Monday, August 31, 2009


Ba Mouji Kenh Ti zanaay na Pooz Chenei,
Kshema Karizeum Agar Manthir Mashiem Kanh.

O Mother! I do not know the art of thy worship,
Forgive me should i forget a Mantra !

( Translation from original kashmiri by A k Mota )

We visited the shrine of Mata Kheer Bhawani at TulaMula on sunday the 23rd of August 2009.Credit goes to J&K government especially JKPCC and Tourism Department for integrated development of this historic shrine .Sh Harshdev Singh Ex minister for education J&k Government had also come to offer Pooja at the shrine .He informed that he is a regular visitor to the shrine since 2003. The water of the spring inside the shrine had sea blue colour . Blue is for peace .let peace prevail everywhere.



Everything in life is dynamic , changing and shifting . The living style , spending style , and dressing style has undergone sea change in Kashmir too . Kashmiris spend a huge portion of their hard earned or disposable income on House Building . To have a good house is to join elite class for social acceptability . Inspite of the nuclear family system making fast inroads in present society , big houses ,much beyond need are built by one and all, Most often by raising loans from Banks . Houses which are difficult to maintain once children settle outside (due to their employment ) continue to be the craze . Scratch the background of most of the good looking buildings in New colonies today , a saga of struggle with Loan EMI repayment exists behind the scene in most of the cases.
One thing that has not undergone any change is the lavish WAZWAN in marriages . As a matter of fact things have deteriorated on this front. Too many dishes , Too much wastage , late eating and extravagance force many families to borrow for these functions to be in social race . WAZWAN as such has become a full fledged industry . Pandits too spend wastefully on post marriage Reception functions and Ghar Achhun .They too spend their hard earned money on meals having a variety of dishes including Rogan Josgh , Yakhani , Tabbak Maaz . Muchh , Kalee , Chicken , Fish ,and lately Goshtaaba and Kebab and also adding to it many Punjabi and north indian food items through various stalls .Wastage is unavoidable but it is on a little lesser scale in view of the facts that Pandits have shifted to Buffet system.
The Workshop Fuel of Cooks in valley continues to be traditional Timber while Pandits have shifted to Cooking with LPG cylinders . Noise by cooks in action is prevalent in both the workshops .Enjoy some views of a WAZWAN Workshop in valley taken by me in August 2009 at Pampore . I attended this Marriage function wherein Daughter of a colleague got married to a boy working as an Engineer at Banglore .Similar was the WANWUN and the ISBAND burning in Kangris by Ladies of the household as I would have seen in a Pandit marriage . Let us ponder for a while as to how essential it is to marry within our own set up or society to carry forward the tradition and culture from One Generation to another . I am firm believer that the culture of any Society or group is essentially kept alive by women folk only. Men contribute little on this front. Kudos to our ladies for keeping culture tied to the soil of Kashmir alive even in most trying circumstances both in kashmir as well as outside.
A K Mota

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009



We opened a branch of the bank at Ganderbal Kashmir on 24.08.2009 and accordingly i was supposed to overlook the work relating to opening operations on saturday and sunday.I visited entire SUMBAL , TULAMULA, GANDERBAL , NUNAR , MANASBAL , KANGAN, WUSAN , MANIGAM and other SINDH VALLEY VILLAGES TO MOBILIZE BUSINESS for the new branch of the bank. Obviously i interacted with lot many people and officials of the area.The area has undergone rapid development in last two decades . Ganderbal town itself shows visible development . Roads are in good shape . The Manasbal lake is undergoing development .A Beautiful garden has come up near the lake . Kudos to Manasbal Development Authority for maintaining the ancient Three piece stone Shiva Temple and making 75% of the temple visible from the water of the spring wherein it had submerged totally. This temple is an excellent piece of ancient stone work possibly relating to early 8th centuary.The road from Manasbal to Sumbal is well maintained . So is the road from Ganderbal to Kangan.The views of Dense forests and gushing Sindh are breathtaking . I also went upto the head works of Sindh canal where from water is fed to Ganderbal power house and to Alastaing filteration Plant for supply to city. The sindh water is ice cold and good to taste . Some water from the Sindh canal is also used for irrigation in Ganderbal District. We also went to Mata kheer Bhawani temple .The water of the spring was deep blue on 23.08.2009. I have uploaded a view the ancient Shiva temple of Manasbal maintained by Manasbal Development Authority , a View of The spring of Mata Kheer Bhawani shrine, A view of Sindh River , A View of Sindh Canal supplying water to Ganderbal Power house and Alastaing filteration Plant, a view of the Manasbal garden and some other views of the area.
Enjoy them till my next upload.
A k Mota
Except Mata kheer Bhawani Temple and Shiva temple of Manasbal , all other views bear copyrights .

Monday, August 24, 2009



Gar Aaj Tujh Se Juda hain To Kal Baham Honge,
Yeh Raat Bhar Ki Judai To Koi Baat Nahin.
Gar Aaj Auz pe hai Taale Raqeeb to Kya ,
Ye Chaar Din Ki Khudai to Koi Baat Nahin.
Issi Sabab se Phalak ko Gilaa Nahin Karte
Tere Firaq me Hum Dil Buraa nahin Karte
(Faiz Ahmed Faiz)
No doubt we are away from you today,
But certainly we shall be together tomorrow.
These nights of separation shall have to passs over.
If the fate of our enemy is at peak today ,
worry not for that my love !
This present power with our foe is not a big thing ,
this too is short lived .
Never have we lodged any complaint to thee lord!
Never shall we get disheartened in this separation!
( Translation from urdu by a k mota )
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Dono Jahaan Teri Mohhabat Me Haar Ke
Woh Jaa Rahaa Hai koi Shabe Gham Guzaar Ke
Veeraan hai Maikada Khumo Sagaar Udaas hain
Tum Kya gaye ki Rooth Gaye Din Bahaar Ke.
Duniya ne teri Yaad se Begaana kar Diya
Tujh Se Bhi Dil Fareb Hain Gham Rozgaar ke
( Faiz Fhmed faiz)
Losing the struggle for thy love in both the worlds ,
Here leaves some one after that terrible night of sorow.
Deserted lies the Tavern so are the Glasses of wine sad ,
The sunlit days of spring did never visit once you departed.
The world erased traces of your memory from our minds
How tempting were the sorrows of struggle for existence!
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Friday, August 21, 2009


In religious texts apple is known to be a forbidden fruit .Eve coaxed Adam to share it with her so this fruit got identified with the fall of a man into Sin .Medical experts say " An apple in a day keeps doctor away ". All said and done apple still remains a fruit of choice in view of the fact that it has a lot of fibre , Vit C, antioxidants , Flavinoids and calories. as per American Medical Asociation Journal ( Article written by Dr Mark Orwell ) Flavinoids are present in the skin of an apple and are essential for prevention of Blood clots ,regulation of BP and cholesterol levels .

Apple is an autumn maturing fruit having originated from Central Asia.At the moment china leads in apple production in the world . This fruit is susceptible to a number of fungal and Bacteria disesses and pests . An agressive programme of chemical spraying is needed to maintain production and fruit health. Apple scab is a common disease affecting the fruit in valley apart from Aphids and Mildew.Treatment for any disease through Chemical spraying is often systematic implying that the chemicals are absorbed by the tree and spread throught the fruit.Now organic methods are also used for orchard management in kashmir .

six varieties of Apples presently grown on a commercial scale in Kashmir are as under :-

Lawrence has mentioned this apple in his book as the most popular fruit found in the valley. It used to be the fruit of Choice of Kashmiris at that time . Unfortunately its production has dwindled over the years on account of rapid plantation of other fast growing varities . Presently its production is mostly confined to Shopian and Kulgam area only though fresh plantation in other district is also taking place. A wild variety of this apple is also grown in Batote area of jammu. It is crisp , sweat and aromatic fruit indigenous to Kashmir .The apple continues to remain most sought after fruit in the valley . It is blushed red , striped and has longer storage life.The fruit matures for consumption in Mid october .

AMERICAN TREL (American Apirogue )
It is a medium sized variety quite juicy . The flesh is blushy red and hard .This variety matures for consumption in mid september . It is a good fruit for dessert.This variety is cheaper and economical as one can buy 12 to 15 pieces in a Kg.

DELICIOUS ( Red Delicious )
This is a world renowned variety largely grown in Sopore belt but now grown all over in Kashmir .The fruit has a typical geometrical shape and five lobes at the apex. The skin of this variety is striped , blushy red and smooth .It is juicy and aromatic . It has differrent sizes and matures for consumption in Mid september . It has abundant market in various fruit Mandies of the country and is available for five months in the market easily from mid september. This is a sweet variety of the fruit.

MAHARAJI ( White dotted red )
It is a large sized apple with bright red coloured skin.It is juicy but acidic . It sweetens with storage only and is available in the market in Late october .It is also consumed in cooking and preparation of desserts.

It is a medium sized apple maturing for consumption in mid july.It has a conical shape and the skin is tender and juicy. It has smaller shelf life and is also consumed domestically in bulk.

KESRI (Cox orange pipin )
It is an old english medium sized apple . The flesh of this apple is yellow , firm and crisp.It is a little acidic but matures on storage to sweetness. It is a mid august variety of the fruit.

Apples are also used for extraction of pulp and juice as also for prepartion of Jams and jellies in kashmir . I believe you had enough of kashmir apples now. enjoy the views captured by me while reading this write up.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Agar Dohan Aissi Hisaab Bozuv,
Doh Yimay Aiss Yivaan Sonteik,
Shuhul Havaa Ouss Haaenth Bremijin,
Vachhass Divaan Sar Ta Daala  Maaraan,
Bepuchh Bahaaruss Harud Vanaan ouss,
Kapas Vovithh Chha Badan Valaan Khaah,
Mushuk Valithh Aav Vaav Sountuk,
Dichin Bashaarat.
Yimav Qadam Kaed  garav Neubar,
Tim Na Aayee Phirithh,
Na Tchhaandei Sountan .

( Farooq Nazki )

Should we revisit our days gone by ?
Spring would visit us likewise
This spring breeze would frolic in the same way
With the bosom of flowering buds .
And the Autumn would  sardonically tell to undependable spring .

“ Earth does not Use the apparel should it grow cotton”

Bathed in Perfume ,
The spring has once again come this way ,
To spread its colours .
Alas! Those who stepped out of their homes
Did neither return,
Nor did this  spring seek their whereabouts .


Lines from the poem Naad Laayey ( I shall Call you Back ) by Noted Kashmiri Poet Farooq Nazki from his Sahitya Academy Award winning Book Naar Heutun Kazalwanas ( Kazalwan is on fire ) .Kazalwan is a dense forest range in Kashmir .