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A Flowers  inside Iqbal Park srinagar kashmir

( Photographs  Autar Mota )

I give kashmiri names of some flowers..

1 Haycinth is Sumbal in kashmiri..

2 German Iris is sosan that grows in graveyards.

3 Self Heal. Is kalavyoth in kashmiri.

4 Amaranth is mawalin kashmiri

5 Iris is Maswal in kashmiri.( Maswal flower has been  Used frequently in kashmiri poetry )

6 Golden Collyrium is Virikyom in kshmiri 

7Guelder Rose is Dastaar Posh

8 Hollyhock is. Sazaposh. in kashmiri.

9 Marigold is Jaaffur. in kashmiri.( Jaffur also finds mention in kashmiri poetry."Poozaai Khaaraan jaaffer Fotiye- Atiye nazar Traav " says sufi poet Samad Mir ) 

10 Convolvulus is Ashaq Pechaan in kashmiri .

11 Narcissus is yemberzal in kashmiri (  The flower declares Spring season in kashmir)

12 Jasmine flower . Hee posh in kashmiri.( Common kashmiri  word Hee-Thar or a branch laden with jasmine flowers )

13 Red Poppy is Gulaal. Looks like a tulip.A wild variety grows in Pampore karewas much 
before saffron crop.Gulaal rang Naadimus chhu shaaran...The couplets of Naadim are red like poppies.
14 Sunflower Is Gule-Akhtaab. in kashmiri.

15 Periwinkle is sadabahaar in kashmiri.

16 Rose is Golaab in kashmiri.

17 Wild Rose is Aarwal in kashmiri.(  Finds repeated mention in kashmiri poetry . Remember Sufi Poet  Samad Mir's popular song " Tan Naar Daez Aarwali ")

Some flowers inside Badaamvaari Garden of Kashmir
( Photographs .. Autar Mota )


(Autar Mota )

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