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To this photo, i add some lines from Hindi poem "Yashodhara " by Maithali Sharan Gupt. This is my favourite poem. From this long poem, I have selected some lines wherein child Rahul ( Gautam Buddha's son ) is requesting his mother Yashodhara to tell him a bedtime story. Rahul feels lonely as his father has left the palace and renounced the material world to attain Buddhahood . 

'Yashodhara’ is the story of Lord Buddha, who came out on the path of nirvana and initiated the expansion of Buddhism, while renouncing the happiness and prosperity of Raj Bhavan, luxurious life, his wife- Yashodhara and an only son- Rahul. Maithili Sharan Gupta has presented the story of Lord Buddha in the form of poetry

Maithili Sharan Gupt (3rd August, 1886 - 12th December, 1964) was one of the most important modern Hindi poets. He was considered one among the pioneers of ‘Khadi Boli’ poetry and wrote in Khari Boli dialect, at a time when most Hindi poets favoured the use of Braj Bhasha dialect. He was a recipient of the third highest Indian civilian honour of Padma Bhushan (1954).

Maa keh ek kahaani
" beta samajh liya kya tum ne 
Mujh ko apni naani " 
" Kehtii thhi Mujh se yeh Chaiti 
Tu Meri Naani Ki Beti 
keh Maa keh Laiti hi Laiti
Raja Thha Ya Raani .
Maa keh Eik kahaani"

Yashodhara :
" Tu hai hathi maan-dhan meray
Suun upvan mein bahut saveray
Taat braman kartay thay teray
Jahaan surabhi munmaani"
"Jahaan surabhi munmaani? 
Haan maa yahi kahaani ' 

( Avtar Mota )

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Friday, July 15, 2022



 I have written a small poem on this thought :

"Bhaur ki laali maaya saagar
 so hai saanjh ki bela....
Aana jaana bhed na paana
bandhu yeh kya khela..
Iss gorakh dhandhe ke chalte
 sab kuchh hai matmela 
Dubki maare bhed na paaye 
kya guru aur kya chela..."

( Avtar Mota)

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                                                                         ( The Musicians)

                                                                       ( Self Portrait)
                                                    (  “Odalisque couchée aux magnolias”)        

                                            ( Sophie Matisse, great granddaughter of the artist )

                                                           ( The Dancers)
                                                             ( The Red Studio ) 

                                                                    ( The lady at the Piano )

                                           (Henri Matisse, The Moroccans, 1915-1916, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, USA.)

                                                                 ( Matisse in his studio)


HENRI MATISSE (1869-1954)  AT  THE MOMA (  Museum Of Modern Art) ,MANHATTAN ,NEW  YORK.

  On 24th June , 2022 , I spent a day at the MOMA , New York . This was my fourth visit to the Museum  since 2017.The Museum of Modern Art is located on 53rd  Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Its location is close to the Madisson Avenue and Broadway Street. Sheraton New York and New York Hilton hotels are also located nearby. The food carts of ever busy and popular 'Halal Guys 'are also located nearby.The  MOMA is  easily approachable by New York Subway( metro) or taxi. One can walk some blocks from the  Times Square Subway station and reach the MOMA .

Every type of Modern Art that was produced in Europe and America after 1940  is exhibited or  showcased here .The idea for the Museum of Modern Art was developed in 1928 primarily by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller (wife of John D. Rockefeller .) and two of her friends; Lillie P Bliss and Mrs Cornelius J Sullivan. They belonged to wealthy and philanthropic families. I am told that the present MOMA complex also belonged to the philanthropic Rockfeller family.
More than two million people  visit the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) every year — and it’s not hard to understand why. This powerhouse art institution was the city’s first museum that focused exclusively on Modern Art. Inside its hallowed halls, it houses masterpieces by some of the greatest artists to ever live, including Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh, to name just a few. Its sculpture garden designed by legendary architect Philip Johnson,  is an attraction in and of itself .The entry fee  for adults at the MOMA is 25 Dollars . There is some entree fee concession  for seniors, disabled individuals  and students .Apart from this ,New York residents are allowed free entry once in a month. This free entry is sponsored by UNIQLO, the Japanese apparel giant.  Incidentally UNIQLO was established in 1984 in Hiroshama city and currently it is located in 2000 cities the  in 15 countries of the world .

Arranged as a special exhibition, Henri Matisse's  work was on lavish display at the MOMA  on the date of my visit .This special Matisse  exhibition held on 3rd floor was known as “THE RED STUDIO” .  Opened on May 1,2022 , the exhibition gave  visitors a once-in-a-lifetime way to experience the legendary Henri Matisse’s  work. The Red Studio at the MOMA will close on  September 10. From the MOMA, “THE RED STUDIO’  will move to the  National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen whereat it will be on display  from October 13, 2022, to February 26, 2023. Apart from  the paintings ,the prints and the cut outs ,a rich selection of the  archival materials, including  the photographs and the  letters of Matisse were also being exhibited at the MOMA.  These items reveal new information about the painting’s subject and history.

Henri Matisse was born  in northern France, on December 31, 1869.  He is widely regarded as the greatest colourist of the 20th  century and  a rival to Pablo Picasso in the importance of his innovations. He emerged as a Post-Impressionist painter , and first achieved prominence as the leader of the French  Art  movement known as Fauvism .The Fauvism artists also referred to as the “Fauves” or “Beasts” developed a style with extremely bright colours and would inspire many of the most renowned modernist artists during the next decades.

Initially Matisse  painted still-life  and landscapes in a traditional style and  gained good proficiency. He was influenced by the works of earlier masters such as Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, Nicolas Poussin, and Antoine Watteau, as well as by modern artists such as Edouard Manet, and also by the Japanese art. The Japanese influence is clearly visible  in many of his creations .

His work exudes bright, pure colour and expressive form and composition. This was the epitome of the Fauvist style, the art movement led by Matisse which was defined by bright colours striving for strong emotional reactions. Matisse used pure colours and the white of exposed canvas to create a light-filled atmosphere in his Fauve paintings. During his  Fauvist period, Matisse produced a significant number of remarkable canvases, such as the portrait of Madame Matisse, called The Green Line (1905; Statens Museum for Kunst. Copenhagen); Bonheur de vivre (1905–6; Barnes Collection, Merion, Pa.); Marguerite Reading (ca. 1906; Museum of Modern Art, New York); two versions of the Young Sailor (1906), the second of which is in the Metropolitan Museum (1999.363.41); Blue Nude: Memory of Biskra (1907; Baltimore Museum of Art); and two versions of Le Luxe (1907), among others.

Matisse's well known paintings   have been sold for millions of dollars. Some examples include The Plum Blossoms (1948) which was bought for approximately $25 million for the Museum of Modern Art in 2005, and a sculpture named “Reclining Nude, I” which was sold for $9.2 million in 2002.His most expansive painting so far is a painting called “Odalisque couchée aux magnolias” which was sold in 2018 for an astounding $80.8 million .Before the auction  this painting was owned by  David Rockfeller's family . It was hung in the living room of the family's 70 acre 'Hudson Pines' house  on the outskirts of Manhattan, New York. This 70 acre  property was sold by the family after the death of David Rockfeller( 1915-2017) in 2017.

( Avtar Mota)

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Saturday, July 9, 2022





                                                ( The blogger at Lake George.July 2022)






 Known as 'Queen Of Lakes' , Lake George is one amongst some few pure water lakes in the US .Close to the Montreal town of Canada, the lake is about 4 hours car drive ( highway interstate 87) from Jersey city and approximately same distance away from Manhattan . The lake has 100 plus miles of shoreline in and 300 plus islands in it. It is approximately 32 miles long and has a maximum width of 3.3 miles . The deepest point in the lake is 200 feet . Parasailing and Lake Cruise are the major attractions for  the visitors to this lake . Mohican, Minne Ha Ha, and Lac du Saint Sacrement ,the three small ships carry tourists for the Lake cruise. On an average, one single cruise ticket without Lunch or dinner costs about 25  US dollars .People also go for boating and speed boat rides and other water sports .The shoreline cruises in Lake George provides amazing views of the lake surrounded by the spectacular Adirondack Mountains. Parasailing is the most popular attraction for the tourists. One can go up to a height of 300 feet from the lake's surface. 


Lake George has been a vacation paradise for families  coming  to experience the many lakeside activities. The hotels, cabins, and campsites offer something for every type of traveller, and the charming lakeside town offers plenty of fun activities and dining options. I saw no weed or any underwater growth in any shape in the lake from the deck of the cruise ship. The captain announced that it is a criminal act to throw anything into the lake . We were told to abide by 'carry in and carry out ' rule .

 There are many fresh water springs in Lake George. Many small streams and rivulets also join the lake waters. The mountains surrounding Lake George create a small watershed with steep slopes. This small, forested watershed doesn't produce much pollution; it keeps Lake George's water clean and clear. I was told that the water of the lake is fit for drinking . 

 Lake George town is located on the end shore of this lake . The town is located in New York’s vast, protected Adirondack region of mountains and old-growth forest.. The town is a total commercial centre thriving on tourism . It has hotels, motels, restaurants, bars,pubs, coffee shops, ice cream shops, toy shops, shops selling curios and antiques, ready made garment shops, liquor and wine shops ,etc .There are hotels , motels and other types of accommodation available for tourists . A footpath market on the lake's shore just outside the cool and shady 'Shephard Park ' is a great attraction for tourists. One can buy gift items,  fancy caps, wall paintings, local farm products ,T shirts , toys, swim suits. farm cheese , wines ,etc from this market . A little bargaining was visible. The 'Adirondack Winery ' located on Canada Street has a tasting room for the buyers .


  I was told that the town closes for winter due to heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures . The tourist season ends in mid November . The lake also freezes partly due to intense cold and freezing temperature that hovers around minus 20 degrees Celsius. In spite of intense cold , each February , the town hosts a winter carnival every weekend with fun activities for kids and adults including snowmobile and outhouse races, skating, fishing and ice sculpting. We can  see how the lake looks in winter by opening below  link in Google search:-



      At the corner of Amherst and Canada Street in the main market of Lake George town, one comes across an imposing old brick building constructed in 1840. Known as 'The Old Warren County Courthouse Complex' , the building was used for official purposes but in 1973 , it was converted to a museum and art gallery. One can see an impressive array of works by renowned masters such as Rembrandt, Picasso, and van Gogh in the art gallery. One can also visit the old library opened by the residents in 1894 in Lake George town. There is a mini Golf Club for the lovers of the game. I was told that Autumn in the Lake George town is truly magnificent as the radiant kaleidoscope of colour on the mountains is reflected in the sparkling waters of the lake .

 I saw Ben and Jerry ice cream shop. Love this ice-cream that originally comes from Vermont, New England. In 2019, we had relished it in Burlington .For lunch ,we had Falafel, rice, chicken Gyro, Samosa, ice cream and French-fries with lemonade at the 'Gyro Hut ' ,a popular restaurant serving food specialties from the Middle-East. For dinner we went to 'Ali Baba Express' , a popular Mediterranean Food restaurant and had something like Rajmah- Chawal with Falafel apart from Pizza and guacamole .Every hotel is crowded. Tourists, tourists and tourists everywhere. They are from the US, Canada and Europe. 

 The walkable town of Lake George features a variety of boutiques, markets, and stores to satisfy any shopper. Stroll along Beach Road and Canada Street to enjoy lakeside views while you dip in and out of attractive town shops. Festivals, fireworks, free events – there’s always an event to attend and celebrate. Musical programmes and comedy theatre is popular .Something new and exciting is happening every day, from fireworks on Thursdays, big bands on Tuesdays, to wonderful boat cruises and carriage rides every night. Come by boat, by trolley, or by car – it will be a visit to please you and your family, any season, any time.

 During our stay ,the day temperature never went beyond 25 degrees Celsius. Nights were pleasant with clear starry sky. 



 A  fellow tourist on the deck told me this :-

 " I keep coming over here regularly. I am a retired engineer. I live in Albany. It is the official capital of New York State. Once Kingston was the capital. To ease pressure on Manhattan, the State decided to move the capital to Albany. No skyscrapers . Simple neat and clean city. People who were persecuted or who were very poor in Europe , came to America during early 17th century or may be before that. This country gave Industrial revolution to the world and they came as cheap labour. I mean the Italians and the Irish . The French, the Spanish ,the Portuguese and the Britishers came to colonize America. The cotton, sugarcane and steel mills absorbed the poor immigrant labourers. The Africans were brought as slaves by the Europeans. They worked on sugar, cotton and tea plantations, and rail construction projects. A great role has been played by  the African Americans in development of basic infrastructure and trade in this country . The French immigrants came to this Lake side via Canada .It was French missionary Father Isaac Joques, who discovered the lake in 1646. .He called it 'Lac du St. Sacrement' and it was over a hundred years later when General William Johnson re-named it Lake George in honour of his King. To arrive in this area ,the French  had to face great resistance from the Mohwak the Mohicans tribes . Later, the French and British were engaged in a battle over control of North America, and this was a frontier separating the warring empires." 


 ( Avtar Mota )


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