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BAL KAVI BAIRAGI ( Born 1931 )

Tujhe Aanchal Mein Rakhoongi O Saanvare
Kaali Alkon se Baandhoongi Yeh Paanv re
( Bal Kavi Bairagi )

In 1985 ,I had the privilege of sharing some beautiful moments with this Poet , Journalist , parliamentarian and above all a Great human being . He was on an Official Visit to Kashmir.
Bairagi ji resides in Neemuch where he is also associated with some Educational Institutions .
He has been a teacher , MLA ( 1967-1972), Minister In MP ( 1980-1984 ) and MP Lok Sabha (1984-1989 ) and in 1998 he was nominated to Rajya sabha from MP . His real name is Nandramdas Dwarkadas.
Author of many books( Poetic collections ) and recipient of many awards , Bairagi ji wrote Lyrics for more than 25 Bollywood films . His song " Tu Chanda Me Chaandini , Tu Taruwar mein shaakh re " that he wrote for Sunil Dutt's "Reshma Aur Shera " remains an all time popular song. This song has been sung by Lata ji in her melodious voice.
This world always welcomes the new and newer. When newer things arrive , old is sidelined . People forget what is being abandoned today was close to them yesterday only . Yesterday only, this abandoned was received with all the enthusiasm that is shown to the new arrival today. So why worry ?That is the law of nature . That is the flow . Can we stand against the flow? And after the leaves fall, who looks towards the branch.?
Based on above feelings, he wrote a poem “Jhar gaye paat Bisar Gayii Tehnii “. This is my favorite poem as well. .I quote some lines from this poem…
Jhar Gaye Paat Bisar gayii Tehnii..
Karun Kathhaa Jag se kyaa kehnii
Nav Konpal ke aatay Aatay
Toot Gaye sab ke sab Naatay
Ram Karay iss nav Pallav ko
Parray nahin yeh Peeda sehnii
…………Jhar Gaye Paat Bisar gayii Tehnii.

My simple english rendering of these lines is as under ..

After the leaves fell to the ground ,
The branch was forgotten altogether .
Why tell this story of pity to all ?
By the time the new buds appeared  , 
Every relation around was  cut off. 
O God ! Never be it so ,
These new leaves should not undergo
this pain and suffering…..
( Autar Mota )

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