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Dr. Lokesh Chandra(Born 1927)

He is Dr. Lokesh Chandra . He is a  polyglot , Indologist and  a scholar . I have not read any author in my life who has the clarity and in depth knowledge of ancient India as this man possesses. Read him to know  what i say. Pick up any one out of the  576 books that he has authored . Read his essays. Listen to him. He illuminates your mind.
Dr Lokesh Chandra knows more than 20 languages and the list  includes Urdu,  Hindi, Sanskrit, Pali, Avesta, Old Persian, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian,Indonesian, Greek, Latin, German, French, Russian, etc. He knows many Indian languages  such as Tamil, Bengla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya.

He is the son of eminent Indologist Dr Raghuvira. . The family belongs to Rawalpindi  .Dr Lokesh  Chandra studied at Forman Christian College Lahore and Netherlands . He lives in Delhi .

Well known Persian scholar  Padamshri  Dr. Kashi Nath Pandita told me:

" I know him since the days he headed ICHR and   ICCR .He is truly an amazing personality. Looking at him ,one gets convinced about the  extraordinary  potential of human mind  . Every person can't  do so. Only the gifted few  can do this wonder.It is not a joke to master more than 20 complex languages of the world. His contribution towards interpreting Buddhist scriptures, paintings and ancient  texts has no parallel .   Writing 576 scholarly books means dedicating all his  life to this task. Simply great."

(Avtar Mota)

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