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( Photo clicked  by Kusum Mota, July 2015 at Obud Bali,  Indonesia  ) 

To My  Latest Black and white photograph  ,I add my kashmiri poem..

(Ya Saen Zindagi)

Ya Saen Zindagi chha zunn,
Shoraeib seanz kolaai.
Na Baa't kaanh
Na kaanh vatchun,
Na raash kenh
Na kaanh Natchun.
Kathhunn chha mohtaaj Aeiss,
Ratithh chha Looka'laaj Aeiss,
Dohaai Su shaam pae't ma Prae'tchh
Vuchh daggun ta neeil'a Daag.
Dohaai magar rachhithh thhaa'vien
Ma'dhier Mà'dhier ta mei'th Khwaab.
Gaash pho'll ta burr mutchur
Burr mutchur ta Raa't Ma'eish.
Tche vunn ta paai Pa'taa Panun
Ba Haei'rr hyaathh khasaai totuuyi,
Hallum Barithh sawaal Chhaemm
Jawaab Ro'ss Azaab Chhum
Azaab Chhum
Azaab Chhum..

(Autar Mota)

My simple English rendering goes as under...
(This life of ours)

This life of ours ,
Behaves like a poor drunkard's wife.
Sings no song no rhyme for us,
The ballet it plays,
Neither Enthuses nor excites any more.
Like condemned,
We yearn around for a word,
Some communication,
Yet keep nurturing its ethics and stateliness.
Ask not the night's story,
The story of mauling ,beating chests
And these deep blue bruises on our skin.
Ask not this daily hiding,
shielding sugary and engaging dreams
From Life's assaults.
This daybreak and sunlight,
A time for the outer world to turn alive ,
And for us ,
a time to open the door
Just to forget previous night's torment.
Tell me your whereabouts My reliever,
I shall come up any flight of steps,
This apparel of mine
Now lies full with unanswered riddles,
With no solution in sight,
I go in pain O reliever,
In pain O reliever,
I go in pain..

(Aûtar Mota)

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