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BABA SHEIKH FARID (1173-1266 )

Kaaga karang Dhadoliya saglaa Khaaiyo Mass

Aey Do Nainaan Mat Chhuchho pir dekhan ki aas 
( Sheikh Farid )

( O crow ! come and peck all this flesh
over this skeletal frame of mine ,
Leave these two eyes untouched 
for they are in wait of that Grand beloved of mine )

This Sloka of Sheikh Farid has been translated into various languages and extensively used to portray wait in films , Drama and Theatre . 

“Kaga sab tan khaaiyo chun chun khaiyo maas
Do naina mat khaaiyo mohe piya milan ki aas”

Khwaja Farid Ud Din Ganjshakkar fondly known as Baba sheikh farid , born in village kothewal near Multan , was a direct disciple of Hazrat Bakhtiar kaki . He belonged to the chisti order of sufis and was a direct descendant of Caliph Umar Inm al Khatib of Mecca ( 577-644 AD). He was born at a time when north India and especially Punjab was under great turmoil. Taimur Lang , Halaku (Grand son of changez khan ) and other invaders had ravaged the country for about 200 years before his death.Slave Dynasty of Qutub Ud din Aibak had tried to subdue people by force that resulted in social tensions and friction in various communities . Then came these sufi saints who applied healing Balm to the wounds of the people by their words and deeds .

Farida Khaak na Nindiye Khaaku Jedh na Koyiyey
Jeevdiya Pairaa talley Muyiya oppar Hoyiyey
( Sheikh Farid )

(Speak not ill of this dust O Farid !
Nothing equals this dust over here .
For , it lies underneath our feet whilst we exist 
And comes over to the head after Death.)

Baba farid wrote sufi poetry that came to be known as slokas in Paunjabi.He preached hindus and Muslims alike and Humanity was his religion. He is considered to be the first major poet of Punjabi language .
So profound is the humanitarian message in his poetry that Guru Arjun dev ji included 134 slokas of sheikh Farid in Guru Granth sahib. Even Guru Nanak Dev ji had included his Hymns in Adi Granth the predecessor of Guru Granth sahib.
Farida galliye chikkad , door Ghar Naal Pyaare neho 
Challan TaanBhijjey kambli rahan taan tootay neho
( Sheikh Farid )

( far away lies my Destnation 
And muddy are the pathways to my beloved’s abode 
If i step in , this cloak shall get muddy ,
And if i step not , the bond of attachment 
shall break.)

His Mazaar is located at Pak Pattan in Pakistan. Like Sikh tradition , a langar is active at this shrine serving food to visitors .Annual urs at the shrine is held for six days in the month of Muhharam the first month of Islamic calendar. Mehfi e sama ( Qawaali ) is a daily feature at this shrine . Dhamaal or a dance in trance is also a special feature at this shrine.
Kale Mainde Kapde Te Kalaa Meinda Bhaisu 
Gun Hi Bhariya Mein Phiraan log Kehn Darveshu 
( Sheikh Farid )

( Black are my clothes and blacker are my deeds ,
Hiding them underneath this black garb , 
I mover around 
Like a dervish that people call me .)
( Autar Mota )

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