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                                                     ( A portrait of Anandavardhana )


( A portrait of Acharya Anandavardhana of Kashmir who gave the Theory of Dhvani in Poetics to the world through his book Dhvanyāloka. He was a court poet of King Avantivarman. Dhvanyāloka has been translated into major languages of the world and lately  into French as well)

The credit of presenting a full-fledged picture of the Science of Poetics can be attributed, in a large measure, to Kashmir. Though the fundamentals in Poetics could be traced to works like the Agnipurana and Natya-shastra of Bharata, it is remarkable to note that all aspects of this science are elaborated and discussed in detail by Kashmirian Scholars . Original theories have been suggested and speculations worked out in such a manner that one is tempted to say that the Science of Poetics' in its entirety, is visible only in Kashmir.Even grammatical points which would require attention while discussing the relation between Shabda(word)  and Artha( meaning )  were not lost sight of, though they had no direct connection with the subject. One cannot but be overwhelmed by the fact that almost all the major schools of Indian aesthetics were founded by Kashmiri theoriticians -the Alamkara( adornments or ornamentation ) School by Bhamaha, Riti( style)  School by Vamana, Vaikrokti(deformity ) School by Kuntaka, Dhvani ( sound) School by Anandavardhana and Auchitya( proper placing )  School by Kshemendra.
While  searching  records and manuscripts for my new book ,  I came to know about  Poet Rajanaka  Jaynayaka Bhatta , the writer of Prithvirajvijay. He was  a Kashmiri   who  came to Ajmer by obtaining the asylum in the court of Prithviraj Chauhan .Rajanka  Jaynayaka wrote a historical poem titled Prithvirajvijay, where the victory of Prithviraj Chauhan over Muhammad Ghori in the first Battle of Tarain (1191) was celebrated. Jayanayaka portrays Prithviraj Chauhan  as Sri Rama and his wife as Sita. 

( Avtar Mota )

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