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I have tasted below listed drinks,  Chutneys, pickles ,foods and other specialities of Jammu. You can add more...

(1) Kali Gajjar ( carrot )kanji
(2) Desi Chai ( with sugar and salt) 
(3) Zimmikand da Achaar (Pickle)
(4) Lassuade da Achaar ( Pickle) 
(5)Amlein  da Achaar ( gooseberry pickle) 
(6 ) Garghal da Achaar ( sweet lime Pickle)
(7) Muli di Chutney ( Radish chutney in tamarind)
(8) Auria ( curd , Mustard oil , pumpkin , Fenugreek seeds and mustard powder)
(9)Anaardaane  di chutney ( dry pomegranate)
(10)  Ambien da sasha ( Raw mangoes, pudina ,curd and onion) 
(11) Thothru  ( Refined wheet ,yeast, ghee, curd and mustard oil) 
(12) Suchian ( Loochi of kashmiri pandits )
(13) Maayein da Maadra ( Maash daal speciality with curd, dhania, dalcheeni , ginger and dry fruits)
(14) Guchhi Pulaav 
(15) Kalaadi 
(16) Kaddhu da Ambhal
(17) Sweet Rice ( Meetha Pat) 
 (18)Chocolate Barfi
(19) Pateesa
(21) Khatta Meat 
(22)  Murge da Achaar
(23) Rajmaah ( Bhaderwahi, Marwah or Poonchhi )
(24) Kachaalu
(25)  Katlame 
(26) Kharode 
(27) Malaai Baraf( icecream sold on leaves in summers by vendors) 
(28)  Pugha ( dry coconut, khoya, jaggery , sesame seeds, almonds and bajarbangh)
(29) Kasrod di sabzi 
(30) keyur ( maida ,ghee, salt  and zeera powder etc.)
(31) Timeu di Chattni 
(32) Sund Panjeeri ( dryfruits roasted in Desi ghee with sugar ,suji  and dry ginger)
(33) Makki da doda (corn flour roti )

My friend DK Dogra informs this:-

"Please add Kimb chaat, a favorite of ladies in winters. Kimb is a citrus fruit Citron/Citrus Medica. There is Madra which is a dessert made by boiling dry fruits in milk. The special sundh of Jammu is also a speciality a bit different from Panjeeri. Gulra and Sasrot are two special marriage recipes typical of Jammu." 

(Avtar Mota)

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