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     (With ML Saraf and Dr R K Chrungoo noted Surgeon)

                     ( With M L Saraf)
(Dr Agnishekhar , M L Saraf and Sri Chander Mohan Gupta  Mayer Jammu )
                                ( M K Bangroo )



Met M K Bangroo yesterday. It was simply a nostalgic recollection of so many full night Singing sessions that we had together in Kashmir. These sitting were organised at various places in Habba Kadal wherein many singers would come for night long singing. I believe my friends Pranesh Nagri and Nana Ji Bhan remember these sessions as they were key motivators of these events and get-togethers.. Bangroo ji had done post graduation in Criminology from Sagar University. Those days , MSc criminology created some impressuon. We thought very soon he shall either join Police or some detective agency . He had a unique takement. He could keep you busy for hours with his style of conveying anecdotes and joke . A lover of fine Arts, smiling, down to earth and unassuming was my image about him. It remains so; And yesterday's meeting has reinforced it. Smile he has not dispensed with.And he has not abandoned his Devanand ( Jewel Thief ) cap . He probably started wearing" Jewel Thief" caps in early eighties of the last century. Bangroo ji joined PTI and rose to become its Bureau chief in J&K. 

If i remember correctly, in 2011, MK Bangroo was also awarded for his work by Governor Shri NN Vora . He has also been associated with Press Club Jammu in its formative years. He is also in the governing body of Gandhi Memorial college Bantalab. I am told that he has received many more awards and is also associated with some more social organisation doing philanthropic work.

Yesterday evening, after many many years, met him at the Dinner hosted by Shri Kiran Wattal in honour of well known surgeon Dr RK Chrungoo and doyen of kashmiri Theatre Shri Makhan Lal L Saraf Who have recently been awarded by Govt of J&K for meritorious work in their respective fields. In this get-together, Bangrroo ji appeared to be in his old form. He narrated an anecdote relating to Bakshi Ghulam Mohd , Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and a kashmiri Cook Triloki Nath . This is what he said to me:

" Triloki Nath was a high profile kashmiri cook during fifties and sixties of last century. By high profile ,i mean sought by ministers and rich people for marriages and other functions. Bakshi Ghulam Mohd the then Prime Minister of J&K would engage him for some VVIP lunch / Dinner. After Bakshi sahib, his services were neither sought by GM Sadiq nor by Syed Mir Qasim and never ever by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. He remained busy with Kashmiri pandit marriage functions only . During my cousin's marriage, sometime in early eighties of the last century, i saw Triloki Nath who had been engaged as Head cook by the famtily for all functions . Triloki Nath loved 'old Monk' rum. I provided him his favourite drink. Once inhibitions were gone ,he opened up and narrated a story about a special dinner /dishes that he cooked for Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru during Bakshi Ghulam Mohd's stewardship . Bakshi sahib wanted something unique to be presented to Pandit ji at the dining table. The dinner was to be served at Pahalgham. Accordingly, Triloki Nath was  sent  to Pahalgham two days in advance in a vehicle with his team and all stocks . He was expert in cooking all kashmiri non vegetarian dishes including Goshtaaba and Rista. For Pandit ji, He bought a big trout fish in Pahalgham and cleaned it as usual. Then he applied a paste of soft mud over it. He kept this fish in a cylindrical mud enclosure in vertical position. Around this enclosure, he put burning charcoal . For more than four hours ,he continued to pour drops of desi ghee over the vertical fish through its open mouth making it something like Dum Pukhta in mud with Desi ghee. The fish had a mix of spices within secured by thread . This fish was served hot after all mud had been removed . When Bakshi Ghulam Mohd saw the fish in the plate, he called Triloki Nath and expressed his anger saying " what nonsense have you brought for Pandit ji." Triloki Nath simply said 'Wait and Watch' . And then something unusual happened. Pandit ji , caught the fish with a firm grip and shook it violently. The single long thorn within fell apart and he quickly started eating the finely spiced and roasted fish. After, he finished it ,Pandit ji said " Aaj Mazaa aa gaya. Kamaal ki Fish banaayi thi Bakshi ji. " At this, Bakshi Ghulam Mohd immediately pressed 500 rupees into the pocket of Triloki Nath as his Baksheesh. Thereafter a regular dinner followed. The dinner had Rogan josh, kalia ,Mutch, Goshtaaba, Mooli chutney, Haak saag and non veg Pilaf with pickle .
After the dinner, Pandit ji called for the head cook Triloki Nath and gave him 500 rupees as Baksheesh."

So long so much; sometime later , one more anecdote as narrated by M K Bangroo...

(Avtar Mota)

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