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                                                             (Cherry tree)

                                                          (Sour Plum or Gor-doul)


 To the above photos, I add  Kashmiri  names of some fruits grown in the  Kashmir valley  ...

Names of fruits grown in the  Kashmir valley.

1 Mulberry is  Tuell in Kashmiri 

2 Raspberry is Chhanchh in Kashmiri 

3 Barberry is Kaawa-duchh

4 Red-berry is Haapat -meawa in Kashmiri.

5 Treil Apple is Treil in Kashmiri.

6 Musk Melon.....Kharbooz

7 WaterMelon is Hendha-vendh in Kashmiri.

8 Almond is Badaam in Kashmiri. Varieties grown are  Kagazi ,Burzul and Tyoth.

9 Walnut is Doon in Kashmiri .( varieties grown are Kaagazi,Burzul and Wonth )

10 Quince is Bama-tsoonth in Kashmiri.

11 Apple is Tsoonth in Kashmiri. ( Varieties grown are Hazratbali,  Razaakvaari, Delicious, Ambri, American Trail, Kulu, Chamura, Golden and Maharaji )

12 Peach is Tse'nunn in Kashmiri. Peach grown in Kashmir is juicy and sweet.

13 Plum is Ollu-bukharaa/ Aae’r in Kashmiri.

14 Green Sour Plum is Gor-doul in Kashmiri (Remember my sisters going to Zeethyaar Shrine on Thursdays  in summer season and bringing some Gordouls with them. They would pluck this stuff from trees in the adjoining forest.  My mother would cook them with potatoes or Leesa . )

15 Pear is Tung in Kashmiri. Popular varieties grown are Naak and  Bubgosha. Unlike apple, the shelf life of Kashmir pear is very low.

16 Apricot is Tser in Kashmiri. Nothing like the apricots grown in Leh. 

17 Cherry is Gilaas in Kashmiri. Varieties grown are Makhmali, Double Gilaas and Mishri. Mishri is sweet and fleshy and much sought after. 

18 Early Richmond or sour Cherry is known as Alecha in Kashmiri. It is dark red and fleshy but sour. It contains many nutrients and beneficial plant compounds compared to sweet cherry. In  Europe and the US , this variety is used for making jams, cakes, pies, cocktails, and even in the occasional savoury dish. However, it is mostly used by Kashmiris to make tasty Chutney. Not grown commercially in Kashmir.

19 Fig is Anjeer in Kashmiri. It is not grown commercially.

20 Grapes are known as Duchh in Kashmiri. Surprisingly, grapes are not commercially grown in Kashmir. The seedless and other sweet varieties sold in the market are imported from Nashik and other places. 

21 The Sweet Chestnut is known as Punjaeb Gour ( Singada ) in Kashmiri. I have seen these trees in Dhaara near Harwan and also near Dachhigaam wild sanctuary. The fruit of this tree has a dark brown shell and a soft sweet mass inside it. The valley also has a wild variety of this fruit known as Horse chestnut or Haan-doon

In 2014, scientists at the Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture (CITH), Rangreth, Srinagar successfully grew olive trees in its farm. In 2015, the Horticulture Department had also grown Kiwi on a trial basis in Kashmir. 

Now Strawberry is also commercially grown at many places in the Kashmir valley. It has created a large demand in the local markets.

Fruits like Papaya, Banana, Orange, Mango, Leechi, Guava,  etc. don't grow in Kashmir. These are imported from different areas of the country.

( Avtar Mota )
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