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RAFIQ  RAAZ..( Born 1950)

He retired as Station Director  Akashvani (AIR) Srinagar kendra .

Apolitical and a thorough gentleman  , Rafiq Raaz  has a command over kashmiri  and  urdu  especially when he writes GAZALS  in both languages

Is he Munir Niyazi of kashmiri poetry?  I am inclined to say 'YES'.  His   published poetry  books  whether in urdu or in  kashmiri have been well received.

Rafiq Raaz belongs to the New Generation of kashmiri poets . He is modern in style and diction.  Gazal is his Forte.A sensitive poet who is conscious of contemporary realities and brings them in his writings in perfect Rhyme and Rhythm

Matured  emotions / experiences are evident in his poems. He writes about  human pain, suffering, loneliness and  helplessness of an individual  facing benign indifference of this  universe.

Shubb Chhu Siyaah Tasveer Ta Baa
 Naar Tchhataan Chhatgeer Ta Baa
Tanhaaye Munz Jeiffi Milvaan
Praaen Ya akh Tahreer Ta Baa
( Rafiq Raaz )

In English, i would say:

( None except me and this Image stays awake  in this dark night.
 Look Who Burns ? None except this ceiling lamp and my heart.
 And In this desolate  loneliness  who are  in   passionate hug ,
None, Except me and  Some old script  of Mine ...................)

From his  poetry, one gets a feeling that humanity at large is engaged in a perpetual search for something that it finds missing inspite of   great leaps on material front .

Poash Faeil Baagus Chhavanaai Rooedh
Daag Laeig Jigruss Haavanaai Rooedh
Kumm sokhan yaarus Baavanaai Rooedh

Haal Akki Saal Itaa Laalo …
Gul e Laalo …
Bozanaavuthh Ba Zaar ….
Kaal kaaja Praa-yo…
Baal Paan Maar-Yo..
Yaar Iyaa Na Tche Aar….
Myaani Laalo…

( Rafiq Raaz ).

In English, i would say:

The garden was all flowers But we were not there
This heart had its wounds that couldn't be shown,
So many love laced conversations missed us Friend !

Now just come once for the feast
My Tulip !
And I shall open my heart ,
In Waiting I remain,
I may not live to see you ,
Pity !

My Love!

Published in 1995 ,  his kashmiri  poetic collection "Nai Chhi Naalan'"  (The Flute is wailing), won him prestigious Sahitya Academy Award .


Yesterday only read his poem  Hijratas Manz ( In Migration) . I quote some lines ..

Yaad pheer pheer pyvaan chhum path-kaal
Az ti shaahmaar Hue valith chhum naal
Az ti kaatyaah nafar achhan tal chhim
Krishen , Pyari, Ashok, Razaak draal
Kya yi chha poz batan kahaai ghar rooedh
Az batav ross chhu  kyaah kashiri haal..

In English ,i would say:

"Time and again,
I remember,
Those good old days.
That good time spent,
Still hangs like a serpent
around my neck  .
So many memories,
So many people,
Come alive before my eyes ,
Razaaq the broker.
Hey ,
Tell me,
Is it true that only  eleven Pandit households are now  left  ?
Tell me how is kashmir today
Without  Pandits."

A sample of his urdu  poetry ..

Patay laraz  rahay thhay khatraa thaa  aandhiyon kaa
Ghar ho rahay thhay khaali mausam tha hijraton ka

( Rafiq Raaz  )

In English, i would say:

(The leaves kept trembling and  the hurricane was about to unleash itself,
The houses were being emptied and  the season of migration had set in.)

(Avtar Mota)

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