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                                                      ( BANK LOAN GUARANTOR)

“Sir, that situation shall never come. In Kashmir, Dhar family is known for its commitment or word. So are Dhar children. After all, Safa Kadal Dhar family Sir. Pandit Birbal Dhar 's clan Sir. You must have heard about Birbal Dhar who saved Kashmir from the ruthless Pathans by inviting Maharaja Ranjit Singh's forces to the valley. Did you get it, Sir? Then, Bal Kak Dhar, D. P. Dhar and many such names Sir.
Atul Ji shall complete his MBA 2007 and the loan shall be cleared by December 2009 or at the most by June 2010 from his earnings. He will get a good salary after completing MBA. Hundred per cent campus selection sir, hundred per cent” said Roop Krishen.

Roop Krishen had come to the bank along with his brother in law seeking an education loan of 4.30 Lakh for MBA degree of his nephew Atul Dhar. He had been made to accompany father and son duo by his sister. He had casually gone to his sister’s house where he came to know about the selection of Atul in a Mumbai college. His sister had said:- 
 “ Roop Ji, tomorrow accompany your brother in law and Atul to the bank, please. Some loan issue is to be discussed. Atul may be needing an education loan. You have to do all the speaking with bankers. Your brother in law is good for nothing person. He has just wasted his life. He can not even speak for himself or watch his own family’s interests. I am sure he will say something that will spoil Atul’s case. You can only convince bankers for this education loan.  ”
As suggested by his sister, Roop Krishen did all the talking in the bank. Listening to this conversation, Atul’s father, Bushan Lal Dhar kept silent yet nodded approvingly to the commitment demonstrated by Roop Krishen about total repayment of the loan by Atul from his future earnings. After listening to what Roop Krishen had said, I handed over the list of formalities required to be completed for sanction of the loan. Roop Krishen received the list and started reading the formalities.

 “ This is done. This is also done. All this is done. This is nothing, Just one hour job. Sir, who can be the guarantor? Father can also give the guarantee of his son. No problem from our side . ” said Roop Krishen.

“ Let me make things clear. Father can not be a guarantor. Father has to be a co-borrower or co- obligant in this type of loan. Guarantor has to be a different person. “ I clarified.

“ No problem sir. Why do you worry? I have signed many papers as a witness in banks. As many as 50 Savings Bank accounts have been opened under my signatures in your Bank. If I can sign for strangers why not for our child. We come tomorrow with complete
formalities. We should be made free in two hours .” he continued.

“ It is not a witness that you are supposed to sign. It is an’ Agreement of Guarantee’. By signing this deed, the guarantor undertakes to bind himself for repayment of the loan and interest thereupon should there be any default from principal borrower. Legally the liability of a guarantor is coextensive with the principal borrower. Things should be clear to you. The act of witnessing is nothing but seeing some document being executed. There is no pecuniary liability of a witness. The guarantor remains financially liable and tied to a loan until it is fully repaid by the principal borrower. ” I clarified.

Roop Krishen nodded in agreement, moved his right-hand fingers through his hair and rubbed his hands. I felt as if he wanted to smoke at that moment. But then he never smoked in presence of his elder sister’s husband. Bushan Lal Dhar and Atul looked expectantly towards Roop Krishen.

“No worry sir. We are there for Atul Ji. What is this 4.30 lakh ? For this boy, I can sign blank papers and give guarantee for any amount ” Roop Krishen added .He gave the list of formalities to Bushan Lal Dhar, got up from his chair, shook hands with me and came out of the room along with his nephew and brother in law.

Next day at about 10 a.m., I found Roop Krishen inside the bank premises. The moment I entered my cabin, he came straight to see me. This time he was alone.
“ So fast in completing the formalities. What is the last date of the admission in the college? ” I asked
“ What formalities sir? Can I make some personal request? ”he said
“ Sure ” I replied.
“ Sir, you are a great man. Sitting on this seat, you have helped many people. But then you also know all about our community. You also know Chuni Lal Pandita’s son Aditya Pandita and his education loan story. They availed an education loan from this branch. The boy married a girl from Maharashtra and forgot the education loan. Chuni Lal is now coming to your bank every month depositing the loan instalments. Do you know that he is repaying from his pension and his tuition Income? The poor old man is doing tuitions at this age. This Bushan Lal Ji, my brother in law can not even do tuitions. He is still not understanding that managing a grocery shop in Kashmir was one story and living on government relief cheques and some bank interest in Jammu is another story. What has he for the rainy day? Just rupees 4 lakh that he received as sale proceeds of his Natipora colony plot. See he has to marry his daughter Sonia yet. Sonia Ji I mean my niece. The family has no house. What is Mumbai MBA? I do not understand. MBA from Jammu or Punjab University is also an MBA. See every Kashmiri Pandit boy now wants to go to Pune, Mumbai or Banglore for studies. Go if you can afford. What is so great about going by putting your family and relations in trouble? I should not have said it but then I care for my sister. And time has also changed. ” said Roop Krishen in a non-stop voice.

“ There is a world of difference in terms of Employment potential for degrees procured in Jammu and Mumbai. We are dealing with these issues through various education loans disbursed by the bank. We know all this difference ” I clarified.

“Sir, sixteen boys from Government College of Engineering, Jammu have been approved 
by TCS and WIPRO in Campus selection this year. It is all luck whether you study in Jammu, Pune or Overseas. Don’t misunderstand me. Atul is my son but then this guarantee you are asking from me has turned to be the real trouble for me. Can this not be changed? Ask for the guarantee of Atul’s uncle Ashok Kumar Dhar. He is a college teacher. Whenever there is some feast or function in the Dhar family, Ashok Kumar is the chief guest and when there is any problem, they catch hold of me. Please do not misunderstand. I have the highest respect and regard for my brother in law and his family. Sir, I am not that rich to become the guarantor for 4.30 lakh. And if he does not repay for say 3 years, the loan amount can go up to 7 lakhs with interest application. I know all Interest calculation methods of the bank. Even if I sell all my property, I can not clear the debt. Why you want my children to get ruined with this guarantee? I just beg you to save me from impending misfortune. And sir, please, neither Atul nor his father should know what for I came here in their absence. ” Roop Krishen continued:

“ If you are so sure about the intentions and sincerity of the boy, there is hardly any worry about being a surety for the education loan. “ I clarified.

“ Manager Sahib, I am also a father. I have two school-going children. And then if my wife comes to know about all this guarantee issue, there shall be a Mahabharat in my family. I have to keep myself free for the execution of any future guarantee that my children may need. Sir, I request you to tell my brother in law that I have already given guarantee to some other person who has become a defaulter and I can not give another guarantee. If you don’t say it then I am finished. I am gone. Nobody can save me. Your words can only save this poor man. ” Roop Krishen added.

I said nothing. Roop Krishen sank into the chair opposite to my table. I wanted him to leave the room as I had many other things to do. I observed that he kept looking towards the floor and the ceiling of the room and also kept biting his fingernails. I pressed the bell and sought two glasses of water. Offering one to Roop Krishen, I said : 

“ Shall You have tea? ”

“ My tea is only your help for this guarantee issue. Sir, make me free from this tension. 
” he replied.

He was in no mood to leave my room. He sought my permission to use Bank’s landline telephone for making a local call. I had no objection to that. I heard him saying:

“ Don’t wait for me. I don’t feel like having food today. You do what you want to do. Leave me alone. You are only worried about food. ”
At that time, Mr Anoop Singh loan officer of the branch entered my cabin and noticing Roop Krishen, He said:

“Pandit Ji, what happened? Was my solution not acceptable to you? ”

Roop Krishen looked in such a way to give me an impression as if Anoop Singh was not addressing him. I asked Anoop Singh how he knew Roop Krishen.

“ Sir he came to my residence yesterday and explained everything to me. I gave him a solution. Let them raise a loan of 4 Lakh only and in that event, the father shall be a co-borrower and the Bank does not need a guarantor as per guidelines for collateral security in such loans .” Anoop Singh clarified and left the room taking my signatures on some papers.

“Manager Sahib you can only save this poor man. As I already said, please tell them that I have already given a guarantee in one loan case which is now in the defaulter category. Tell them that I have no creditworthiness. Tell them anything but save me.” added Roop Krishen.
“ But yesterday you volunteered to be a guarantor. And then the boy is your close relation if you also run away who else shall come to their rescue at this critical juncture. You should not panic so much. And then it is your own decision. Tell your brother in law plainly that you do not want to be a guarantor and he shall immediately find someone else suitable to the bank or decide what he has to do. ”I clarified.

Roop Krishen kept silent and started reading the HINDU newspaper lying on my table.
Then to my surprise, I found Bushan Lal Dhar, his brother in law entering the cabin in a hurry with another person possibly a Kashmiri.

“ Manager Sahib I have a cheque for 2.47 Lakhs in my name but the cheque is drawn on Punjab National Bank, Lal Chowk, Srinagar. It relates to your bank only but a different branch. This cheque has been issued by an Insurance company. This is the fire claim of my gutted house in Kashmir. My sister’s husband is serving in Kashmir valley on deputation. He was following up this claim case in Kashmir. He took pains and brought the cheque today only. He came straight to my residence in Tata Sumo from Srinagar. The cheque was delivered to him only yesterday. He also knew about Atul’s selection and our financial problems. In case I get just 40 thousand within three or four days to enable me to pay the admission fee of Atul, I need a loan of 2 Lakhs only. I may need a loan next year. Sir, 
you complete our loan file and keep the loan amount sanctioned. Sir, bank managers are now transferred after a short stay and maybe you are at some other branch when we need the money next year. We shall be grateful if you keep the sanction note in the file so that there is no problem for us to avail the amount at the time of need. Sir, God comes to rescue but man has to go through the torture also. ”

“Let me see the cheque,” I said. And Bushan Lal delivered the cheque to me. I looked for the drawer’s account in the CBS System. The cheque book serial number was in order and it was signed by authorized signatories. The account had sufficient balance. “ No issue. You can take the entire amount of 2.47 Lakh right now. You have to open a Savings Bank account. Now that you need Loan of 2 Lakhs only, no guarantor is needed.” I clarified.

Roop Krishen was listening carefully to this sudden development and I could feel that my words had brought a refreshing smile on his face. Throwing the newspaper aside 
and looking towards his brother in law he said :

“Namaskar, I was just discussing the Loan case Only. Have you bought the non-judicial stamp papers for my guarantee? ” And Turning to me Roop Krishen said:-

“ Now manager Sahib please release our loan in a hassle-free manner. I may have to go to Jaipur for the marriage of my wife’s sister. If you desire I can sign in advance on any paper I have to sign. Atul must get the loan. I have already given my consent to sign any paper anywhere in any capacity .”

He got up and went to the bank’s canteen room and paid the waiter thirty rupees ordering four cups of tea and biscuits for all guests in the room. Then coming close to my table he said :

“ Ba goes nokrah manager Saeb ”
“Manager sahib, treat me as a humble servant ”

From his breath, I could feel that he had smoked a cigarette in the canteen room. He then went to “ May I Help You” counter and brought a new account opening form. He now asked his brother in law to immediately go back to his residence and bring three photographs, photocopy of his ration card and copy of the scooter driving license. He ensured that his brother in law leaves immediately for completion of formalities for opening a new bank account. Thereafter he turned towards me and said:

“ Sir do you believe in God? ” 

Now he picked up the landline telephone lying on my table and dialled some number. I heard him saying :-

“I am coming for lunch. Has Pinkoo Ji come back from his school? We have to go to Bagh e Bahu garden in the evening. I shall be bringing one Kg of mutton for Rogan Josh and ask Pinkoo Ji to collect ten special Bread ( Ghee Roti ) from Roshan Lal's Kashmiri bakery shop. ”

I looked at Roop Krishen and kept noticing the sudden change in his behaviour.                                              

(Avtar Mota ) 

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Even to this day, Albert Camus(1913-1960) remains a  widely read writer   world over . His Novels ,Plays, Short stories, Essays and  editorials ( for THE COMBAT a  Newspaper that Camus   edited  ) that he wrote in french   stand translated into English and many other Languages by so many  eminent translators like    Stuart Gilbert (The Plague)  and Joseph Laredo ( The Outsider).

In 1957, Camus was awarded Nobel prize for literature.  He established international reputation  with books like Le Peste (The Plague written in 1947) , Les Justes (1949) and La Chute (1956). Two books L'Etranger  and Le Mythe de Sisyphe  brought  him world wide fame. In 1957, he was awarded Nobel prize for Literature and in 1969, he was killed in a road accident.On his death,  Anthony Hartley   wrote in 'The Guardian'  ,
" His death is a terrible blow to French Literature  and to those who admire the limpid upright mind which is reflected in his work."

Every year more than  160,000 copies of his most impressive  novel “ OUTSIDER” are  sold by his publishers . I do not know the pirated versions and all other versions.
Catherine Camus ,His daughter  says:

" My father  never forgot his origins and the extreme poverty he experienced.  The one who loves the power, can’t love Camus.My father not only wrote with his head, but also wrote with his heart and his flesh. He’s a hundred percent human. He never refuses contradictions, because contradictions are part of our life.
As far as I know about my father ,  Emile Senart had translated  some  Upnishads    to French   that my father not only read but also recommended to  Claude’ De Ferminvelle in 1935.”

Noted  french writer and    Scholar Dr.  Sharad Chandra writes :

"Albert Camus had read '  Bhagwat Gita' and Upnishads . He  had  attended the lectures given by Swami Shraddhananda of the Ramakrishna Mission in Paris."
Dr. Sarvapalli  Radhakrishnan writes :

"  Western  Existentialism is the  new name for an ancient Indian  method  detailed  in   Upnishads . "

And  when  i read   some Upnishads in English translation ,  Camus's philosophy started  becoming  unambiguously  clearer and clearer.   

Through his work, Camus  tried to  understand the time he lived in. Not only time,  he tried  to  understand the  nature of human  Joy and sorrow . And  the  Chhandogya Upnishad  says  :

"Where there is the infinite, there is joy.The finite holds no joy. Understand  the nature of Joy.  The infinite is the whole universe ."

Camus believed that peace was paramount and fundamental to human existence.
“Peace is the only battle worth waging.”

Says Camus .

And prayer for universal peace  is contained in Upnishads/ Veda .
The Hymn to peace in Atharva veda  says:
" Peaceful be the heavens, May the earth be calm, And the spacious atmosphere gentle. May the flowing waters ,rich in moisture ,be soothing ;May all the plants and herbs be beneficial to us.May all signs of coming events be free from Turmoil; And may happiness lie in that , which has been done and that ,which has not been done. May our past and future be peaceful and may all be gracious unto us .

Mundaka Upnishad says:

"  May our ears hear what is auspicious.May we become efficient to worship and see with our eyes what is auspicious. May we , who sing your praise,live our allotted span of life sound of body and strong of limbs"

The spirit  of detachment is the essence of Vedanta or Upnishads. It is the message of Bhagwat Gita . The real Nishkam Karma arises from  spirit of detachment only. "Nishkam Karma" means "action  without desire" or "work without motive".Detachment never seeks   motive  or reward for action. Consequently it is a step towards individual happiness.
And Albert Camus writes :

"To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others."

In his novel 'THE OUTSIDER' , Camus creates a truthful character ( Meursault )who is  somewhat detached in his dealings with others . Meursault is in  a detached  mode   even when his girlfriend (Mary )  puts up a proposal of Marriage . Does a truthful man appear detached ? I quote from the novel:

"She came that evening and asked me if I’d marry her. I said I didn’t mind; if she was keen on it, we’d get married. I explained that it had no importance really, but, if it would give her pleasure, we could get married right away. Then she remarked that marriage was a serious matter. To which I answered: “No.” "

Camus believed in  BENIGN   nature of this physical world  that confronts an individual . According to him, Even if this physical world appeared indifferent to the  sorrows of an individual, it  was profoundly benign.The universe behaved like  a silent  and watchful  Sympathizer.  The profoundly  benign nature of the Cosmos is the message of some Upnishads. I quote Maha-Upnishad:

" The Cosmos  is only the manifestation  of that being (Supreme ) ;There is nothing other than that ; The difference in the Universe are also his manifestation. He does not exist as there is nowhere (Substratum) to exist, Yet exists because he is existence by nature."

In his work, Camus  deals with fundamental issues of  humanity ; Issues like individual liberty, War,  freedom of choice,, death   Existence, Absurdity, God, Religion, Love, suffering, sorrow, human dignity, peace and happiness etc. For him, all human beings are just  one race. He is a strong votary of peace, harmony and brotherhood. So is the core  message  of Upnishads.

Isha Upnishad says:

"When a man realises that all beings are but the Self, what delusion is there, what grief, to that perceiver of oneness?"

Athar veda says:

" Common be your store of water, common your share of food . i knit you together to a common bond -,United , gather round the sacrificial fire like spokes of a chariot wheel."

SATYA  or   TRUTH is another issue that is the Core message  of  many Upnishads. The Upnishads say that  TRUTHFULNESS   is  primordial for  triumph over this worldly BHAV-SAGARA   or this Ocean of Worldly Existence . And in a afterword to his novel' THE OUTSIDER '    ,  Camus says:

" A truth born of living and feeling may be a negative one , But without truth  no triumph over the self or over the world will ever be possible. So one wouldn't be far wrong in seeing"  THE OUTSIDER" as the story of a man who, without any heroic pretensions , agrees to die for the Truth. I also once said , and again paradoxically , that i tried to make my character represent the only Christ that we deserve ."

Camus believed 'Everything that exalts life at the same time increases its absurdity' .  And Absurdity of  existence  is a major issue that Camus deals in his work. It is reflected in his plays and short stories also. And this thought has  also been dealt  in  many   Upnishads  .In his work "Myth of Sisyphus " , Camus has presented Sisyphus as the symbol of humankind and his task as the symbol of absurd human existence.

  I quote  Maha-upnishad :

" The world is born only to die and dies only to be born . Life is unsteady like a drop of water  hanging on the top of a tender leaf.Whatever  in this moving and un-moving world is enjoyed by Ego - All that is Unreal ." 

Camus's idea of freedom of Choice is very close to concept of liberated soul  or Purity of Spirit as mentioned in Upnishads. Upnishads say that   Attachment, Anger ,Ego , Greed  limit or curtail  the freedom of choice of an individual  resulting in suffering or Sorrow. Camus believes that human suffering is a result of denial of  freedom of choice. For Camus, man suffers beause he doesn't have Freedom of Choice.
In addition to absurdity  , another subject that  ancient  Upanishads insistently deal with is ethics, the purity of human conduct. Exactly like the Existentialists, the Upanishads, hold man himself responsible for his actions . Isn't this another way of interpreting the DOCTRINE OF KARMA?

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says:

“Act he must . As he acts so does he become. The doer of good becomes good. The doer of sinful actions become sinful. By virtuous actions, he becomes virtuous; and by evil actions evil.”

Before Camus arrived on the scene, Andre Malraux,  Jean Paul Sartre, and many  others had already developed the Existential  line of thought. It had started percolating down to western Society    through Theatre and literature . Camus was not the pioneer of this thought ;  He did something  new in this field.   Firstly , he clarified that this  world’s absurdity  should not  be a  cause for despair, but on the contrary, a spur to happiness. And secondly, that , mortality and suffering actually enhance the value of life: they invite men to live more intensely.
More next time ..Reading Isha Upnishad..

(Avtar Mota)


Upnishads are a part of Vedas  . Upnishads contain the loftiest  message of the Veda. That is why  Upanishads are generally referred to as Vedānta or  as the  last chapters of the Veda.

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RAFIQ  RAAZ..( Born 1950)

He retired as Station Director  Akashvani (AIR) Srinagar kendra .

Apolitical and a thorough gentleman  , Rafiq Raaz  has a command over kashmiri  and  urdu  especially when he writes GAZALS  in both languages

Is he Munir Niyazi of kashmiri poetry?  I am inclined to say 'YES'.  His   published poetry  books  whether in urdu or in  kashmiri have been well received.

Rafiq Raaz belongs to the New Generation of kashmiri poets . He is modern in style and diction.  Gazal is his Forte.A sensitive poet who is conscious of contemporary realities and brings them in his writings in perfect Rhyme and Rhythm

Matured  emotions / experiences are evident in his poems. He writes about  human pain, suffering, loneliness and  helplessness of an individual  facing benign indifference of this  universe.

Shubb Chhu Siyaah Tasveer Ta Baa
 Naar Tchhataan Chhatgeer Ta Baa
Tanhaaye Munz Jeiffi Milvaan
Praaen Ya akh Tahreer Ta Baa
( Rafiq Raaz )

In English, i would say:

( None except me and this Image stays awake  in this dark night.
 Look Who Burns ? None except this ceiling lamp and my heart.
 And In this desolate  loneliness  who are  in   passionate hug ,
None, Except me and  Some old script  of Mine ...................)

From his  poetry, one gets a feeling that humanity at large is engaged in a perpetual search for something that it finds missing inspite of   great leaps on material front .

Poash Faeil Baagus Chhavanaai Rooedh
Daag Laeig Jigruss Haavanaai Rooedh
Kumm sokhan yaarus Baavanaai Rooedh

Haal Akki Saal Itaa Laalo …
Gul e Laalo …
Bozanaavuthh Ba Zaar ….
Kaal kaaja Praa-yo…
Baal Paan Maar-Yo..
Yaar Iyaa Na Tche Aar….
Myaani Laalo…

( Rafiq Raaz ).

In English, i would say:

The garden was all flowers But we were not there
This heart had its wounds that couldn't be shown,
So many love laced conversations missed us Friend !

Now just come once for the feast
My Tulip !
And I shall open my heart ,
In Waiting I remain,
I may not live to see you ,
Pity !

My Love!

Published in 1995 ,  his kashmiri  poetic collection "Nai Chhi Naalan'"  (The Flute is wailing), won him prestigious Sahitya Academy Award .


Yesterday only read his poem  Hijratas Manz ( In Migration) . I quote some lines ..

Yaad pheer pheer pyvaan chhum path-kaal
Az ti shaahmaar Hue valith chhum naal
Az ti kaatyaah nafar achhan tal chhim
Krishen , Pyari, Ashok, Razaak draal
Kya yi chha poz batan kahaai ghar rooedh
Az batav ross chhu  kyaah kashiri haal..

In English ,i would say:

"Time and again,
I remember,
Those good old days.
That good time spent,
Still hangs like a serpent
around my neck  .
So many memories,
So many people,
Come alive before my eyes ,
Razaaq the broker.
Hey ,
Tell me,
Is it true that only  eleven Pandit households are now  left  ?
Tell me how is kashmir today
Without  Pandits."

A sample of his urdu  poetry ..

Patay laraz  rahay thhay khatraa thaa  aandhiyon kaa
Ghar ho rahay thhay khaali mausam tha hijraton ka

( Rafiq Raaz  )

In English, i would say:

(The leaves kept trembling and  the hurricane was about to unleash itself,
The houses were being emptied and  the season of migration had set in.)

(Avtar Mota)

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( Photo Avtar Mota  2009)

“ Where is  Sri Rupa Devi Sharda Peeth School ; The big Building   near Raghu Nath Mandir ? “

“   I don’t know. We have come from  Baramulla District  . We are new to this area .”

“ Where is  Sri Rupa Devi Sharda Peeth School ? “

“ I don’t know . I am new to  this locality . There is one  private  school in  newly built  rooms  in  that old temple . Some Petha or  Peetha school ? Ask some   old shopkeeper .  There that man is the old resident of this locality .   Please , just go and ask him. Only he can tell you correct location .  ”

“ Where is  Sri Rupa Devi Sharda Peeth School ? “

“   Rupa Devi  Sharda Peeth  School for  Girls was here in  this Raghunath Mandir premises.  That  big old white school building , which you may be looking for ,  got  completely destroyed  in a devastating fire during   peak militancy  period. So you can't find it anymore. Many Pandit women come and weep here  as they don’t find their old  school building  anymore  .  Dr  S N Dhar and his wife  Dr Bimla Ji ( Dr Vimla Dhar )  helped in  reconstruction of   some  rooms that you see currently. They gave money from their pocket for everything that you see at the spot .  They wanted that the name  of this grand old  Pandit Institution  should not die . A school for children is being run   here now.There is no Pandit teacher or student in the school now. "

 "  Thank you . Nobody could guide me properly over here  ."

 "After buying property left by Pandits,  unknown people have come to live in this locality now  .These people  know  nothing about Rupa Devi Sharda  Peeth  School ? What can they tell you ?  “
                                        ( Parmanand Ji, founder of the institution )

And in 1953,  late  Parmanand  who retired as Accountant  General ,   used his GP Fund and other  terminal dues amounting to Rs60000/= for construction of  the school building that is nowhere to be seen now . It was   named  after his daughter Rupa Devi. He was very much interested in   imparting  Sharda and Sanskrit  knowledge  to  girls apart from creating a centre for  research  in ancient texts   . Apart from being a girls high school, it  was  a premier institution for learning Sanskrit  language . Sri Daya Ram Shastri , a Sanskrit scholar from Udhampur was the first incharge of this  Peeth . Shri Jagan Nath Braroo Shastri , Shri Badri Nath Kala , Prof Kashi Nath Dhar and many more scholars were also associated with this  institution.  Some  Muslim Girls also  read  Sanskrit in this school .   For many years ,   degrees  were awarded to students  through examinations conducted by  “Bharatiya Vidhya Bhawan “ . The school also awarded degrees of Praagya, Visharadh and  Shastri to its students . Parmanand Research Institute  headed by Prof Kashi Nath Dhar was an affiliate institution. Many research papers and translations have been undertaken by Parmanand Research Institute under the stewardship of Prof Kashi Nath Dhar .This institution had a rich library with many rare Sanskirt and Sharda manuscripts. 

                                                        ( Prof Kashi Nath Dhar )

After the death of Parmanand Ji ( the founder ), it was converted into a regular girls school  .  I can name  many well known names who have studied in this school .  

Well known Hindi writer Smt. Kshama Kaul commented  on my face book  as under   :-

“This is my school. Great school. It flows in my veins . The very name of the post caught me and couldn't resist myself from writing these words. In Dardpur I have made heartiest mention of my school. I am in tears. Hey  Ram!”

 Shri.Mohammad Sidiq wani commented on my Facebook post as under  : -

“ One amongst alumni is my spouse (Prof/Dr) Mahbooba who studied in the institution and learned Devanagari script (Hindi) to proceed for career and gaining fame as a classical artist . We intend to volunteer in any genuine initiative taken for restoration of the bruised image of this institution.”

Prof Sanjay Kaul ( USA )  commented on my Facebook post as under :-

   Avtar Ji , Dr. Vimla Dhar is still running this school from her personal funds and you understand how difficult it gets ! The old school building got completely burnt and no government help was provided !”

Shri Ram Krishen Sadhu commented on my Face book post as under :-

“Pandit Parmanand was a noble character, an extraordinarily brilliant student who topped M.A. mathematics  in those times, a brilliant and honest civil servant, an academician, an outstanding Sanskrit scholar who initiated and guided Dr Karan Singh into the study of Sanskrit and scriptures. This is what Dr Singh has told me. The death of his daughter Roopa Devi was a great shock to him. He invested all his savings in this institution which he wanted to develop into an outstanding research centre. All that got destroyed in the flames of terrorist fire and Raghunath Temple which was a heritage area is almost non existent today. More than the money which was spent by him, the loss of the rich library including rare books and manuscripts which he transferred to the Peeth were also  lost .”

I n her book, “A Kashmiri Century: Portrait of a Society in Flux.” , Khemlata Wakhlu writes  this :-

“With the burning of the school, some of the world's rarest books and manuscripts — in Pali, Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi, Urdu and English — all went up in smoke! The greatest treasure of Kashmir — the ideas and words of wise and erudite seekers over the ages — which had all been kept intact in the premises of school, were gone. There was nothing left. Everything was burned to ashes."

  Dr  Vimla Dhar (w/of Dr. S.N.Dhar. ) happens to be the granddaughter of  Parmanand Ji the founder of the institution.  And her husband , Dr S N Dhar  spent 83 days  in the captivity of terrorists   when he was  kidnapped . He wrote a book “Eighty three days : The Story of a frozen river” on this  torturous experience .


                                                              (Dr S N  Dhar)
Dr S N  Dhar was kidnapped in March 1992c by Al Umar Mujahideen , a terrorist organization responsible for many  innocent deaths and kidnappings in the Kashmir valley .

( Avtar Mota )


* Sri Parmanand Ji has also been a teacher of Dr Karan singh. He taught Sanskrit to Yuvraj Dr Karan Singh. Dr  Karan Singh pays glowing tributes to Sri Parmanand Ji in his autobiography.

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