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Bhaand Pather Theatre Artists .
(Photo source..NATRANG Jammu.)


From "Sincerest attachment " to "Who you are ?" .Zindabad.. I add select lines from Dina Nath Naadim's poem Zindabad ...

“ Zindabad me Huz Buss Chonuyii Sreh
Zindabad Tche Pyokha, Adhha Huz Pe
Zindabad, Tche Kuss Huz ?Valaa Huz Beh,
Aessi Vo’t vuchhan Yi Haal Lagaai
Yu Chhu Soruyii Mayaa Zaal Lagaai
Sonn assith Zun Aeiss Traam Sapidh
Kyaa Taam aasith Kyaa Taam sapidh

( Dina Nath Naadim )
“ Long Live sir ;
My sincerest attachment remains for you alone .
Long Live Sir ;
Have you lost?
Then get lost.
Long Live sir ;
Who are You ?
Come sit here .
We have only been witnessing such like things ,
And All this is a mystery or “Maaya Jaal ” dear.
We were gold but look at how we became copper now,
We were something special
but look at how we became some other thing now."

( Select lines from From poem “Zindabad” or Long live . A sharp socio-political satire by modern Kashmiri poet Dina Nath Naadim )
( Avtar Mota )

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Avtar Mota believes..

"Other than ill-motivated compulsive liers, sometimes, many truthful people also tell a lie to shorten or simplify an argument. Nobody wants to get troubled by unnecessary arguments and haughty confrontation. Those among us who are tolerant and provide space to others in any argument or discussion may not face lies. They may get a glimpse or even total view of what had been the underlying truth. However, some among us who can't restrain their anger and emotion or who usually deny space to others, end up facing lies. I have known many angry, intolerant men, quite often, ignorant of the truth. People feed them with soft lies to avoid an argument, confrontation and anger. So, apart from other drawbacks of anger, it definitely keeps you away from the truth."

(Avtar Mota)

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( Avtar Mota with Dr Kashi Nath Pandita)

                                  ( Padamshri Dr. Kashi Nath Pandita ..Photo Avtar Mota ) 
                                                                 ( Nav - Vihara )


Dr.Kashi Nath Pandita, the noted Persian Scholar and historian told me:-

“ I have lived in Iran for about four years. I lived in Tajikistan also. Muhammad Osimi or Asimov as he was known in the then USSR, was a close friend. Apart from being a great human being, he was a philosopher, scientist, historian and Tajik Farsi and Persian scholar . He was the president of the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences. I have travelled to many places in Central Asia more particularly to the places of historical importance including Nav-Vihara of Balkh. Apart from Persian, I learned Tajik language and read many history books in Tajik Farsi that covered ancient and medieval periods of many Central Asian countries. These books gave a new dimension to my learning. The ancient Buddhist links of many Central Asian countries with India and Kashmir became more clear to me. The presence of some Buddhist Pramukhs or Parmukhs from Kashmir in Nav-Vihara ( a well known ancient Buddhist monastery ) of Balkh is a fact. These Parmukhs were polyglots, who, upon their capture were brought to Iraq by invading Arabs. The battle of Talas (751 AD ) fought between the forces of Abbasid Caliphate and the Chinese Tang dynasty for the control of Central Asia was the turning point in initiating the process of the conversion of the people of Central Asia to Islam. The Pramukhs of Nav-Vihara also converted to Islam during the Arab invasion. The services of these Parmukhs were utilized by Abbasid Caliphs for translation of many Sanskrit texts into Arabic. The Parmukhs were paid from the royal treasury by Abbasid Caliphate for this translation work.The Arabs called them Barmakhs or Barmikahs. They were also known as Barmakids or Barmecides..
The Barmakids were also known for their patronage of literature, philosophy, and science and for their tolerant attitude towards various religions and philosophies.

They were highly influential throughout Arabia, Persia, and Central Asia. Khalid Barmiki became the governor of upper Mesopotamia. Yahaya Barmiki became the governor of Armenia. Al Fadl Barmiki and Jaffar Barmiki occupied key positions during the rule of Harun al-Rashid.”

( Avtar Mota ) 

Apart from Panchtantra, books on logic, astronomy, medicine, Brahmasiddhanta of Brahmagupta , Susrata Samhita and many more ancient texts in Sanskrit were translated into Arabic during the rule of Abbasids.

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Jagan Nath Azad..(1918-2004)

A couplet of Azad Sahib..

Hamein thha kaam bahut ruuk sake na pal do pal,
Guzar gaye terey kooche se hum saba ki tarah....

(Avtar Mota)

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And Sahir Wrote .....

" Le dhe ke apne paas faqat ik nazar to hai
Kyon dekhein zindagi ko kissi ki nazar se hum…
Maana ki iss zamin ko na gulzaar kar sake
kuchh ḳhaar kam to kar gaye guzre jidhar se hum …"

( Avtar Mota )

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In 1948, Syed Haider Raza, the well known Indian artist stayed for the full summer season in Kashmir. His stay was not only a big encouragement for the local artists but also resulted in the formation of the Progressive Artists Association led by Triloke Kaul, P.N. Kachru and Som Nath Butt.

Som Nath Butt remained Raza's favourite. To Butt, he taught what he had learnt apart from gifting a book that had paintings and sketches done by Vincent Van Gogh. Many visitors to Butt's house learnt much from that book. Amongst these visitors, some prominent names were Bansi Parimu, Umesh Kaul and Kishori Kaul. And Butt himself remained engrossed in that book. Like his precious paintings, Butt lost that book also due to his alcoholism.

The Influence of VAN GOGH on SOM NATH BUTT is evident.

Raza was amused to see the aptitude, brilliance and drawing of Som Nath Butt. I was told by Pran Kishore (Radio Kashmir) that Raza used to call him LASSA, the pet family name of Som Nath Butt.
In 1948, S H Raza also did a watercolour portrait of Som Nath Butt that landed in the hands of a private collector from Hong Kong. Thereafter this portrait travelled to a Chennai art gallery and later in June 2018, it was sold in a Mumbai art auction for US$19800- approximately Rs13 Lakhs.


                                  ( Portrait of artist Som Nath Butt by  S H Raza )

During my research work for a book to be published shortly, I came to know that four paintings of S.N.Butt titled ‘The Houses’, ‘Landscape - I ’, ‘ landscape- II ‘ and ‘Autumn ‘ were acquired by the J&K Academy of Art, Culture, and Languages before his death but the fate of these paintings is not known. I also came to know that S.N.Butt had attended the October 1949 exhibition held by Progressive Artists Association in New Delhi. This was the first major art exhibition held by the Progressive Artists Association outside the state. This exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Humayun Kabir. It was widely covered by newspapers. The newspapers described S.N.Butt as a 'wizard of colour combinations'. 

(Avtar Mota)

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(Photo Women's College Maulana Azad Road Srinagar)

 I vividly remember three things becoming extremely popular in Kashmir during the 70s of the last century. These three items were Sangam sandals, Love in Tokyo hair clips and Slacks. These things were considered trendy and fashion symbols in middle-class families. Both Pandit and Muslim girls sought them. I found my relations and family members using them. Films introduced these trendy items.

 Slacks gained immense popularity amongst college going girls after Sadhana, Asha Parekh and some other leading actresses of that period wore it in some movies. There was a Molvi in Kashmir known as Slacks Molvi  ( actual name Mohd Sultan ). Suddenly he emerged on the landscape after Slacks became a part of the dress amongst college girls. He would be seen around Residency Road in Srinagar with a stick in his hand. He would walk along the women's college and admonish young college girls for putting on slacks, a popular lower outfit that looked like a skin-tight legwear. It was quite popular among college girls during those days.
 With a stick in his hand, sometimes the Slacks Molvi would run after college girls who wore slacks.

 And then, one day I was told by my sister that Slacks Molvi was seen outside Vishwa Bharati Women's College at Rainawari in Srinagar city. He would also go to women's college at Nawakadal. However, his main area of operation was around Women's College Maulana Azad Road in Srinagar city.

 Slacks Molvi had created fear in the minds of the college-going girls during those days.Finally, Miss Mehmooda Ahmed Ali Shah, the then principal Women's College, Maulana Azad Road, Srinagar, lodged a complaint with Kothi Bagh police station against harassment of  Slacks Molvi. That complaint by Miss Mehmooda Ahmed Ali Shah brought smiles on so many faces.

(Avtar Mota)

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(Photo by Avtar Mota ....A Kashmiri Pandit house in the ghost village Hall, Kashmir.)

I wrote this for 19th January.. 

(19th January)

Aaj ka din hai unn
Rishton  naaton ke naam ,
Kitney  saathi  thay
 Aur dost Humsaaya  thay,
Jin se khela kiye thay  chinaron taley ,
Jheel  Baagon mein aur aabshaaron taley,
Eik zamaana guzar
 hi chala hai magar ,
Unn ki koyi khabar
kuchh pataa bhi nahin,

Aaj ka din hi  hai
unn buzurgon ke naam ,
Haspataalon mein jo
barf ki  seeliyon  pe rakhey gaye
Uth na paaye kabhi,
Ajnabi  Shahar Mein
Aissi  qatil garam thi
Vo   loo Jo chali …

Aaj ka din hai unn
Bholi  bhaali  behan maaon ke naam ,
Jo darindo  ke  Panjon shikanjon se
Astitav Laaj  garima  sanbhaale huve
Bhaag aayi  andheron  mein sehmi huyi
Ajnabi  shehron  mein
Sar Chhupane  ki manzilon ki taraf
Ja rahi raah  pe  jinka
Saanp  se ,
Bichhuvon se bhi  paala padaa ,
Khoob  mehnga jinhe  har nivaala padaa ,
Lekin har  morr pe,
Raah ki  aurr  pe ,
Kabhi  Seeta
Savitri  ya  Durga bani ,
Apni  rasmon  rivaajon  ya  maryaada ko
mushkilon  mein pareshaaniyon mein  bhi jo
ya  bachaati chali
Ya  nibhaati chali..

Aaj ka din hai aisse bachon ke naam
Jin ke hisse mein  dhoop
Aayi nahin,
Jin ke narm o nazuk hathon
Nanhe kaandhon par
Bojh itna padaa
Nazrein jhuukk hi gayeen
aur na dekha  kabhi
Phool ko
 jheel ko
Neele aakash ko ..

Rajneeti ke madaari
ye sun lein zaraa,
 Jo dukaanein chaltein hain
Inn ke dard aur zakhmon ko bech Kar

' Vo Jo  ghar se nikaale gaye thay kabhi ,
Zakhm unn ke abhi bhi
na bhar paaye hain,
Din abhi tak na unn ke
 sanvar paaye hain,
Zakhm par
 Sabz baagon ka
  haseen khwaab ka ,
Jhootha marham  hi  lepa  gaya  aaj tak 
 Tees barson  se  sirf unn-ko   behlaaya  hai
Jhoothe vaadon se hi sirf  sahlaaya hai ……..'

( Avtar Mota )

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MAHADEVI VERMA ...( 1907-1987 )..Kya Pooja Kya Archan Re. ..

Those among us who have not known her or read her have missed some great Literature .  Along with Nirala , Jai shanker Prasad and SumItra Nandan Pant , she happened to be a strong   pillar of the Chhayavaad movement in Hindi Literature .

Mahadevi ji worked for emancipation of women all along her life. She retired as Vice chancellor of Prayaag  Mahila Vidyapeeth Allahabad . She was a painter as well.

With a mutual understanding  with her husband Dr Swarup Narain Verma , she lived separately to devote full time attention to literature and  other social work essentially emancipation of women through education.  During later years of her life , she was greatly influenced by Buddhism and devoted much time to study some ancient Buddhist scriptures . 

The compassion that is evident in her poetry is a result of  Buddhist influence on her life and thought. This influence played  key role in moving her towards the life of a Sanyasini .

Mahadevi Ji always slept on hard bed made of wooden planks, put on white clothes and had no mirror in her room

Here is a sample of her poetry ….

Chitrit tu, mein hoon rekha- kram,
madhur raag tu, mein swar-sangam,
tu aseem mein seema ka bhram,
kaaya-chhaya mein rahasmay,
preyasi priyatam ka abhinay kyaa !
Tum mujh me priya, phir parichay kyaa

( Mahadevi Verma )

You are drawn, I am just an outline,
you are the sweet melody, I am just a string of notes,
you are limitless, I am but an illusion of limits,
In the secrecy of real image-reflection,
why enact to be lovers!
Why an introduction, since you are within me.

( Avtar Mota )

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Beyond the senses is the mind, beyond the mind is the intellect, higher than the intellect is
the Great Atman, higher than the Great Atman is the Unmanifest."

( Katha Upanishad)

Katha Upanishad is the widely read Upnishad in  the world. It has been translated into  Persian, French ,German, Latin and lately Polish.  Some known admirers of this Upnishad are ; Dara Shikoh ,  Max Muller, Arthur Schopenhauer, Edwin Arnold, Walt Whitman , Henry David Thoreau, Warren Hastings , R W Emerson , and Swami Vivekananda . Dara Shikoh got the Upnishads  translated into Persian in 1657. From Persian, Upnishads were translated into French and Latin. Albert Camus had read the French translation.

According to Schopenhauer, Plato  and Aristotle were also influenced by the wisdom of Upnishads more specifically by Katha Upanishad. He goes on to say that the practice of  questioning the reality is a gift to human civilization . This gift  travelled in different directions  from India . Many scholars believe that Pythagorus,  who had travelled to India,  brought Indian philosophy and thought to his land.

Swami Vivekananda writes:-

" One of the most poetical of the Upanishads, the Katha Upanishad, begins with the inquiry: “When a man dies, there is a dispute. One party declares that he has gone for ever, the other insists that he is still living. Which is true?” Various answers have been given. The whole sphere of metaphysics, philosophy, and religion is really filled with various answers to this question. At the same time, attempts have been made to suppress it, to put a stop to the unrest of mind which asks, “What is beyond? What is real?” But so long as death remains, all these attempts at suppression will always prove to be unsuccessful. We may talk about seeing nothing beyond and keeping all our hopes and aspirations confined to the present moment, and struggle hard not to think of anything beyond the world of senses; and, perhaps, everything outside helps to keep us limited within its narrow bounds. The whole world may combine to prevent us from broadening out beyond the present. Yet, so long as there is death, the question must come again and again, “Is death the end of all these things to which we are clinging, as if they were the most real of all realities, the most substantial of all substances?” The world vanishes in a moment and is gone. Standing on the brink of a precipice beyond which is the infinite yawning chasm, every mind, however hardened, is bound to recoil and ask, “Is this real?” The hopes of a lifetime, built up little by little with all the energies of a great mind, vanish in a second. Are they real? This question must be answered. Time never lessens its power; on the other hand, it adds strength to it." 

 Katha Upanishad is a dialogue on death .A dialogue between an aspiring disciple, Nachiketa, and the ruler of Death ,Yama. Death  kept  troubling  Camus's mind as a philosophical mystery and the most pivotal  issue confronting human civilization  . As writer, Camus pursued four  fundamental issues  : The absurdity of human condition, the inevitability of death, the fundamental need of  individual liberty , and a relentless search for happiness. The Katha Upanishad deals with all the four  .  The knowledge of this  Upnishad made Camus's  thinking totally  different from the other writers of his age. I find Camus's "Outsider"  loudly echoing Katha Upanishad. Camus believed that life was absurd. Man has not to stop at this thought. His business is to generate happiness to overcome this absurdity. To overcome the absurdity, he choses struggle and   struggle leads him  to happiness. This is the message of Upnishads more specifically Katha Upanishad. 

Camus says :-

" Dreams are real as long as they last. Can we say more of life?" 
Not many among us know that this is the message of Upnishads.

I quote four Shlokas from Katha Upanishad.The fundamental thought in these Shlokas  is evident in Albert Camus's philosophy.
"No mortal ever lives by prana, which goes up, nor by Apana, which goes down. Men live by something different, on which these two depend."

( Though ,in simple terms, Prana means inhaled air and Apana is what is  exhaled , Camus interprets it  as  the material world that sustains life and the waste that is generated in order to sustain life.)

Beyond the senses is the mind, beyond the mind is the intellect, higher than the intellect is the Great Atman, higher than the Great Atman is the Unmanifest. 

( This is Camus quest for ultimate happiness by embarking on a struggle that surpasses mind and intellect )

"When all the ties of the heart are severed here on earth, then the mortal becomes immortal. This much alone is the teaching. "

(Camus developed the concept of attached detachment in human relationships from this message of Upnishads . It brought him close to what he propounded  as  freedom of choice and individual liberty to lessen human suffering ) 


" As the sun, who is the eye of the world,
can not be tainted by the defects in our eyes nor by the objects it looks on, So the one Self, dwelling in all, cannot be tainted by the evils of the world ,For this self transcends all."

( For Camus, this  shining self is truth)

If one  reads Camus, one is touched by the nobility of the spirit appearing in his work.This nobility  is his style,  characteristic and quality that differentiates him from other writers.His characters put up a profound and intense struggle  to tear apart the mysteries of absurdity of existence. They might not succeed in this mission but their struggle is visible  everywhere . The special quality of his work quoted in his Nobel Prize citation was, "his illumination of the problems of the human conscience in our time". Truth was also intensely searched and sought after by  the ancient Indian sages. The Upanishads contain the earliest records of Indian search and struggle to arrive at the  truth  of human existence in relation to the cosmos .

Camus's 'Plague ' also reiterates many  concepts from Upnishads and Bhagwat Gita . The character of  Jean Tarrou , the saint without God, is the best example.

(Avtar Mota)


Apart from Katha Upnishad, I also read two books of  Dr. Sharad Chandra ( Ph.D in Comparative Literature with Camus and Indian Philosophy as specializaion) .Dr Sharad Chandra says  that Camus was not an athiest. Her books in French have been accepted in France . Catherine Camus who runs Camus Centre in Paris has not rejected them.  Catherine is Camus's daughter..For this new upnishad link of her work on Camus , She earned  the prestigious Grand Prix du Rayonnement de La Langue Francaise from the Academic Francaise in 1992.

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                                     (AWARD  WINNERS )

    I meet him almost everyday at the baker’s shop. The baker’s shop has many  customers during morning hours . Accordingly , we have to wait for our turn to buy hot baked bread .  To kill time, people gossip and talk to each other. He prefers to talk to me. I have no option.   He has retired from a senior position that he held in agriculture department. His children are  married ,  well settled and  living in Pune and  Noida . He draws good pension and lives in Jammu with his wife.
And then one day he said:

 " Did you read yesterday's 'Globe Express'? "

 " No, I didn't read it . What is there in that newspaper?".

 " At page 7 column 4, you will find my name. I have been made organising secretary of the cultural cell of  the " Rok Tok  " party . Yesterday we had a meeting at  Som Nath's backside  verandah. Som Nath is now general secretary of the cultural cell of  the“ Rok Tok”  party. Aziz Lipton is our  president while  Sham Lal Talvaas is the  chief cultural advisor. This is all due to  Shri N J Lihaaf,  the  chief spokesperson  of  the  “Rok Tok ” party. Lihaaf Sahib  took  ten thousand rupees per person from us as  donation for the  “Rok Tok”   party and distributed these posts after due concurrence of Shri  Gilaas Karwaan   ,  the  state general secretary and working president of the  central high command of   the   “Rok Tok”  party . Karwaan Sahib is the elected legislator of our party. He will now raise our issues in the next assembly session. It was a special favour and concession to us. The normal price for such posts can go up to fifty thousand rupees. And Lihaaf Sahib  has assured us one to one detailed meeting with Karwaan Sahib in September. Now our names will  regularly appear in 'Globe Express 'newspaper every week even if we don't hold any meeting. We have to give a press release to  Ratan Berang. Ratan Berang, the city correspondent of Globe Express is a close friend of NJ Lihaaf.  It is all set now."

 " That is good. Som Nath was telling me that you have also been awarded some SSCD 2019 Literary Award. How many persons were awarded? What is this award? "

 " Yes apart from me, five persons were given the prestigious SSCD Literary Award for the year 2019. Poet Sham Lal Talvaas, writer Som Nath,  Parvez Muscle ( owner of Muscle Gym ) , Aziz Lipton ( Assam tea trader )  and upcoming singer Surbaaz  Pahalwan ( from Langot Akhara )  were given this SSCD 2019 Literary Award. In total ,  6 persons received SSCD 2019 Literary Award. SSCD is an NGO  of  Shri  Samir Samar. All the six awardees had donated five thousand each to SSCD, the NGO of Samir Samar.  The awards were presented by ex-minister Dil Nawaz Bedil in a grand function held at Tehzeeb Theatre. Our names appeared in newspapers ."

 " What is SSCD?"

 " Society for Stopping Cruelty to Dogs."

 " What is the connection of SSCD or a dog society  with literature? "

 " There is enough indirect connection. In the prize distribution  function, Sham Lal Talvaas read a poem on the faithfulness of a dog. Though nobody listened to him as lights suddenly went off while he was reciting his poem but the audience cheered him lustily at the end.   Som Nath read his short story in English titled 'Frog, dog and wooden log'. He had to wind up early as tea was served to the chief guest who stood up and had an argument with  Shri Samir Samar for not serving tea to his party workers in the audience. Aziz Lipton gave a lecture on the art of mixing Red Label and Green Label tea to create an excellent flavour of Lipton tea exactly like what is served at Ahdoo's Hotel in Srinagar. He also revealed that after  domestic dogs, street dogs  have also started liking Lipton tea .
Pervez Muscle revealed how he trained some dogs in his gym thereby implying that dogs and human beings are excellent at learning if the trainer knows his job. He also spoke on how to build six-pack muscles with a flat tummy. He distributed some samples of 'Power Tone' brand of protein supplement to the audience. He added that he had taken up pan state distribution of this high-quality product lately. According to him, the product dramatically reduces weight and removes extra fat from the body. He gave three packs of Power Tone  free to ex-minister Dil Nawaz Bedil. 
Surbaaz Pahalwan gave a lecture on the link between wrestling and music. According to him, many wrestlers in the US became singers and musicians. He said  that wrestling gives perfection to Sur and Taal apart from improving performer's grip ."After all wrestling and music revolve around the grip ", added Surbaaz Pahalwan. He also informed how  he had introduced wrestling to  domestic dogs in his Akhara . He further revealed that   he was all set  to introduce this skill to stray dogs  very shortly .  I had also to read a  paper on “ Sadat Hassan Manto ka  khaarishzada kutta aur Saugandhi afsaana ” in Urdu  but Shri Samir Samar advised me to go back to my seat as the chief guest had to leave. We had  to receive award certificates hurriedly. Now the SSCD 2019 awardees have formed a society  called BBWA. This society  will  present  awards in 2020. BBWA  will also present award   to Shri  Samir Samar . We will have a grand function in Tehzeeb Theatre. Karwaan Sahib will be the chief guest. This suggestion has come from Shri  N J Lihaaf who is a close friend of  Shri  Samir Samar. We have already donated rupees six thousand each for the BBWA award event. The event will be known as the “ BBWA Top Literary 2020 Award Ceremony “ .  Shri NJ Lihaaf and Shri  Ratan Berang will also be given BBWA 2020 Literary Award.  Along with Som Nath, Sham Lal Talvaas , Aziz Lipton , Pervez Muscle , Surbaaz  Pahalwan  , I will also  get one more award in 2020  . One semi Pashmina  shawl will be presented to  Shri Gilaas Karwan Sahib .  Come that day. You will enjoy. If you desire and donate six thousand to BBWA, you can also get the award. "

 "Thanks. What is BBWA ?"

 " Body Builders Welfare Association"

 (Avtar Mota)     

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