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.Architecture is one such area which absorbed maximum external influences in Kashmir predominantly visible in Temples , Mosques , Buildings both  private and public. The influence of Budhist , Hindu , Islamic and western styles of architecture amalgamated well in Kashmir. Buildings with Intricate wood work , ornate doors , Khatambandi ceilings , Exquisite DUBBS ( I am unable to find an English equivalent of kashmiri DUB as it is neither a portico, nor Porch and not the least an attic but somewhat close to JHAROKA in Rajputana Style of Architecture ) dotted the skyline of Srinagar city . Some of these building are in utter bad shape and neglect . Some have been demolished .

Residential buildings with dubs are seldom seen now in new colonies of srinagar city . . With modern RCC structures coming up , the DUBBS have vanished . I have clicked some residential buildings displaying Typical Kashmiri DUBBS. Sitting on DUBS with HUKKA was a sense of satisfaction and relaxation for Kashmiris. DUBBS would provide additional space quite airy and projecting outward from the main building structure.

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Photo Autar Mota july 2012 ( inside a Hotel in Qazi Gund Kashmir )


Autar Mota Feels …………….

“ Man is himself responsible for his belongings . Don’t Blame others . Others are certainly an integral part of our external being but the real being that lies hidden beneath is inaccessible to these “OTHERS ” . For others its doors are shut . It lies locked . Probably that hidden inner being in every individual decides what is good or bad for him in a given set of circumstances . It immediately rings the alarm bell should an individual tread a wrong path. Ignore the alarm bell and be responsible for what happens . But then many individuals converse with that inner being as well . They befriend and Cultivate it . Nurse it . Create super sensitivity to catch even the feeblest and faintest alarm signal from this entity. There could be a situation when even after paying heed to the alarm signals of that inner being something wrong still happens ; Worry not . You are certainly not responsible. It is a system failure . And now if you overlook those instant inner warning signals , hold yourself responsible for what happens . Others do not come in this situation. By others I mean all even the nearest and the dearest. Why hold them responsible ? Possibly others reveal to us what we are but instead of recognizing this aspect , we tend to hold them responsible for what we make of our own self .Strange but true , the realist is quite often not disturbed by the presence of “ others ”.

.But then quite often it also requires a good amount of courage and conviction to follow those inner warning signal . And under all circumstances ………. SAVAARI APNAY SAMAAN KI KHUDD ZIMEDAAR HAI ……….…..

I end this post with lines from urdu poet Akhtar Ul Iman’s poem Naya Ahang…

Loghaat alfaaz kaa ek Dheir hai Lafzon pe mat jaanaa,
Nayaa Aahang Hotaa hai Moratab Lafz o Maani kaa
Mere Haq mein abhi Kuchh Faisalaa saadir na farmaana
Me jiss din Aaoongaa Taaza Loghaat Hamraah Laaoongaa..

( Akhtar Ul Iman )

The dictionary is nothing but a heap of words,
Be cautious .
A fresh design is in the offing to define everything anew ,
Pray , don’t pass any Judgement at the instant ,
The day I come my Lord ,
I shall bring along with me the new lexicon……”

( Autar Mota )

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