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In religious texts apple is known to be a forbidden fruit .Eve coaxed Adam to share it with her so this fruit got identified with the fall of a man into Sin .Medical experts say " An apple in a day keeps doctor away ". All said and done apple still remains a fruit of choice in view of the fact that it has a lot of fibre , Vit C, antioxidants , Flavinoids and calories. as per American Medical Asociation Journal ( Article written by Dr Mark Orwell ) Flavinoids are present in the skin of an apple and are essential for prevention of Blood clots ,regulation of BP and cholesterol levels .

Apple is an autumn maturing fruit having originated from Central Asia.At the moment china leads in apple production in the world . This fruit is susceptible to a number of fungal and Bacteria disesses and pests . An agressive programme of chemical spraying is needed to maintain production and fruit health. Apple scab is a common disease affecting the fruit in valley apart from Aphids and Mildew.Treatment for any disease through Chemical spraying is often systematic implying that the chemicals are absorbed by the tree and spread throught the fruit.Now organic methods are also used for orchard management in kashmir .

six varieties of Apples presently grown on a commercial scale in Kashmir are as under :-

Lawrence has mentioned this apple in his book as the most popular fruit found in the valley. It used to be the fruit of Choice of Kashmiris at that time . Unfortunately its production has dwindled over the years on account of rapid plantation of other fast growing varities . Presently its production is mostly confined to Shopian and Kulgam area only though fresh plantation in other district is also taking place. A wild variety of this apple is also grown in Batote area of jammu. It is crisp , sweat and aromatic fruit indigenous to Kashmir .The apple continues to remain most sought after fruit in the valley . It is blushed red , striped and has longer storage life.The fruit matures for consumption in Mid october .

AMERICAN TREL (American Apirogue )
It is a medium sized variety quite juicy . The flesh is blushy red and hard .This variety matures for consumption in mid september . It is a good fruit for dessert.This variety is cheaper and economical as one can buy 12 to 15 pieces in a Kg.

DELICIOUS ( Red Delicious )
This is a world renowned variety largely grown in Sopore belt but now grown all over in Kashmir .The fruit has a typical geometrical shape and five lobes at the apex. The skin of this variety is striped , blushy red and smooth .It is juicy and aromatic . It has differrent sizes and matures for consumption in Mid september . It has abundant market in various fruit Mandies of the country and is available for five months in the market easily from mid september. This is a sweet variety of the fruit.

MAHARAJI ( White dotted red )
It is a large sized apple with bright red coloured skin.It is juicy but acidic . It sweetens with storage only and is available in the market in Late october .It is also consumed in cooking and preparation of desserts.

It is a medium sized apple maturing for consumption in mid july.It has a conical shape and the skin is tender and juicy. It has smaller shelf life and is also consumed domestically in bulk.

KESRI (Cox orange pipin )
It is an old english medium sized apple . The flesh of this apple is yellow , firm and crisp.It is a little acidic but matures on storage to sweetness. It is a mid august variety of the fruit.

Apples are also used for extraction of pulp and juice as also for prepartion of Jams and jellies in kashmir . I believe you had enough of kashmir apples now. enjoy the views captured by me while reading this write up.

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  1. Where would one get information on certified organically produced apples from kashmir?

    S Coelho - Mumbai

  2. Thanx . Pl write to Jammu and kashmir Horticulture Department lal mandi Srinagar kashmir or at their jammu address director horticulture Gole Pulley, Talab Tillo . jammu .

  3. Jumua Mubarak Autar !
    I am very keen to import Kashmiri Apples to Cape Town, South Africa !
    Any ideas ?!
    Kind regards

  4. Awesome write up, the orchids now seem to be out of reach, out of sight but definitely not out of mind !! Thanks to our blood thirst neighbors !!

  5. Thats awesome . nice to hear these variety of name of apples . Kashmir and Himachal are major procedures of Apples . Travel Goa Tour Packages

  6. Can u name some places in kashmir famous 4r apples?

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