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( Photo Autar Mota )

 To this photograph , i add  kashmiri names of some common birds of kashmir..

1  summer Swallow is Kattiejj in kashmiri..

2 Golden Oriole is Poshnool in kashmiri

3 Partridge or Chikkor is kakuvv in Kashmir

4 Pigeon is Kottur in kashmiri

4 Crow is Kaaw in kashmiri. The Mountain or Jungle crow is called Divva Kaav while another wild variety of crow that feeds on carcasses  and is slightly bigger in size  is known as Paantcheil Kaav. This wild variety is seen in higher reaches of Pir Pantchaal hills.

5   Sparrow is Tchaer in kshmiri

6   Blue Heron is Braeg in kashmiri

7   Mynah is Haae’r in kashmiri
8 The grey Goose is Anz in kashmiri

9 Common Teal is Keuss in Kashmiri . I believe the nickname kissu is derived from this bird. It is a migratory bird that arrives in Kashmir in Late August and stays in valley till April.Was seen in large numbers around lakes and ponds .

10  Scavenger Vulture is Graedh in kashmiri.

11Common Pariah kite ( family Eagle ) is Gaa’nth in kashmiri .Picks up young chickens or kokurpoot.Common cry heard often ,'Gaa'nt. Haa Aayi .Kokur tchhunuk murris'Or "There flies down an eagle put the chicken inside the safe place."

12 Cuckoo is Shahkuk in kashmiri

13 Kingfisher is Koll-Toonch in kashmiri. This bird is seen around lakes and ponds .So many in Dal lake  during summers .

14 Parrot is To’ta in kashmiri. A parrot that feeds on unripe fruits in orchards of Kashmir is known as Shogga .

15  Indian Sky Lark is Dedhar in Kashmiri.

16   Ground Thrush is Kumier in Kashmir A Common singing Bird seen near Chinar trees and gardens.Feeds on worms on ground.

17   Bulbul is Bil-bichur in kashmiri
18 Hoopoe is satut in kashmiri .Bumsin Zaani Satut saenz Touff or Only an earth worm knows the sting of a Hoopoe. This bird has a long bill. It is colourful with a crown like feather on its head and white spots on its body.

19  Owl is Raat -Mogul in Kashmiri

20 Turtle Dove is Wun Kukil in kashmiri.

21 Little Grebe is Pin'ditchh in kashmiri. A water bird found in lakes. So many in Dal lake during summer season .Feeding on small fish and insects.

( Autar Mota )

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