum bhi khalaas ho Jaayega..”

"This is a maternity Hospital. Here Only delivery cases. Those who  fight with a wild Beer who go to Hedroon Hospital Nawa Bazaar.Now move away. Move away fast otherwise I shall get you admitted to the labour room and you will also deliver a baby. Quick and get lost ."


The relatives of the indoor patients are gossiping and smoking in the Hospital Corridor. The sweepers are cleanig the floor. It is 9.00 AM. Senior Doctors are about to arrive for Duty. You can see only junior doctors . They look tired after completing their night duty . Some look sleepy. Most of them are about to move out. The hospital Attendents are active. They are moving in Wards and going to those beds where Patients expect a discharge from the Hospital. They are demanding “ Kharach ”or Baksheesh .

“ Aessi Moklaaw . Assi Gatchhi Na Duty change . Aessi Chhu Pataa Neirrun”

“ Settle our things now . Our Duty time shall Change . We have to leave now.”

Close realtives of some patients are distributing Fresh Ten Rupee notes in Wards .They are expecting a discharge from the Hospital after the doctors conduct routine Morning round of the Wards. They have almost packed up.

Inside the hospital, there is ideal friendship, brotherhood and mutual help between attending relatives of patients. They share, tea, medicines, Cigarettes, News and Gossip. Altogether a different secular and tolerant world inside .

New patients are being helped in by their relatives . Patients from the city are accopamnied by two or three relatives while patients from rural areas have ten or more persons with them .

Sajja , a Poor Patient from Magaam (Gulmarg Road ) Cries Loudly as she walks the corrodor :

“ Hataa Sidda ( short name of Mohd Sidiq her husband ) , Goya Faaleijj. Pyoyaa Aatishukk. Kathh Taawanuss Laajithhuss . ………………… Athha Laageizi Na Me zaanh . Dugg Hai Chhum … Maaejj. ”

“ You Sidda ( Mohd Sidiq her husband ). Let you fall a victim to paralysis. Let you fall victim to Syphilis. You have put me to this Grave pain ………………………….. Now don’t ever touch me   . O Mother ! I am in great pain .”

Sarla Mattoo from Habba kadal is uttering in low tone :

“ Doctor saa'b me kareituv Operation . ”
“ Doctor Sir ! Please take me to the operation Theatre .”

Maimoona Rafiq from Soura is helped to go up the first floor of the Hospital by her mother . She is biting her Lower lips and saying to her Mother :

“ Thuff Kartum . Me Laejj Treish . Chamaa ”
“ Hold me Mother. I feel thirsty . Shoud I take water ? ”

I see Baja singh , Head peon in our Bank with his Niece . He has come all the way from Khaanpur saraai . Baja singh’s wife consoles the patient :

“ Balaai Lagsaan . Sab Changaa Hosaan ”
“ I die for you . Everything shall be fine . ”


Dr Farhat:

“ Why can’t you keep silent and allow our staff to do their work. This is Hospital not a Bazaar. If you cry like this and disturb others , we shall have to take you to the operation theatre . Doctor Reeta , She is already in her labour pains . And this Kulwant Kaur will also deliver normally . Her labour pains are distinct . I think we shall have to go for Caesarean for these two patients . Put them on Drip . Watch their Vital signs ”

When Dr Farhat Leaves the the Labour room , the junior doctors feel relaxed and tell Sajja:

“ Did You listen what the Doctor sahib was saying . Now keep silent and endure this pain to save yourself from the surgery ”

Sajja looks towards the ceiling of the labour room for a moment and then starts crying again. Some young nurses giggle. An elderly nurse says:

" Gatchhien khalaas amiss Gatchhi soruyyi Mashithh"
" Let her deliver. She will forget everything. "

Baja singh’s niece is also feeling great discomfort and changing per poses and sides repeatedly on the labour room bed. Maimoona Rafiq and Sarla Mattoo are silent.


I see Mohd Sidiq Sajja’s husband outside the labour room . He keeps moving in anxiety and smokes . With every shriek and abuse of his wife , he feels proud like a conqueror . Baja Singh’s singh wife is suddenly informed that to bring New clothes for the baby. She feels relieved and rushes inside the Labour room. Suddenly a nurse comes out and cries :

“Who is Mohd sidiq?”

“ What is the matter ?”

“ Your wife has delivered a male child . Where is your mother of her mother ? Give me the clothes for the baby . ”

“How is Sajja ? Wait for five minutes. I will also bring someone to read kalima into the Baby's ear."

“ Okay .Hurry up.I am waiting . Keep my Chaai / Baksheesh Ready . Nothing less that three hundred rupees.”

And Mohd Sidiq is suddenly agile with this Happy News . He throws the half smoked cigarette on the floor and Rushes out.

An elderly woman holding a new born baby comes swiftly to Ashok Mattoo and says:

" Yemiss par ta huz bhaang. Khodaa Saeb kaernaai jaanus khae'rr."

" Please read kalima into this new born baby's ear. May God grant you good health."

Tahir Rafiq is surprised.He offers his services instantly.

Dr Reeta Darbaari comes out of the labour Room . Ashok Kumar and Tahir Rafiq who had been smoking and discussing something , throw their cigarettes and rush towards her :

“ Mr. Ashok Mattoo , You had brought recommendations of our senior Dr .P K Sopori.The doctor has also seen the patient . Your patient had false Labour pains . We shall have to keep her under observation.She has been put on Glucose again. And You are Mr.Tahir Rafiq I presume. There was a call from Molvi Farooq’s residence for your patient. Molvi sahib was personally seeking her welfare . At the moment , I can tell you that she is sailing in the same Boat as Sarla Mattoo. She has also been put on Glucose . I believe we may have to go for the Caesarean for both the patients . Let us see how they progress . Worry not . Relax. We are here .”


The moment Dr Darbaari leaves, the Guard at the Labour room gate comes out . He asks for a cigarette each from Tahir Rafiq and Ashok Kumar Mattoo. Tahir Rafiq pushes half a packet of cigarettes in Gauard’s Pocket. Ashok kumar Takes out three cigarettes from his” Four Square “brand Packet . He puts one under his lip and passes on one to the Guard and the other to Tahir Rafiq . He then takes a Match stick box and after lighting his cigarette , passes on the burning match stick to The Guard and Tahir Rafiq . The Guard takes his first puff and says :

“ Your wives do not curse their husbands during labour pains . They sit silently making no noise . But all this behaviour delays their delivery . To go for Fataafat Khalaas ( Quick delivery ) , you need to curse your Husband and Mother in law. You need to speak in a filthy tone as illiterate women from our villages do. Education is the biggest enemy of this Normal Khalaas ( Delivery) . That is why Educated Pandit and Muslim women from city go for surgery over here . Don’t Forget my Baksheesh / Chaai when your women have their Khalaas. This way or that way they have to deliver . My Name Bashir Tota . ”

( Autar Mota )

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( Photo ..Nishat Garden by Autar Mota )
 To this photo , i  add lines from a song that Majrooh   wrote for Hindi film 'MAMTA".....

Mausam koyi ho iss chaman mein Rang ban ke Raheingay Hum Khiraamaa….
Chaahat Ki khushboo Yuun Hi Zulfon se uddeigi Khizaan ho ya Bahaaraan…
Yuun Hi Jhoomte aur Khilte Raheingey
Ban Ke Kali
Ban ke saba
Bagh e wafaa mein…
Rahey Na Rahey Hum
Mehkaa kareingay
Ban ke kali
Ban ke saba
Bagh e wafaa mein………………
( Majrooh Sultanpuri )

My simple English rendering of above lines would be ...

For any season in this garden ,
We shall be there to add colourful elegance .
These hair Tufts shall always spread Love’s Fragrance be it Autumn or Spring.
Swaying and Blossoming
We shall be there ,
In the flower ,
In the Breeze ,
In the flowery Garden of Commitment …
We may or may not be here ,
But We shall keep exuding Fragrance ,
In the flower ,
In the breeze ,
In the flowery Garden of Commitment……………….

( Autar Mota )

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Masood Hussain is a well known Artist from kashmir who also paints Ethnicity , Culture and Traditions of his Native Land. He could not help remaining a witness to a period that saw only pain and suffering.A period that saw the painful slicing of kashmir’s soul and the collective Psyche of kashmiris being subjected to unbearable trauma. A trauma that tore age old bonds and ripped apart the fabric of composite culture .

People who lived in peace for centuries were left with no alternative but to move out to save their lives. Those who stayed back saw only darkness , death and destruction.

And in this rurmoil, Shrines of highly revered saints and places of social get together turned desolate.

A visit to Sharika Temple ( Also known as Sri Chakreshwari shrine that lies on the western flank of Hari Parbat hillock in srinagar city) was painful for the Artist.. He had been to this place earlier also. He had also seen well known painter late G R Santosh visiting this shrine. Over here only , he had heard Devotees Chanting SHLOKAS from Sacred PANCHASTAVI or Hymns in praise of Mother Goddess .

" Hee Deevi Tchaanie Darshanuk Me Abhilaash 
Praa’th Vizi Netran Manz me Roozeitunn
Tchaa’en Go’nn Boznuk Tamanaa Me Aaestunn 
Praa’th Vizi Roozitunn Myaanein kanan…."

( A shloka from Panchastavi in Praise of Mother Goddess Sharika …. Translated by Pandit Jia lal Saraf to kashmiri from sanskrit. I have done simple English rendering of the shloka as under )

(O Gracious Goddess !
let My eyes be always curious and 
longing to see your divine face alone .
Let my ears be ever impatient 
For listening your unending praise only.)

Why should the presiding deity and protector of kashmir be lonely? Why has once lively shrine turned lonely ?

He poured out this painful feeling in his painting titled “lonely Sharika.”

In this painting , You can see “ Sharika Shila “ painted in orange red ( The orginal shila is painted with Sindhur or  Red Lead ) against the back drop of limitless or infinite  deep Blue sky with a big white patch representing hope for peace. An image of a Mynah ( Haaer In Kashmiri . From Haaer comes Hari Parbat. In some Hindu texts , Mynah is  mentioned as  a symbol of peace and love ) engraved on the shila held inside the sacred Shat-kona ( Hexagram made from Two Equilateral Triangles is a Shaivite symbol that Represents Prakarti and Purusha or a union of Shiva and Shakti ) , A soldier’s helmet ,some burning incense or Agarbatti and loneliness.

And Masood Hussain adds :
"Kashmiris are searching their lost culture" 

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KASHMIR ... ..By Vasant Ambrekar
Vasant Ambrekar ( 1907-1988 ) is another painter who's work is on display in various Art galleries of Mumbai.He was a Great master fondly known as Guru ji.Vasant ji was a lover of kashmir. He visited kashmir three times to paint Landscapes .
His work represents Expressionist definition of figuration. Vasant ji has added Indian essence of aesthetic flavour to his work. His was a master of Figurative , landscapes , abstract and spiritual who worked mostly on oil paintings and pastel drawings .
His work is diaplyed in many Galleries . A fellow of the Lalit Kala Akademi, he was an Art administrator who organised various Art Bodies and Centres as President, Secretary or Chairman . He spent most part of his life for building of the arts scene and art education in India.

Madhav Satwalekar ( 1915-2006 ) was a Maharashtrian who was born at Lahore and brought at Poona . He is one artist who has liberally painted Indian Life, Mythology and Indian women in all shades . Happy , working , sleeping , dancing , lonely , gloomy and women in Journey etc.He studied art at J J School of Arts and also went to Europe to study Modern trends in Art.. He retired from a very senior position with Maharashtra Government .
Seen his work in some Galleries in Mumbai .He as a contemporory of K K Hebber , N S Behdre , M S Joshi , M R Achrekar and P A Dhond..



                                        KASHMIR .... BY YASHWANT SHIRWADKAR    

                    KASHMIR...Agar Firdous Ba Roo e Zameen Ast..Hameen Ast o Hameen Ast o Hameen Ast..... By M F Hussain                                                      

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He is satish Anand, well known Film producer from Pakistan. Currently chairman of United Producers Association ( Pakistan ) , Satish owns EVERYDAY PICTURES (Karachi and Lahore ). His group is enagaged in Production and Distribution of films and TV Programmes , Event Management and studio facilities. EVERYDAY banner has released over 400 films and over a 100 TV productions and Events. 

This film company was started by his father jagdish Chand Anand ( 1922-1977 ) in 1946. 
Satish ‘s Grand father was engaged in a business which involved imports from Japan. His business ran into problems due to overall depression caused by the Second World War. Satish’s father , J C Anand found the film trade more lucrative and started his career in distribution working with a well-established distribution office in Lahore . 

At the time of Partition, Anand family lived in Karachi and opted to stay back in Pakistan inspite of many suggestions to the contrary. Satish is closely related to Indian actress Juhi Chawla. Presently , he resides at Posh cliffton Karachi .

Though EVERYDAY PICTURES has a branch in Lahore also, Satish operates from Karachi. His father J C Anand produced many successful films in Pakistan but SASSI ( 1955) broke all previous records . Sassi was a great commercial hit . It created an all time record for being the first golden jubilee film of Pakistan. Other films to his credit include Miss 56, Ishq-e-Laila, Murad, Alam ara , Heer ,Hasrat, Dulhan ( 1963 ) etc. 

About current state of Pakistan Film Industry Satish informs :

“When we came into film distribution and production in 1946, we made films that competed with Indian big screen ventures such as Aawara, Baiju Bawara, etc. and all these films were allowed to be shown here at that time. And we made some great movies and the box office returns were good, too. In Pakistan, We went on to make many quality films for a very long time. Why has the public forgotten hits like Umrao Jan Ada, Aaina, Zindagi, Miss Colombo and later Haathi Mere Saathi and Madam Bavary. Dark clouds began hovering over the film industry during the reign of General Zia ul Haq. Your self-esteem started dipping as you felt you were committing a sin by being part of the film industry. On the Contrary , the Indian audience is aware of the history of cinema. They are celebrating it while cinema is seen as a lost cause here. Lahore industry, in its final demise didn’t have fresh talent and technicalities to blend with modern times. 

In Karachi, the youngsters have had a lot of exposure from mainstream Television, and a good playing ground. Also, thanks to cheap digital format, it’s affordable and user friendly. Most people from the previous generation have lost their capital, in other cases they don’t have the will after the collapse of Lollywood ( lahore Film Industry ), and in such cases they don’t want to get into speculative exercise of making motion pictures. 

Just as great nations were born from the ashes of destruction, so can our film industry — provided the young blood works with integrity and works hard at creativity. And the financiers coming from shoddy backgrounds who presently rule over story lines should be replaced by educated, intelligent writers, producers, directors, etc. I know that the industry can be revived, as I am a businessman who has taken opportunities as they came and I see opportunity here as well. A few bad patches doesn’t mean the end of the world. One example is Ajab Gul’s Kyun Tum Se Itna Pyar Hai, which has not only received a fantastic response but is being termed as a hit. Hence, I reiterate that the show must go on.”

( Autar Mota )

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INDU MITHA ( Born 1929 )

“ Dance is a feeling and a beautiful sensation that springs from the soul. Can you stop it ? We danced our way under the shadows of so many Threats. We danced with curtains pulled and lights switched off .” 

Says Indu Mitha the only Bharatnatyam Dancer in Pakistan who single handedly ensured survival of this Form of Dance in that country ..

Indu Mitha , Bharatnatyam Dance and Pakistan ;Sounds strange . Appears Not True ! You raise your eyebrows.

And she danced under candle lights when the then government under General Zia Ul Haq acted with heavy hand on Artists in the fields of Music , Classical Dance and Cinema . And during those days , poet Faiz had to move out and live as exile .

 Art in itself is a celebration of Human Existence . It is a river that brings Greenery and life.You have a choice ; Make this planet a desert and suffer or bring life and Greenery and live happily .

When Classical Dance became a Victim of Government Repression In that Country , Guru Jaykar Ganshyam and his wife Neelima closed their karachi based Classical Dancing school . They left Pakistan in 1980 .Guru Ganshyam taught dance to Sheema Kirmani renowned Pakistani classical Dancer. Sheema heads her dance and theatre troupe Tehrik-e-Niswan (Women's Movement). She enthralls her audience with Kathak , Odissi or Bhartanatyam performed even on Poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.you feel thrilled to see her dancing on " INTESAAB " a poem that Faiz had dedicated to Rickshawallahs , Clerks, Toiling workers and Weeping mothers of his country . Surely the Pakistani dancers have deconstructed the dance in that country to tailor it to the cultural ethos and bring it to a creative form that can easily go well with their audiences within. Sheema Kirmani , Farha Yasmeen Sheikh, Amna Mawaz , Farrukh Darbar , Munawar Chao and so many others are well known names in classical Dance in that country presently.

Then we also know about Maharaj Ghulam Hussain kathak ( 1905-2001 ) of Pakistan who taught Kathak to some renowned dancers of Pakistan like Nahid Siddiqui, Fasih Ur Rehman and Nighat Chowdhary .Maharaj Ghulam Hussain was trained by Achhan Maharaj father of Lachhu Maharaj of India.

Indu ji Lives in Islamabad. She has an old attachment with Lahore where her father Prof. Gyanesh Chandra Chatterjee taught Philosophy at Government Degree College . After the Partition riots broke in Lahore , this Bengali Christian family moved to Delhi in 1947. She Learnt Bharatanatyam In Delhi ( Kalakshetra style ) from a disciple of Rukmani Devi. She fell in love with Abu Baker Mitha ( Memon ) from Bombay and married him much against the wishes of her family . When her husband moved to Pakistan in early Fifties of the last century , she also joined him . Abu Baker joined Pakistan Army and rose to become a Major General. He was bumped out by the then rulers  after  Pakistan’s defeat in 1971 war  with India . He  died in 2000..

Indu ji is Great Grand Daughter of the priest of kalibari Temple of Kolkatta who converted to Christianity  She did MA (Philosophy) from Delhi University in 1951, and taught at the Government College for Women, Rawalpindi after moving to Pakistan.

She also learnt Dance and Music from Guru Jayakar Ganshayam when her husband was posted at karachi. After her marriage , she visited India and stayed for about one year over here on an ICCR scholarship during which period she trained herself in Odissi . Back in pakistan she took upon herself the challenge to train women and girls in Bhartanatyam and odissi. To suit Pakistan’s cultural ethos , she did some minor modifications in these dances .

Her efforts from the beginning were to modify mythological content of the dances so that they become stories about ordinary human beings that do not clash with the religious beliefs of audiences or even students. The only Dance that she has performed and taught without interpreting is " Natanam Adinaar ", the dance of Shiva, “Because when my girls go abroad and pursue dance, the Indian girls should not think they have not learnt the real Bharatanatyam.”

I quote from Maneesha Tikekar’s book “ An Indian’s Sojourn in Pakistan .. ACROSS THE WAGAH BORDER “

“One day I saw Indu ji’s disciples performing at Islamabad Club auditorium.The small auditorium was jam packed . late comers had no place to enter .It appeared that entire elite of islamabad were at the Auditorium.Fashionable women had found a rare opportunity to air their sarees. Indu ji’s disciples performed pure dance forms like ALLARIPU , JATISWARAM, TILLANA and VARANAM. The whole ambience was dance and music .I too wondered if I were inside shanmukhnanad hall Mumbai or at Islamabad . It was a unique opportunity to witness ARANGRETAM in Pakistan.I felt surprised that they did not make mention of krishna by name instead they mentioned Maakhan chor . According to Indu ji , she has to make hundreds of compromises to keep Bharatnatyam alive in Pakistan.This is true. Though public dance performances are not banned currently in Pakistan, it is a challenge to keep dance alive. For this Sheema Kirmani uses Urdu , persian and english poetry in her odissi performances .She also uses Sufi poetry for GEET GOVINDAM and RADHA KRISHNA .”

" I believe that Bharatanaytam has a future the world over and will also survive in Pakistan. " 
she says optimistically.

Tehreem Mitha, her daughter is also a trained Bharatnatyam and Odissi dancer . Tehreem moved to USA and set up her own Bharatnatyam Dance Academy known as TMDA.

( Autar Mota )

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A diehard Communist and Leader from the Indian Subcontinent who refused to leave Larkaana Sindh at the time of partition where he stayed till his death . A Social scientist , Journalist revolutionary writer , Author , Playwright , Poet and Short story writer but above all a champion of the Poor, Marginalised and underprivileged population across the border .
He was one of the pioneers of the Marxist movement in Sindh and went to jail several times. Till his death, he did not give up his beliefs.
Shubhraj Gian Chandani was educated at Shantiniketan and was a favourite student of Gurudev Tagore . Tagore nicknamed him as “Boy from Mohan Jo Daro “. He worked with Gandhi ji, Nehru , Maulan Azad, Syed Sajjad Zaheer , P C Joshi , Jyoti Basu , G M Syed , Hyder Bux Jatoi , Sheikh Ayaz and many more leaders and Intellectuals . He was a close associate of G M Syed and Sheikh Ayaz and worked with them for Jiye Sindh Movement..
In an interview , He informed Beena Sarwar ;
“My struggle continues to be for justice. A father, when he goes to sleep at night, should be confident that his children will have enough food to eat the next day, that they will have a future. My struggle continues to be for socialism. You can call it Islamic socialism, or democratic socialism as in the Scandinavian countries, or anything. I still believe in the revolution, in a society that provides justice for all, not denies it because someone is a Hindu or a Bheel. I still want a change in society so that no one goes to sleep hungry.”
In 2004, he was awarded Pakistan’s top literary Kamal-i-Fann Award for life time achievement . Some Previous recipients of the award, which carries a cash prize of Rs500,000, are Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Intizar Hussain,Ahmad Faraz, Munir Niazi ,Ada Jafferey and some others .
Shobo was a lawyer who fought for the poor at his own expense; Known for his pro poor and strong anti establishement views , Shobo would oftren say ;
“For the Pakistani establishment, I am a three-headed Monster — I am a communist, I am Hindu, and I am Sindhi.”
In an interview he once said :

“I am one of the oldest communists probably not only in Sindh but even in the sub continent, the oldest living communist is Jyoti Basu he is 93 years old and Sardar Suraj Singh from Punjab he came couple of years back to Karachi, he said comrade how do you find yourselves in Pakistan, I said fine, I was born here and I chose not to migrate to India, the Sindh is my home land I have tried to contribute my little bit to the building of communist party and the beautiful world that we hope to make. It does not matter we have failed because even in the Soviet Union, communism has changed its shape its not the same as we struggle for.Presently Pakistan is full of dirty minds. Religious extremists have turned the country in hell. In the name of Islam, they are killing innocent children and closing the doors for women. I fear that if they are not taken with iron hands they would turn progressive society into stone age. ”

He remained a lifelong friend of veteran actor A K Hangal , Sindhi Poet Sheikh Ayaz and G M Syed who headed Jiye Sindh Movement .

Sindhi Writer and intellectual Amanullah Shaikh who spent a major portion of his life with the Gianchandani adds:

“He (Gianchandani) used to have three pictures —one of Lenin, one of Tagore and one of Vivekananda — on the walls of his home. They represent his lifelong struggle.”

Noted Historian Mubarak Ali adds:
“His decision to stay in Pakistan at the time of partition was actually his defiance of the two-nation theory.”

I end this post with a poem of sindhi Poet Sheikh Ayaz..

( Truth )
A great offender!
Ever since genesis Seized and chained, Hunted out and killed.
At times --
Condemned to drink hemlock (1),
Hanged from gibbet (2),
Roasted alive in cauldron of boiling oil (3),
Crushed in oil-expeller (4),
Thrown down from mountain top (5).
Despite all, he persists in his luckless custom;
Any heart that he breaks into
Is always in turmoil;
Today he is thy guest,
Hast thee ever paused to ponder,
Whom thou hast befriended,
the great offender,

( Autar Mota )

*Beena Sarwar is a well known journalist, Artist and Filmmaker from Pakistan . She is currently the Pakistan Editor of the Aman ki Asha (Hope for Peace) initiative sponsored by the Jang group in Pakistan and the Times of India in India. This initiative is aimed at Permanent peace and peceful Co-Existence between India and Pakistan. 

In the poem 1 to 5 are clarified as under 
1) The great Greek philosopher, Socrates (469-399 BC).

2) The Persian Sufi Mansoor Al-Hilaj (858-922 AD)
3) The sikh Guru Arjun Dev ji
4) The Sindhi saint, Makhdoom Bilawal (Died . 1579 AD).

5) A failed attempt made on the life of Jesus Christ .
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