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  To this photo , I am adding My short story " THE FINAL SAMASKAARA " . This story appeared in three parts on my Facebook Page . All the three parts are uploaded for the readers . To be read in continuity ….



When Shanta ji died of a sudden and massive heart attack , there was no one in the house . Pran Nath , her husband had gone for an evening walk. That day , Jammu was extremely hot and Humid . Walking back to his home , Pran Nath kept thinking ,

“ This is August and next month is September . That is the end of this Hell like season over here . I can withstand that hot and dry climate of June but not this irritating humidity of August . How many times shall you go under the shower ? How many times shall you change your sweat soaked clothes ?This is a real Hell for us .”

On his way back, he had bought two Ice creams for himself and Shanta ji and these were meant to be relished after the Dinner . Even when the ice creams showed signs of softening , he was tempted to enter into some discussion with Ram Krishen President Colony Welfare Association whom he met just near his house. They probably discussed some procedure for conducting Next election of the colony Welfare Association . After that he went to Bodh Raj’s chemist shop nearby and bought two strips of Arbital H for elevated Blood Pressure . Shanta ji and Pran Nath were diagnosed with mild Hypertension and had been put on medicine. In fact , It was Shanta ji , who had reminded him about buying of these tablets as they had no stock for their morning consumption.
Over with it , he straightway headed towards his house .

Ignorant about the calamity that was waiting for him at home, he pressed the door bell but there was no response . He pressed it again for a longer duration but there was again no response . He then dialed his landline number but no one picked up the receiver from the other side . It was something unusual as Shanta ji would normally be in lobby watching her favourite Aastha channel. Now he turned suspicious and called Aashu , his Neighbour’s son , whom he requested  to climb the boundary wall and open his main gate from inside .

Once inside the house, Pran Nath came to know as to what had befallen him. For him, Life had taken another turn suddenly and unexpectedly . . He visualized that this unfortunate development shall permanently affect his immediate and future life. Suddenly the ice cream , the BP tablets , Dinner , evening walks ,Colony elections and even his sleep meant nothing to him . He thought as if he lay buried under some debris that had suddenly come from a huge concrete wall .He also thought that he could come out of this debris by action and courage only. .

Sweating profusely , He sat under the ceiling fan and telephoned their domestic maid Kaanta , Ram Krishen (Colony president ) , his sister and brother in law and also Shanta ji’s brother settled in Delhi informing them about Shanta ji’s sudden Death. Thereafter he dialed Sanjay’s (his son) mobile number but the back message from the system informed that he was out of reach . Sanjay lived in Canada. He sent messages through SMS, VIBER , FACEBOOK and SKYPE to Sanjay asking him to speak back immediately in view of some grave exigency .

Kaanta and her son arrived first followed by Ram krishen . His sister and brother in law also joined later.

It was 9.30 PM and a hectic activity started in the house . While Pran Nath kept waiting for Sanjay’s call , Ram Krishen , Kaanta’s son and Pran Nath’s brother in law shifted all the furniture from the drawing room and the Lobby into the lawn. Ram krishen was directing and helping in this work . They also furnished both the rooms with simple carpets so that maximum number of Mourners that were expected to visit the house in the morning could sit . One room they prepared for the ladies and the other for Gents. Shanta ji’s body was made to lie upon open floor with a white sheet over it . An Earthenware oil lamp was kept burning near the body . Ram krishen brought a Bhagwat Geeta audio CD from his house that he inserted into the CD player and switched it on to Play mode . For Pran Nath , it was an unusual night . Instead of TV News , the Lobby resonated with SHLOKAS from BHAGWAT GEETA . That was needed to be done immediately.

Without informing any person , Ram Krishen went to Gian Singh’s Provision Store nearby and bought 15 Kgs of Potatoes , 5 Kgs of P Mark Mustard oil ,5Kgs of Pulses , 50 Kg Gunny Bag of Sharbati rice ,5 Bottles of Rooh Afza , 5 Kgs of sugar , 10 kgs of Atta and some spices . Neither Gian Singh asked for the money nor Ram krishen paid it as Gian singh had come to know what had happened . He then telephoned his son sonu and told him,

“ Open our store room . There are 5 filled Gas Cylinders . Bring one HP cylinder over here and take the empty one from this place . I have kept the empty gas cylinder near the main gate . “

After that Ramkrishen said to Pran Nath,

“ What about the Cremation now ? It is hot and extremely humid. You understand . Whatever had to happen has happened , now we have to send her off in a proper manner enumerated by Shastras . Shall I fix up with a Guru Ji ? We better go for a contract for all the days . I mean the cremation , immersion of Ashes ,10th day , 11th day and 12th day Samaskaara . Did Sanjay ji call back. ? “

And at that moment , Sanjay called from Canada . Pran Nath informed him about what had happened so suddenly. He also advised him to fly immediately for the cremation and other rituals. Sanjay informed his father that he shall call back after checking up everything.

Sanjay was the lone child of Pran Nath and Shanta ji. He had been living in Canada for the last 15 years . Initially he had moved out of India for a job in Singapore But finally he migrated to Canada and settled over there along with his family. His wife was a teacher in a Canadian Government school and they had two children .

After so many years , Sanjay was planning to Visit Jammu in November to celebrate DEEWALI with his parents . He had already booked tickets for himself and his family who were also travelling with him . He had conveyed this to his mother in July and since then Shanta Ji had been busy buying something or the other for the her son or his family .

A Month before her death Shanta ji had told Pran Nath ,

“ Find a day and come with me to Khajuria Jewellers at Jain Bazar . Nirmala ji told me that he is a reasonable Gold smith. I want to Exchange some old jewellery . Don’t worry , No fresh buying . I want to give all my gold to Sanjay’s family in a graceful manner .This GUNUS ( Heavy snake shaped Gold Karra ), two chains , three rings and two Katchhakars ( Golden Bangles ) that I have kept in locker are of no use . What for do I need all this . When I die , you may not be able to deal with it . I shall keep a small Dejjhur , one chain that Lakshmi’s parents have gifted to me , one ring and one Katchhakar ( Bangle ) for my use . After my death , handover the Golden chain to Lakshmi and donate the Rest to the Shamshaan Ghat committee. This president has been collecting donation every month for Shamshaan Ghaat( Cremation Ground ) . It needs funds . “

Pran Nath had felt bad with this conversation but had accompanied Shanta ji to Khajuria jewelers . Shanta ji had exchanged her old jewellery and bought sleek Earrings for kittu ( her grand daughter ) , a gold chain for Ranil her grandson and small almond shaped Dejhurr for Lakshmi ( Her daughter in law ). She had also given her own Pashmeena Saree to Ghulam Nabi Dar, a shawl trader known to them for the last 30 Years . Ghulam Nabi Dar also kept visiting them in Jammu after the widespread militancy forced them to move out from Kashmir valley . Shanta ji trusted Ghulam Nabi like her own brother who in turn had made two beautiful shawls of her old Pashmeena Saree. These maroon coloured shawls were embroidered with Tila Thread ( Golden thread ) . Shanta ji wanted to give both the shawls to Lakshmi. For Sanjay , she had bought a Gent’s Dussa ( Shawl Type Blanket ) from Ghulam Nabi . She had about twenty thousand rupees with her that she saved from the money that Pran Nath gave her for monthly Kitchen expenses . This money she had spent on all on these purchases .

Apart from that ,she would tell Pran Nath everyday to bring one thing or the other which she carefully stored in their Refrigerator . This one thing or the other included , Almond kernels , Varimuth ( Black beans consumed by Kashmiris ) and even Rice powder .

Just some days before her death , Pran Nath had asked her

“What for have you bought these Pashmeena shawls and jewellery for children ? What is the use to them at this moment ? . “

To this she had replied ..

“ Who knows I may not live to see Ranil’s Mekhla ( Yageopavit or Sacred Thread ceremony ) or Kittu’s Marriage ? And then what is the purpose of keeping all this in locker when it is of no use to me . You are also paying rent for the locker. This is August now only September and October are left . November they shall be here. I shall keep them in a Box inside this house only . Where do I go ? . I shall hand over this Amaanat to Lakshmi. And then You are a pensioner now . How much can you pay during these days of inflation ? Our medicines , Telephone Bills , Electric Bill , Grocery , Maid’s salary , Milk Seller’s Monthly Bill, Vegetables , Fruits , Gardener’s salary, Petrol expenses and so many sudden expenditures. At least let me support you indirectly. O God! I shall be seeing my grand children after 5 years now. .Kittu must have grown taller now. And this naughty Ranil , I am told , uses a Bicycle now ? I am worried for his slim physique that I saw in the photo ? Let him stay with me for 10 days only, I shall feed him daily with Rogan Josh , Yakhni , Fish and tasty dishes. His father too had problems with Eggs and milk . . I have also told Gh Nabi to bring one Box of special Ambri apples from Kashmir before Deewali. I shall give them fresh juice every day . Let them be here and I shall see what best I can cook for them. God ! If they speak to me in English , how shall I understand what they want . I am sure they must be conversing in Kashmiri . After all they are the Children of a father who himself is so rich in Sanaskaars and family values . “

It was 11.30 PM and Pran Nath’s mobile started ringing. Sanjay was on the line…
( …. continued ……)

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“ Daddy , I have booked my tickets and I shall be leaving by early morning flight from Ottawa . I should be in India day after tomorrow. I have a ticket for a 2.30 PM flight from New Delhi to jammu and I am told that this is the last flight . And thereafter , From New Delhi , there are no flights to Jammu . Let me see what best can be done to reach Jammu as early as possible . Sushil Mahajan , My friend who resides at Trikuta Nagar Jammu , is coming to you . The rest , he shall talk to you in detail . I have sought his assistance till I join you . Courage Dad , You are a Great Man and I know it.”

The moment Sanjay’s call was over , Pran Nath received a call from Shanta ji’s brother in Delhi . He informed that he had already engaged a taxi and was about to Leave along with his wife. This was followed by a call from Sushil Mahajan (Sanjay’s School friend ). Sushil and his brother were on their way to Pran Nath’s house. Sushil also informed him .

“ Daddy ji , You may be knowing how distant this Canada is from Jammu . Last time I had a worst experience when i went to Canada and stayed with Sanjay. So tiring a journey and then you are not sure about the arrival time of these flights . We have fifty fifty chances of Sanjay making it to Jammu day after tomorrow before 4 PM. Let us not take a risk and put all to inconvenience .As discussed in detail with sanjay , We need to keep Aunty in Mortuary for the final rites . Jammu is extremely hot and humid and then we are not sure about exact time of cremation . I am coming with the Mortuary Van and once Sanjay arrives , we shall bring the body in half an hour . Though this is very late time to open mortuary but I have already sounded the Mortuary caretaker .I believe I am clear. “
That was something Pran Nath never expected . But then he had no time to analyse merits and demerits of this decision. During the periods of such grave crisis , one tends to go by the natural flow of events . He also decided to go by Sushil Mahajan’s suggestion that looked practical and supportive at that moment.

When Ram krishen heard it , he turned serious and said ,

“Is she a stranger suddenly that she cannot be kept in this house ?That means the poor lady is to be kept in Cold storage like a vegetable or perishable commodity . This is not our Sanatan Dharma . This is not the proper way to conduct Final Samaskaara. This is not enumerated in our sacred Texts and Shastras .We kashmiri Pandits do not go by these short cuts . Who will keep her on the Grass mat in the Mortuary ? Her body needs to be kept facing particular directions ? Who shall recite Bhagwat Geeta in the Mortuary for her ? Who will keep the earthen lamp burning in the mortuary ? We can keep her on Ice slabs if we have necessarily to wait for Sanjay . You should have told Sanjay that you are performing the Final Samaskaara tomorrow and he could have joined us for the 10th day kriya . It is not proper to shift a Dead body from the house and then again bring it back . After all you are dealing with a soul that has yet to attain salvation through the Kriya Karma . “

Pran Nath heard every word that Ram krishen spoke. These words appeared reasonable to him. But he had no desire to convey his agreement or disagreement on the issue . May be he had stopped applying merits and demerits to suggestions at that moment . Whatever came first , he would have agreed . Now that he had already given his consent to Sushil Mahajan , he could not retract .
To Ram krishen he simply said ,

“ Ram krishen ji I fully agree with you. But Shanta ji was not my wife alone . She was Sanjay’s mother also. Let Sanjay decide what is best . I am here to facilitate his decision 
. ”
“ I understand . I get it. You are right and this is not the time for all this discussion. Fine , It is your family decision. I believe there is a vehicle at the gate . Let me see . It must be the mortuary van” so saying , Ram krishen came to the main gate of the house .

Sushil Mahajan and his brother had come with the Van. Sushil Mahajan’s brother , Ram Krishen , kaanta ‘s son and Pran Nath’s brother in law carefully lifted Shanta Ji’s body and placed it inside the Metallic trolley of the Morturay van. In the stillness of that night , the Van sped towards temporary parking place of Shanta ji .

It was 12.30 now. Ramkrishen sought permission to leave and assured to come in the morning . Pran Nath also asked Kaanta and her son to take rest and requested them to come in the morning . They lived near by.He then told his sister and brother in law to take rest inside his bed room. His sister Insisted that he should have something . She opened the refrigerator and saw apples and a papaya inside .Pran Nath said ,

“ Bengaashi ( His sister’s name ) , I don’t feel like eating. Do I need to seek permission? As and when I feel like eating , I shall have it myself. Please take rest . It shall be a hectic day tomorrow . I shall sleep here in the Lobby Bed “

After Bengaashi slept, for the first time in his life , Pran Nath felt something missing in the house . For the first time in his life , he felt that the house he had built with so much attention and care may prove a burden now.

“ Should I sell the house and move to Canada to stay with Sanjay’s family ? Why Not ? Sanjay will be more than happy with this decision. Children too shall feel happy. May be Lakshmi may not like this decision; But then she will never express it openly . I think I should not look negatively on this issue . She has always been nice to me . No! No! I should not sell the house . That would be the most foolish decision , if, at any point of time , I decide to come back . where to go then ? The house needs to be protected as a memorial of Shanta ji and not to be sold even if I stay anywhere . And then what shall I do over there . Who knows me in Canada ? Even if Lakshmi has no problem with my presence in her family , I may feel cut off at this stage of life . Can i ask freely for my repeated Tea cups , Choice dishes and other things from Lakshmi the way I used to ask from Shanta ji ? A Women may adjust in a joint family after the death of her husband but a man can not do so after the death of his wife . I believe everyone has these issues and i can’t be an exception. O God! Why do I think of these issues at this moment . Time shall take care of every thing.

And then these New concrete houses that we build , have a brief life span. Not like our old houses where families lived and flourished for centuries. At the most, these structures provide time bound utility to the generation that builds them. This too for a part period of their lives . Thereafter these structures turn sick even if regularly put to repairs and renovation. And Once children grow and leave for their professional courses and subsequent jobs , a whiff of loneliness starts spreading on these walls and floors . The noise , laughs and prattle that children create suddenly changes into silence that rules like a dictator . But then the woman in the house keeps the kitchen fire burning which actively engages the remaining inhabitants. May be that burning fire wards off loneliness and desperation in one way or the other. Who shall ask me to bring vegetables now ?
Who shall wait for me at the dining Table ? The feasts and fasts within this house are over now . Will Kaanta resume her work in this house ?
This woman Shanta ji , from an unknown family , a total stranger , came to my life 40 years back and became a major factor for unity and strength in this household. For me she knitted a compact circle of relatives and well wishers and nurtured this field with her attention , affection and care .
Does a wife become mother finally ? I believe so .

She had been looking after me like my mother Raajrani . Cooking for me, washing my clothes , looking after me in my sickness and then standing like a rock to protect me from any Emotional onslaught.

If Sanjay has decided to come all the way from Canada , it is because of the sanskaars which his mother passed on to him. What lay there in me for him to get inspired ? I have possibly been careless to my family . Wasn’t I more bothered about my office and bosses ? O God ! How mean of me . ”
His mind was in a great whirlpool of thoughts. These thoughts kept flooding his mind . He felt restless but did not feel like smoking .

“ let this flood wash me fresh . Let this tide sweep my being .I should not suppress it by smoking .” he thought this as he opened the door of the refrigerator to drink water .

He then tiptoed to his bed room to close the door that had been kept open . Bengaashi was snoring while his brother in law was in deep sleep .

“ Doesn’t he get disturbed ? Does familiar noise work like soft jingle bells that could lull you to sleep ? He must have slept first and thereafter Bengaashi must have started snoring . This man is careless about this sister of mine . I am told that this snoring is medically treatable . There must be some cause for this condition . O! Why do I think on these issues at this moment ? For me , there are thousands of issues that shall surface as more critical now . “

Thinking so ,he felt confused .

Outside his house , nothing but dead silence prevailed . A stray Dog bark or a distant vehicle horn tore the stillness of this unusual night for Pran Nath . It was 1 o’clock now. This was the time when Shanta ji would generally get up from her sleep to have a glass of water. She would invariably pull up the white sheet over Pran Nath’s body so as to cover it completely. Pran Nath had a bad habit of changing poses in sleep and inadvertently throwing the white sheet away from his body. She would also adjust the Fan regulator keeping it one step below the top speed at that time of the night. Some times she would say to her husband ..

“ Treish Maa Tcheiyiv ? Would you like to have water ?”

Feeling restless ,Pran Nath went inside the kitchen and saw that Shanta ji had kept two vegetable Bowls near the Microwave . She had cooked Bamatchoonth Ta Waangun (Brinjals and Quince fruit ) and Daal Nadur ( Moong Dal with Lotus stems ) . The knob of the rice cooker had come to warm position automatically after the rice got well cooked inside . He switched off the power supply and kept the vegetable bowls inside the refrigerator. He was undecided as to how he should deal with the cooked rice at that moment .

Thereafter he went to the roof top and found that the water in the overhead supply tanks was almost at bottom level.

“ We need the water in the house . Many people are likely to visit wash rooms tomorrow. I must lift it this very moment from the underground storage tank. This electric supply is also not reliable in Jammu . And then this Electric Motor is so noiseless and powerful . Just 45 Minutes more and i shall take some rest ” He said to himself.

As he stood on the roof watching the water filling the upper supply tank, he looked at the small Chinar tree that shanta ji had planted in their lawn. The tree had poor growth but looked pretty green and magnificent . Such trees may survive in alien lands but they grow and flourish in their native areas only .Shanta Ji knew this simple fact but she was fond of these Chinar trees. She had paid three hundred rupees to the gardener for this Chinar sapling. The Guava tree was full of ripe Guavas . The marigolds in the flower beds below looked sullen in moonlight .Shanta ji would be after the their Gardener for proper care and of flower beds .Though the Gardener’s salary was just 200 rupees per month , he took about 600 rupees extra every month from Shanta ji for the flower saplings , Manures and insect sprays that he got for the lawn . Every day Shanta ji would pluck three or four Marigold flowers for her morning Pooja.

“ Shall this chinar , Guava tree and these marigold flowers Go waste now ?Unlike the wild vegetation, these Garden plants grow under the care and attention of a human being only ? ”

After coming down from the roof top, Pran Nath opened the drawer of the Lobby Almirah to look for the family Album for a suitable photograph of Shanta ji. He also decided to prepare a draft of the Obituary intimation to be got published in the News paper .As he leafed through the album pages , every photograph came alive with connected event . Shanta ji as bride, Birth of sanjay , Sanjay’s Yageopavit , sanjay's marriage , Shanta Ji Dancing in Sanjay’s Mehndiraat , Shanta Ji with sanjay’s family and So many marriages of close relations that Shanta ji had attended . This Album leafing had some relieving effect on him.

When he got up , it was 4.30 AM . Life had just woken up in Jammu . The vegetable sellers had started carrying their loads to the wholesale Mandis of the city . Horse driven Carts, Pickup Vans , Auto rickshaws were speeding through the well lit vacant roads . For him , it was a different morning. Noiseless and silent . But very shortly , the noise of the Mourners was about to crack the stillness of his house . He was restless but had to wait .
( ……. continued … )

( Autar Mota )



At 8 AM Shanta ji’s brother and his wife arrived from Delhi . They declared their presence by Mournful Shrieks the moment they stepped inside Pran Nath’s the house . Bengaashi moved forward to console Sheela ( wife of Shanta Ji’s brother ). Shanta Ji’s Brother also cried ,

“ Ye kossa Traeth Peyyii Aessi ? Why has this lightning struck us ?”

While Pran Nath was narrating to them how suddenly it all happened , kaanta and her son arrived and hurried towards the Kitchen. Bengaashi guided them as to how and what they should do . Bengaashi also advised Pran Nath to take his bath and sit in the room prepared for the Male mourners who were expected to pour in shortly . She also gave similar advice to Shanta ji’s brother and his wife sheela .

Groups of mourners kept visiting Pran Nath right from the morning to express their condolences . Relatives , Neighbours , Friends and acquaintances poured into the rooms prepared for mourners . Male Shoes and ladies sandals kept outside at the room entry directed the mourners to respective rooms . The mourners would Sit in silence for some time and then pick up some communication threads .

Ram Krishen also sat close by for the whole day . Many times , he would give his final Punch lines in these discussions. …

“ Yi Guv Mahraa Mahaa Kaal . Baakaai Gayyii Bahaan’a . Vaenn Chha Heimatt Heann.Yi Chhuv Na Vuchhaan Raathh Ha Saa ardaah Vuhur Jawaan Guvv Matadoruss Tal . Garrie draav Tutionuss.Traeth Tchheinin Maaliss ta Maaejji “

“ This is Mahaa-kaal sir .The rest are causes . Now one has to be courageous. Don’t you know yesterday’s Matador accident that killed a young boy of 18 years. The poor boy had gone for his Tuition classes . See what a tragedy befell his parents “

Some times one could misunderstand these mourners . They behaved more like gossip mongers than real sympathizers .Once a mourner settled with initial expression of sorrow and sympathy , he would not hesitate to start a discussion on current Political situation or newspaper headlines .One by one these mourners would seek permission to leave while others kept entering . Some went closer to Pran Nath seeking to know if he needed any specific help. Some sought to know the date and place for performing of 10th Day ritual .

Kaanta”s son kept serving cold water and Rooh Afza drinks to all .Two Pedestal fans were also placed inside the rooms to keep them airy and cool.

It was 2 PM now and the mourners had left leaving Pran Nath’s family alone. Bengaashi immediately asked kaanta to start serving lunch . She told her ,

“ Balaai lajjiss Baisahabuss (Pran Nath ) Yu Chhu Raata Pyaathaa Faakaai . Zinda Zuvuss chhaa Kenh Vaataanaavun. Karivv Jal jal. Pakaan Aasun “

“ It pains me to see Baisahab ( Pran Nath ). He has not eaten anything since yesterday. To Live something has to be eaten . Finish up with this lunch business now . People must be coming ’

Reluctantly , everybody ate simple Rice and Daal that Kaanta had prepared after washing all the utensils and collecting fresh water from the PHE supply tap.

Ram Krishen also went to his house nearby to have lunch with his family .After he returned , he found Pran Nath fast asleep in the room. Pran Nath had probably felt a little comfortable with the food that he had after almost 24 hours .Ram Krishen did not disturb him but went to lobby where other family members were taking their meals while Kaanta and her son were serving them . Ram Krishen then turned towards Bengaashi ,

“ What are the children doing ?”

“ Seema ( Daughter) is married and settled in London while Abhishek ( Son ) is serving in IBM Bangaluru . Now my worry is only His marriage and then we plan to go to Haridwar . We have bought a one room Flat over there. It is exactly on the banks of river Ganga . May be just 2 kms away from Har Ki Pauri “

“ What are your children doing ?”

“ I have already married my Daughter and she is settled in Ghaziabad with her husband who is Manager in a Private company . They have a parental house and he is the only child . Sonu , my son has completed BE from Pune and was serving with TCS at Mumbai. He resigned from the job and has appeared in some competitive Examination . These children know better what they have to do. He says that he has to do some Masters . I do not know what is that .His mother is so happy to see him around . Left to me , I would like him to take up some employment in the State Government or go for KAS so that he could remain nearby .His mother is a sugar patient and I have also retired now . I would like him to get married as early as possible and settle with his own family. This house and this New car that I bought can at least be put to some use if he is around. He does not discuss his future career nor do I insist . I am happy that he is with us . ”

“ Very Social and affectionate like his father . He has come three four times since morning for help and support to us “ Added Bengaashi .

Some male mourners then entered the room. Ram krishen rushed to awaken Pran Nath.It was hot and Humid . Bengaashi asked kaanta to serve the mourners cold water and Rooh Afza Drinks .Thereafter she advised Kaanta and her son to eat while she went to the room where lady mourners were expected to arrive .

The lady mourners had a different method of expressing their grief. Some wept , others cried loudly some just took out their Handkerchiefs and started wiping their dry eyes and sighing and making sad facial expressions . They discussed Lakshmi and her parents who resided in Singapore .
Some ladies said,

“ Lakshmi should have come with her husband . After all Shanta ji was her mother in law .”

Some women also discussed the mode , method and suitable day for Chhallun (washing clothes after death in the family ) , Hontch ( Ashotch or uncleanness created by death ) , Punn-Daav ( Symbolic Thread to be tied to ears by ladies after death in the family ) , Ritch Vaar ( Good day during mourning period ), Teel Dyunn ( Deep Daan ritual after death in the family ), Maasvaar ( Monthly ritual after the death ) , Shadd’moss ( six monthly ritual after the death ),
Tarpan Ritual and so many other rituals of Kashmiri
Pandits .

As and when any close relation of the would enter the ladies room , the women in mourning would start symbolic expression of grief till the incoming mourner settled down .
The rooms were busy with mourners for the full day . Pran Nath had no time to go to washroom or toilet. The unending stream of mourners kept him tied to a place in the room for almost full day .
Next day there was a crowd of mourners . People expected Sanjay to arrive and Samskaara to be performed . That made everyone to visit the family. Men had to sit outside open chairs as the room for male mourners was packed to capacity .

It was at 1 PM next day when Pran Nath received a call from Sanjay . Sanjay had reached Delhi and was waiting to board his Jammu flight . After sanjay ‘s call. Pran Nath received a call from Sushil Mahajan . Sushil probably had a detailed discussion with Sanjay the moment he landed in Delhi .

“ Daddy ji , Sanjay shall be in the house at 4.45 PM maximum. So you be prepared for that . I am coming at 4.00 PM along with the body and Shastri Ji . We shall be performing Anteshti ( Cremation ) Samaskaara by Vedic method as Sanjay shall be here only for five days .I have also talked to Shastri Ji from Arya Samaj. My brother shall be bringing him to your house at about 3 PM along with all the requisite SAMAGRI ( items needed for the Cremation). He shall also bring loose Fresh flowers and some garlands . You just get the Wooden Bier collected from the Cremation Ground near your house . Leave the rest to me. I also need to speak to Your neighbor Ram krishen Ji, if possible.”

Ram krishen also spoke to Sushil Mahajan and carefully listened to all that he said. The moment he dropped Sushil Mahajan’s call , he turned to Pran nath ,

“ So we are not performing the final Samskaara by Sanatan Dharma way or by Our age old customs . He has already decided to conduct the cremation by Arya Samaj way. Just Four days and all is over . He will do Cremation today followed by immersion of ashes tomorrow and then a Hawan and Shanti Paath on fourth day. That is all. No Pind Daan rituals . No Shraada . No 10th day , 11th day and 12th day . What about the Maasvaars and other rituals? Will her soul get peace and liberation by these short cuts ? How time has changed for us . Now we are going for the Uthaala and Rasam Pagri . So let me go to the temple and get the Bier. “

It was sharp 3 PM when Sushil Mahajan’s brother brought Shastri ji from Arya Samaj along with the requisite Samagri ( items needed for cremation ) and flowers . Ram krishen had already brought the Bier and out of sheer curiosity, he opened the SAMAGRI bag. He was surprised to find a Desi ghee tin of 5 kgs along with about 1 Kg of sandal wood sticks and dry fruits .Before he could say anything , Shastri Ji from Arya Samaj requested  every body present to come closer and listen to him just for five minutes. And then Shastri ji said,

“ Have you decided to perform Anteshti by Arya Samaj method ? There should be no controversy or doubt over it as most of the kashmiri Pandits think that the Samaskaara ( Ritual ) performed by Arya Samaj Methd is not as per Sanatan Dharma and as such have some misgivings about it .I need to clarify this to all of you so that you understand things in proper perspective.
As per our ancient Texts or Vedas we need to perform 16 Samaskaaras . These arte GARBHDAAN ( performed for the continuation of human race on the planet ), PUNSAVAN ( performed after Pregnancy for the physical growth of the child), SIMANTONNAYAN ( performed after 6th months of pregnancy for the mental growth of the child ), JATKARAM ( performed to welcome the child to the family), NAMKARAN ( performed to give the child a suitable name ), NISHAKARMAN( performed when the child is of four months . The child is taken out Ji of the house and given exposure to nature ) , ANNA PRAASHAN ( offering first solid food to the child ), MUNDAN ( shaving the head of the child ), KARNAVEDH (Piercing lower ear lobes of the child ), UPANAYAN ( Yageopavit or janew or sacred thread ceremony ), VIDYA AARAMBH ( starting the education of the child ) SAMAVARTAN ( preparing the child to shoulder responsibility independently ), VIVAAH ( marriage ), VAANPRASTH( passing on family responsibility to children . this is done after the age of fifty ), SANYAASA ( withdrawing from family life and shifting to self realization and meditation) and finally ANTESHTI ( The last and final samaskaara performed at death )
ANTESHTI is the last and most important Samaskaara performed so that the five elements that this Human body is composed of return to their origin while the soul remains immortal.
Our Vedic Samaj believes in performing the cremation in a proper way like a HOMA to purify any impurity created by the death . That is why we use pure Items like GHEE and SANDAL WOOD . Many kashmiri pundits are surprised when I perform Anteshti by Vedic way. We Arya samajis collect the ashes next day for immersion in a river . This is followed by a HOMA on fourth day inside the house wherein  VEDIC Mantras are recited . Nothing after the Shanti-Paath is over. You may feed poor and destitute on that day and start your normal activity . We do not perform Pinda Daan etc. But Arya Samaj believes that if some one meant so much to us , We should not forget him altogether . Accordingly , once in a year , a day is reserved for the ancestors and a Homa is again performed on that day with recitation of VEDIC Mantras . Arya samaaj believes in cherishing the memory of the deceased rather than suffering in his memory both physically and financially . This is how our saints and sages performed the final Samaskaara . Why are kashmiri Pundits not accepting it when their society direly needs it. They are scattered all over within the country and outside it as well. Even one family is scattered . Children do not live with their parents . Your children rush from various corners of the globe for this final Samaskaara . Can they leave their work for 15 days ? I am not against the way you do your rituals . After all these are being done as per SANTAN DHARMA .But this method of performing rituals will vanish with this generation. So do you agree to my performing the ANTESHTI by Arya samaj way over here ?”

Every one was impressed with this lecture of Shastri ji. Pran Nath nodded his head in agreement.. Ram Krishen was silent .Ladies started side talks and then Shastri ji , sushil Mahajan’s brother and Ram krishen started decorating the funeral Bier with flowers and garlands .

Sushil Mahajan brought Shanta ji’s body from the Mortuary exactly at 4 PM and left for Air port to receive Sanjay.

Shanta ji’s body lay Stiff , cold and pale .The ladies gave it a bath with lukewarm water and kept reciting the Sanskrit shloka ..

“ Khshantavyo Meparaadha . Shiv Shiv Shiv Bho , Shri Mahadev Shambho “

Thereafter the women put the coffin over Shanta ji’s body after closing all the exit points like ears , nose , mouth , eyes and Urine and excreta etc .Bengaashi kept one golden finger ring with the body and removed rest of the gold ornaments delivering them to Pran Nath .
Sanjay and Sushil arrived at 5 PM. The August sun was still hot and humid . Sanjay was Under jetlag but kept erect and calm. He touched his mother’s feet and bowed in silence and moved away allowing shastri ji to finish .That was all he did. Ram krishen expected him weep or burst in emotions. At that moment ,Pran Nath felt tired and was possibly thinking

“Does death disconnect ? Is human relation linked with mind and not the Body ? Obviously A mind that no longer exists has no relations or links whatsoever .To reconnect with body alone is to invite terror and fright .”

Pran Nath ,Sheela and Bengaashi put a shawl over the Bier carrying Shanta ji . Pran Nath also put a shawl over the Bier that Ram Krishen had purchased and handed over confidentially to Bengaashi.

As they decided to lift the Bier ,Ram Krishen intervened and said ,

“ Shastri ji , Wait for 10 minutes . Let us perform the final Vishnu Astuti before we depart for cremation “

And then Ram Krishen made every one to recite Vishnu Astuti in sanskrit. Together they recited
“ jai Naryan Jai Purshotam
Jai Vaaman Kanssaare…
Udhar Maamsuresh Vinaashan
Patitoham Sansaare…
Goram Harmum narakiripo
keshav Kalmash Bhaaram
Maan Anukampaya Deenam Anaatham,
………….. Kuru Bhav Saagar Paaram ..
…………..Kuru Bhav Saagar Paaram“

Next day , A Notice in the newspaper informed every relation and family friends in Jammu about the Shanti Paath on 4th day .After the Shanti Paath was over , Sanjay had some time to talk to his father .

“ What do you plan daddy Now ? Are you satisfied with this Arya samaj ritual ? In case not , I have no issue if you go for 10th day and all other rituals but I have to leave day after tomorrow. I have some official commitments that need my presence . I shall be immediately transferring about 3000 Canadian Dollars which is about 1.50 Lakh Indian rupees in your account that you may need .Apart from that ,I would be happy to see you with us in Canada as soon as you can manage. I shall be worried about your welfare now. I have also told Sushil Mahajan for a Cashless Medical Insurance policy for you. He will himself do it and you need not pay him. I shall settle myself. That is very important. Please stop driving this Scooter now . Drive car only . Your reflexes are not as sharp as they used to be when we were kids and then this two wheeler is always risky. You must keep your activity schedule . I believe this woman Kaanta is ideal support . Let her continue . I shall fix up wither for cooking your Lunch and breakfast . Even if she charges 4000 rupees  per month , we have to go in for that . I may send you monthly about 400 Canadian dollars which is about 20000 Indian rupees . I believe that is fine . Bengaashi is also here and I think things shall get managed for some time . But I want you to come over to Canada finally.”

Pran Nath felt relieved with these words of affection and care . For the first time in his life , his son had talked so intimately with genuine concern . Ram krishen’s eyes were moist He felt like weeping. 

He felt like smoking at that moment . To himself he said ,

“These human Tears are a strange phenomenon. They trickle down more with sudden happiness than pain or grief . And how strange , this sudden happiness makes you to weep and smile at the same moment . “

About three months after Sanjay had left for Canada , I visited Pran Nath’s House with a prospective Tenant who was a Bank officer. Pran Nath had requested me for getting a suitable tenant ( for his house ) who would execute a lease agreement and who had a transferable government Job. I found Ram krishen in the house and he appeared in low spirits . He was perhaps discussing something serious with Pran Nath . Looking at me , he decided to leave and sought permission from Pran Nath . 

When he left , Pran Nath turned to me and said ,

“ Don’t you know Autar Ji what has happened ?

“ What has happened  ?”I said

“ This poor Ram Krishen also faces my fate now. His son Sonu left for Sweden in September . Sonu had cleared GRE with a very good rank and accordingly got admission in Masters course for two years on hundred Percent scholarship. This sudden development has totally unnerved poor Ram krishen . He was asking for Telephone Number of Arya Samaj Shastri Ji. He wants to write a will and mention Shastri ji as executor of the will . He is very serious to ensure that his FINAL SAMASKAARA is performed by Arya Samaaj Method only . ”

(……….. Concluded … Autar Mota )

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His  name was Manamadurai Balakrishna Sreenivasan . MBS as he was popularly known , was a doyen of Malayalam and Tamil cinema Music .
 Born in a  well off Brahmin family , he was a staunch Marxist and a leader of Communist party of India. He had a fantastic command over English that made him to move to Delhi and  work as private secretary to Veteran Communist leader A K Gopalan . Music was in his blood apart from being attracted towards Theatre (IPTA).

MBS  had enormous knowledge of Carnatic, Hindustani and Western music and  in 1959, he took to music as a profession . In 1970,  He founded the Madras Youth Choir . Through this platform , he kept composing songs of Tagore, Subramanya Bharathi, Iqbal, Vallathol etc. that spoke of patriotism, National integration, environment protection ,and upholding of social values etc.
                                          ( MBS being Honoured By President Of India )
                                     ( MBS and his MADRAS  CHOIR  with Smt. Indira Gandhi )
He scored music for so many successful Malayali and Tamil films and  worked with all  well known film makers in south  that include  Adoor Gopalakrishnan, MT Vasudevan Nair, Hariharan, K.G. George, Mohan, Lenin Rajendran etc.

MBS leaves behind millions of fans world over .Most of the film Musicians in south have either been trained directly or indirectly by MBS or his choir Groups   or have been influenced by his music. Many  prominent singers have sung songs based on his tunes and compositions .These include S Janki,Shanta P.Nair, kavita krishnamurty , Usha Uthup And P jayachandran.

He was a member of Sangeet Natak Academy and Central Censor Board and introduced many new singer including Yesudas to Films .

While in Delhi , MBS came closer to Dr. Saif Ud Din Kitchloo' , a kashmiri Nationalist leader ( Hero of jalianwala Bagh Tragedy) from Amritsar.  Dr. Kitchloo , who opposed the Two Nation theory and left no stone unturned to oppose it in  all platforms /meetings  within the Congress party. He  was General secretary of Congress party once and also headed its  Punjab unit  before partition. After 1947, he shifted to Delhi and Later  associated himself  with Communist party of India resigning from Indian National Congress . In fact  Dr. Kitchloo is the unsung Indian leader and architect of Indo Soviet Friendship. Post partition , He did all the spadework to bring India and Russia closer . For this he kept visiting Russia and later received Lenin Peace prize from the Russians .He  had studied at Cambridge and Germany.
Dr.Kitchloo  died in 1963 .

MBS and ZAHIDA (daughter of saif Ud Din Kitchloo) fell in love . Both were artistic in temperament . Both were Communists by belief and ideology . Both loved music and above all  this relation had blessings of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and ZAHIDA’s father as well.They proved to be real soul mates  and lived  a happy married life. A highly talented son was also born to them whom they named KABIR. Unfortunately KABIR  also died in 2009 .

After MBS died of a massive heart attack in 1988 , ZAHIDA looked after his work and institutions . She was a respected woman in entire film and Literary circle of south India .

 Adoor Gopalakrishnan wrote the finest ever obituary on the death of MBS paying glowing tributes to ZAHIDA in supporting and helping the super creative MBS in all spheres of his life. ZAHIDA died in 2002.”

And who was Saif Ud Din Kitchloo( 1988-1963 ).. I quote from an interview of  Dr. Kitchloo..

” We belong to Baramulla in Kashmir. Prakash Ram Kitchloo , our ancestor embraced Islam and later my grandfather shifted permanently to Amritsar and started his saffron and Pashmina shawl Business. I am a proud kashmiri.I remember so many kashmiri Muslims living happily in Amritsar before 1947. My wife was from Manto family of Amritsar and her father was a Successful lawyer .We were very close to Mattoo family of Amritsar . Mattoos were well off pundits who lived in Amritsar . Together with Hindus and Sikhs of Punjab , we fought the British rule. So many satyagrahas , so many strikes , so many agitations that we led in Amritsar against the British Raj. I remember my comrade Dr Satyapal, Mahasha Rattan Chand, Chaudhari Bagga and the Rowllat Act agitation . I remember how Nehru , Myself , Master Tara Singh ., Satguru Partap singh , Habib Ur Rehman Ludhianavi jointly unfurled the National Flag on Ravi Banks in 1931 and how secretly we arrived in Lahore. A period of about 14 years in the prison  for fighting the British Raj.Setting up of Swaraj Bhawan at Amritsar and   Jamia Milia Islamia university at Delhi . And above all my mind is flooded with memories of close association with Mahatma Gandhi.”

(Autar Mota )

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( Photo clicked  by Kusum Mota, July 2015 at Obud Bali,  Indonesia  ) 

To My  Latest Black and white photograph  ,I add my kashmiri poem..

(Ya Saen Zindagi)

Ya Saen Zindagi chha zunn,
Shoraeib seanz kolaai.
Na Baa't kaanh
Na kaanh vatchun,
Na raash kenh
Na kaanh Natchun.
Kathhunn chha mohtaaj Aeiss,
Ratithh chha Looka'laaj Aeiss,
Dohaai Su shaam pae't ma Prae'tchh
Vuchh daggun ta neeil'a Daag.
Dohaai magar rachhithh thhaa'vien
Ma'dhier Mà'dhier ta mei'th Khwaab.
Gaash pho'll ta burr mutchur
Burr mutchur ta Raa't Ma'eish.
Tche vunn ta paai Pa'taa Panun
Ba Haei'rr hyaathh khasaai totuuyi,
Hallum Barithh sawaal Chhaemm
Jawaab Ro'ss Azaab Chhum
Azaab Chhum
Azaab Chhum..

(Autar Mota)

My simple English rendering goes as under...
(This life of ours)

This life of ours ,
Behaves like a poor drunkard's wife.
Sings no song no rhyme for us,
The ballet it plays,
Neither Enthuses nor excites any more.
Like condemned,
We yearn around for a word,
Some communication,
Yet keep nurturing its ethics and stateliness.
Ask not the night's story,
The story of mauling ,beating chests
And these deep blue bruises on our skin.
Ask not this daily hiding,
shielding sugary and engaging dreams
From Life's assaults.
This daybreak and sunlight,
A time for the outer world to turn alive ,
And for us ,
a time to open the door
Just to forget previous night's torment.
Tell me your whereabouts My reliever,
I shall come up any flight of steps,
This apparel of mine
Now lies full with unanswered riddles,
With no solution in sight,
I go in pain O reliever,
In pain O reliever,
I go in pain..

(Aûtar Mota)

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                                                  ( The Maestro with Lata Mangeshkar  )
                                                           ( With Mohd Rafi )




Madan Mohan ( 1924-1975 ) was born in Iraqi Kurdistaan where his father ,Rai Bahadur Chuni Lal Kohli served in a very senior position  with Peshmargha ( Kurdish Police ). Rai Bahadur Chuni Lal hailed from village Chakwal inJhelum District of undivided Punjab .
After Iraq won independence from British rule, Rai Bahadur Chuni lal Kohli was given the option to either take Iraqi nationality or quit his job . He opted to quit his job and returned to Chakwal  , his ancestral village .Later he  moved to Bombay and became a partner  in Bombay Talkies ( owned by Himanshu Rai ) and later  Filmistan ( Founded by Shashadhar Mukherje ) . After sometime , the entire family shifted to Bombay .
 During my posting at Amritsar , I came to know many things good things  about Madan Mohan and his close relations FROM Amritsar.
Madan Ji had married Sheila Dhingra , niece of  revolutionary freedom fighter Madan lal Dhingra ( 1883-1909 ) through an arranged marriage . This Dhingra family was well settled in Amritsar and  owned many houses in Katra Sher Singh ( Old city )  and some Bunglows on GT Road ( Newer and outer Part of the city ) .Madan Lal Dhingra’s father ( Dr Ditta Mal Dhingra ) was a well known  and widely respected Civil Surgeon of Amritsar .

Madan Mohan was an affectionate father , Dutiful husband , caring son , loving brother and a warm hearted friend . Every function in his house was a great celebration with his family , close relatives and friends . You could never miss Shanta Mahindroo ( his sister) and her family, Talat Mehmood and his wife, Om Prakash , Madan Puri ,David, his immediate neighbors and so many friends . His mother Bhagwanti Devi, wife Shiela and brother Prakash Kohli acted as Hosts and served guests .

Remebering his father , Sanjeev kohli (Madan ji's eldest son ) adds ,

"One of my most memorable experiences as a child was when he suddenly told me that he wanted me to take a week off from school and go with him on a holiday - I think it was in the late 60's, when I was in my teens, and he probably felt that he needed to bond with his growing son. We went to Pune and Mahableshwar with him driving the car - just the two of us! We walked, we talked, played games, and ate all our favourite meals at the best of places - he even taught me how to row a boat on this trip.
Of course, the composer in him always peeped through - in the most uncanny moments, I remember him suddenly humming away - whether it was in the swimming pool with us or even in a hotel lobby - of course it was a new tune striking him, which he had no means of recording at that point in time. To us children then, what appeared strange is now clearly the genesis of one of his great songs.
I also remember great evenings spent at our residence with his colleagues - most often, Chetan Anand, Priya, Kaifi Azmi, at other times Rajinder Krishan and Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, and of course, Lataji - he would cook for them and play them a song he had recorded earlier in the day, while we children, way past our bedtime, would sit outside the room and listen.
What made him stand out from his other colleagues was his very western personality. While he was totally an Indian at heart, and of course at music, his command over the English language was amazing. He was indeed a sahib among his colleagues, in his demeanour, the clothes he wore and his knowledge of global affairs. "

Joining as emergency commissioned officer ( In 1943 ) in Artillery Division of the ARMY , he left it after two years to join AIR Lucknow as Program Assistant in 1946 .In Lucknow AIR , he interacted with great  legends of Hindustani  classical music that  including Ali Akbar Khan, Abdul Wahid Khan, Pandit Ram Narain, Vilayat Khan, Roshanara Begum, Talat Mehmood , Fayyaz Khan, ustaad Barkat Ali Khan and Begum Akhtar .He was soon transferred to Delhi but he found it a Dull station and resigned in 1947 and  moved to Mumbai  to work as full time professional singer . He recorded Some private Albums and also sang for some films when S D Burman engaged him as his assistant.
 During the period of this struggle , he also acted in some films like Shaheed (1948), Ansoo (1953) and Munimji (1954). PARDA, His first film as a hero was shelved due to some problems even when some reels were shot by the production house .
 Like an Army officer  , He was always tidy and well dressed. Fond of  Good clothes and  Good food ,  his other interests were  Body Building , Ball Room Dancing, Tennis ,Swimming, Boating and Cricket. He read Newspapers and Magazines  and kept himself updated and informed about anything and everything around.
Madan Ji loved typical Punjabi food especially Non vegetarian ; Home made dishes like   Masala Bhindi, Saag meat, Rajmaah, Khata Meat,  Maha Daal ( With Desi Ghee tadkaa ) and Kadi Chawal   remained his favourite.

Remembering her Husband ,  Mrs Shiela Kohli ( His wife) once said ,

“ He was a family man and gave lot of time and attention to his family. He was the most compassionate Husband, son , Father and a friend one can expect in this world. Sometimes , he would cook some special dish for the family. Cooking was another hobby with him. He was always engrossed in music. At times, he got up in the middle of the night and started composing some tune on Harmonium . That tune possibly flashed in his mind at that moment. This also happened while he was driving the car. He would suddenly stop and start writing some lyric on a piece of paper that he kept in his pocket. “

About Madan Mohan , Lata ji  has said ,

“I have always said that he was one of the finest composers that India has ever produced and had a unique style. I have had the privilege of working with almost every composer in the last six decades, and each has contributed so much to my repertoire with their genius.
Though I have sung more songs with other composers, my number of hits with Madan Bhaiya are numerous. People say that I added something special in his songs - I do not know whether this happened consciously. Maybe it happened because of our personal rapport and affection for each other, our mutual respect for each others work, and maybe because of the perfect tuning we had and the fact that he was able to find nuances in my voice and rendition that he intuitively understood. He created such beautiful melodies for me that were always challenging, and I had to be at my best.
He would always say that he composed a tune only with me in mind and always had some 'jagahs' conceived with my voice modulation in mind. It was thus always challenging to live up to his expectations and the pleasure on his face after a recording would always give me a lot of satisfaction.
It is impossible for me to list my favorite songs of Madan Bhaiya - there have been many albums in which I have presented some of them, but I always feel I sometimes miss out the less heard ones. Of course, some of our most popular songs have been 'Bairan Neend Na Aaye', 'Yun Hasraton Ke Dagh', 'Hum Pyaar Mein Jalnewalon Ko', 'Nagma-O-Sher Ki Saugat', 'Woh Chup Rahen To', 'Sapne Mein Sajan Se', 'Lag Ja Gale Se', 'Nainon Mein Badra Chhaye', 'Zara Si Aahat', and many others.
Ghazals of course, were his forte, but his talent was not limited to ghazals alone. He has composed some memorable folk-based songs, qawwalis, as well as romantic songs sung by me and other artistes, and of course his classical and semi-classical songs.”

His first independent assignment as music director was in 1950 ( AANKHEIN )

When DASTAK was Released in 1970, It re-established MADAN MOHAN as the most versatile film Musician with in depth knowledge of Hindustani  classical music. The songs “Baiyaan Naa Dharo”,   “Mai Ri Main Kaase Kahoon “ and” “Hum Hain Mataay-e-Kuchao” fetched him the National Award for best music direction for that year.
Pandit Ravi Shanker had highly appreciated his composition “Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho” for its fantastic variations in Tempo, notes and Rhythm .
About his composition " Bhaiyaan na dharo ",Gazal Maestro Ghulam Ali once said
" Dil kartaa hai buss yeh gaata Hi rahuun.Kyaa kamaal ki composition hai? Kahaan gaye aissey composer?"

About his composition “ Mai  to Tum sang Nain Milaa ke Haar gayii sajnaa “ Begum Akhtar has said ,
“ In Bolon mein eik Aurat apne pyaar mein Haar ki yaani shikast ki baat kar Rahi hai . Lekin Madan Bhai ne Kyaa Dhun Banaayi hai . Kyaa kamaal ki composition hai .Haar ki baat mein Mithaas bhar diyaa hai. Lajawaab Madan Bhai , Tumhe Meri Bhi Umar Lag Jaaye. Jeete Raho “
And so much was Begum sahiba enamored with Madan Mohan’s composition “ Qadhar Jaane naa Mora Baalam Bedardi “ when she first heard it that  she  immediately telephoned him requesting him to  sing it over phone to her . And for 18 minutes , Madan Mohan sang  “Qadhar Jaane Naa”  over the telephone .

When Music Director Naushad heard Madan Mohan’s composition “ Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha Pyaar ke qaabil Mujhe “ , he was simply mesmerized . To Madan Mohan he said ,
“ Madan Bhai , Let me have this Ghazal and take all my compositions in return”

In 2004, Madan Mohan’s ’s fallow tunes were used by his son, Sanjeev Kohli, for the Yash Chopra blockbuster Veer-Zaara. The tunes were superbly refreshing even after a lapse of about 30 years.
Once, speaking about the method of his work, he said ,
"In a film where three minutes is all the time given to a song, the foremost requirement of a song is only one thing; it should be capable of capturing the interest of the listeners in a short period and sustaining it in the years to follow".

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan , Lata Mangeshkar , Mohd Rafi and Talat Mehmood were his close family friend .
There is an incident worth mentioning  that relates to recording of the song “NAINON MEIN BADRAA CHHAAYE “  By Madan ji ..
In 1966, when Raj Khosla started his New Project " MERA SAAYA " , he signed the Karachi born sindhi actress SADHANA ( Born 2nd sep, 1941 ) . Unusal for sadhana ‘s image he wanted a classical song to be picturised on her. He put forth this idea to Madan Mohan and requested him to go ahead with a classical composition . Madan ji called Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and Lata ji to his house, Raja was unwell that day. He did not have a pen or his diary with him. But then Raja was Raja .Closing his eyes for 10 minutes Raja said ,

“ Madan Bhai … Naino mein Badraa chhaye 
Bijli si Chamkey haaye .......Chalegaa “
“ Array Bhai … Kyaa baat keh di  … Aagay chalo…..”

Once the song was completed by Raja , Madan Mohan sang it playing the harmonium himself. He asked lata ji to listen . Lata ji in turn asked Raja to make the song ‘s feelings clear to her . Once Raja made the song clear to Lata ji ,she wrote the song lines in her diary and Sang it. Madan ji kept correcting her repeatedly and singing it himself again and again. The perfectionist in him took no chance and  left not even an iota of imperfection in   this composition that turned out to be a master piece later. Unwell, Raja Mehdi Ali khan  sat all along watching Madan Mohan  In peak creative mood.
The final recording of the song was delayed for one reason or the other. Lata ji was over busy while the entire unit kept waiting at lake palace Udaipur for shooting the song . Madan ji had to personally bring Lata ji to recording studio and record the song. In this song , Madan ji introduced pieces from Santoor and sitar played by Pandit shiv Kumar Sharma and Ustaad Rais khan respectively.
Madan ji also composed two more  master pieces like  “JUMKA GIRAA RE “ and “TU JAHAAN JAHAAN CHALEGAA”  for this movie .

 Madan Mohan  was hailed as a GAZAL KING in Film Industry. His Gazal compositions are haunting and the music of the  Ghazas composed by him l  blends with words  .With the use of western instruments , Madan ji brought enormous range in Gazal composition .  Every  Ghazal that he composed , remains  Popular to this day .
                                                      ( With Raja Mehdi Ali Khan )
Madan Mohan and Raja Mehdi Ai Khan combination gave some  superb Songs and Ghazals  to Indian cinema. Started in 1950 , this partnership ended with Raja's death in 1966. Some composition from this duo are ..

(1) Meri Yaad mein Tum Na Aansso Bahaana 
(2) Hai issi Mein Pyaar Ki Aabroo
(3) Rang Birangi raakhi le ke aayi Behna 
(4) Jiya Le gayo ri Mora Saanvariya 
(5) Aapki Nazron ne samjha Pyaar ke qaabil Mujhe 
(6) Woh Dekho Jalaa Ghar Kissi Ka 
(7) Agar Mujh Se Mohabbat hai Mujhe sab apne gham de do 
(8) Mein Nigaahein Teray Chehray se hataaon kaise 
(9) Jo Hum Ne dastaan Apni Sunaayi Aap Kyon Roye 
(10) Lag ja Gale ke phir yeh haseen Raat Ho Na ho 
(11) Chorr kar teray pyaar ka daaman 
(12) Naina barse Rim Jhim  
(13) Teray pass aa Ke Mera waqt Guzar Jaata hai 
(14) Ek Haseen Shaam Ko Dil Mera kho Gayaa 
(15) Kayee din Se jee hai Bekal 
(16) Maine Rang Li Aaj Chunariya sajna Tore Rang Mein 
(18) Tu Jahaan Jahaan Chalega mera saaya saath hoga 
(19) Aap ke pehlu mein Aa kar ro diye 
(20) Teray Bin saawan kaise beeta 

He also  worked with other  poets and film  lyricists that included Rajindra krishen, kaifi Azmi , Majrooh Sultanpri and sahir . There was a project with  Firebrand urdu poet Makhdoom  Mohi Ud Din that did not mature. Madan Mohan  set to tune two popular Ghazals of makhdoom for this project.
 As far as I remember , Madan Mohan and Sahir worked together in three films.( Actulally two only )
(1) Railway Platform 1955
(2) Gazal 1964
(3) Laila Majnu 1976 . (Tunes composed by Madan Mohan before his death were used for the songs of this movie while background score was provided by Jaidev)
“Naghmaa o Sher ki saughaat kisse pesj Karuun “ from Gazal was an instant hit. "Basti Basti Parbat parbat Gaata Jaaye Banjaara “ was again a super hit composition from Railway Platform.And “Koyee pathhar se na maare meray Deewaane ko” was a tune created by Madan Mohan . “
Inspite of the fact that Sahir and Madan Mohan worked together for two films actually, they were great friends . Sahir appreciated his music and Madan ji loved his poetry . They had many things in common. Both were Punjabis . Both loved good food and clothes . Both were highly creative individuals. And finally both loved the bottle.
                                                  ( With  urdu poet and film  Sahir Ludhianavi )
Between 1950 and 1975 , Madan Mohan  composed about 650 film songs . Every composition of this Maestro is evergreen and immortal .“Meri Awaaz Suno “ is a poem written by kaifi Azmi on the Death of Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru. This poem was also composed to a beautiful song by Madan Mohan and used in Sawan Kumar Tak’s movie NAUNIHAAL . In this movie , the song was picturized showing Funeral of Pandit Nehru in a very emotional and touching sequence.
                                         ( Madan Mohan with Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru )
Apart from those discussed above , his below listed compositions also remain my favourite to this day..

(1) Unko yeh shikaayat hai ki hum kuchh Nahin Kehtay
(2) Tu Pyaar kare Ya Thukraaye 
(3) Ho Ke Majboor Mujhe Uss ne Bhulaaya hoga 
(4) Me yeh soch kar uss ke dhar se uthaa thhaa  
(5) Milo Na tum To Hum Ghabraayein
(6) Kaun aayaa meray Mun Ke Dwaare Paayal Ki jhankaar liye
(7) Phir Wahi Shaam ahi Gham Wahi Tanhaayi hai
(8) Humsafar saath apna chorr chale
(9)Tu mere saamne hai Teri zulfein hain khuli
(10)Rehtay thhay Kabhi Jin Ke dil Mein 
(11) Teri Aankhon ke Sivaa Duniyaa Mein Rakha Kyaa hai

 In 2013  Government of India released a commemorative Postal stamp  in his honour.

Madan Mohan Ji had so many friends and well wishers . One such friend happened to be  Late G R Santosh noted Painter  from kashmir  .Adds  Artist and Photographer Shabir Santosh son of late G R Santosh :

“I had the privilege of watching the shooting of the song .. "Mai ri me  kaa se kahuun Peerr apne Jiya Ki " from the film Dastak in a Mumbnai   studio along with my father Gulam Rasool Santosh when I was very small and Madan Mohanji had invited was an experience I still cherish..   “                                                             

In 1975, at a young age of 51 , Madan Mohan died of Liver cirrhosis, Putting  lakhs in tears and grief. Where  have such creative composers  gone   ? What we get today  is no match  to what these great masters have left as heritage . Why do Connoisseurs  yearn for Good film Music today ?

  To remember Madan Mohan  ji is a pleasure . It brings so many fond memories of Indian Cinema and his great Songs .

I end this post with four  lines of  Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz  ..

Raat yuun  dil mein teri khoyee huyi yaad aayee
Jaise veeraaney mein chupkey sey bahaar aa jaye
Jaisey sehra on mein ho’lay se chaley baade e naseem
Jaisey beemaar ko Be Wajah  Qaraar aa jaaye

( Last night, your misplaced recollections crawled into my heart
As if  spring  had arrived secretly  into a desolate garden.
As  if  morning breeze was  blowing unhurriedly in a wasteland

As if  an unwell person suddenly felt  healthy for no reason.)

( Autar Mota )

·         For the photographs and some details appearing in this  post  , I remain greatly indebted to the family of  Great Madan Mohan especially to his son Sanjeev Kohli ji.  

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