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 (Photo Autar Mota )

 To the above photo , I add  kashmiri  names of Some fruits grown in  Kashmir valley  ...

1  Mulberry....... Tuell
2  Raspberry...... Chhanchh
3  vBarberry........ Kaawduchh
4  Redberry......Haapat meawaa.
5  Treil Apple......Treil
6  Musk Melon.....Kharbooz
7  Water Melon.....Heandh-vundh
8  Pomegranate.... Dhaae'n
( Not grown commercially )
9  Walnut......Doon(
(  varieties  grown are kaagazi,Burzul and wonth )
10  Quince....Bama-tchoonth

11  Apple....Tchoonth
( Varieties grown  are  Hazratbali, Razaakvaari, Delicious,Ambri,American Trail, Kulu,Chamura,Golden and Mahaaraji )

12  Almond.....Baadaam
( varieties grown are Burzul or kaagazi and bitter or Tyoth)

13  Peach...Tche'nunn

14  Plum.....Ollu-bukharaa/ Aae’rr

15  Cherry....Gilaas
( Variety  grown are  Makhmali,Double and Mishri. Mishri is the late variety , sweeter and has better shelf life)

 16  Sour  Cherry..Aalitchaa
( Used in Chutheys)

17  Pear...Tungg
( Variety grown are  Naak and Gosha bug)

18  Apricot.... Tcheir
 ( kaashir Or local and  Sweet Bottaa Tcheir or the ladaakh variety)

19  Grapes...Duchh.
(  Commercial crops are not  Grown  in Kashmir . The quality of grapes is also poor )

20   Green Sour Plum ( Prunus mume ) … Gordoul
( used or Chutneys and cooking as vegetable in kshmir )

                                                  ( Green sour Plum  or Gordoul  )

Remenber my sisters going to Zeethyaar shrine in summers and bringing some Gordouls with them . They would pluck this stuff from trees in the adjoining forest .Mother would cook them with potatoes , leesa and other green vegetables . 

I end this post with a poem” The Fruit-Seller's Philosophy ‘ by  my favourite Kurdish Poet  Kajal ( Kejal ) Ahmed ..

(The Fruit-Seller's Philosophy )
by Kejal Ahmad

My friend! You were like an apricot.
At the first bite,
I spat out the core and crux.
My old flame! Sometimes
you're a tangerine,
undressing so spontaneously,
and sometimes you're an apple,
with or without the peel.
You're like a fruit knife.
There's never a time
when you're not
at our dinner table.
But forgive me if I say -
you're a waste of time.
Dear homeland, you're like a lemon.
When you are named,
the world's mouth waters
but I get all goosepimply.
You, stranger!
I'm sure you're a watermelon.
I won't know what you're really like
till I go through you like a knife

( Autar Mota )

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