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                                                                     ( Baba Bulle Shah )
To this painting i am adding some lines from Baba Bulle shah , the grand sufi poet of punjab.I have also done english rendering of the lines ..

Na mein moman vich maseetaan,
Na mein vich kufar dian reetaan,
Na mein pakaan vich paleetan.
Na mein Aatish na mein Paun ..
............Ki Janaa Mein Kaun
............Bulla Ki jaana mein Kaun…………..
( Baba Bulle Shah )

A believer inside the mosque , I am not,
Nor a Pagan , A follower of fake rituals .
Not the pure amongst the impure I claim to be.
And neither born to Fire nor to water ,
To My own self , I remain unknown
Bulleh Shah ! To me, I am not known

Syed Abdullah shah Qadri popularly known as Baba Bulle Shah ( 1680-1757 ) was a sufi poet , philosopher and a saint from Kasur in Punjab.He was a contemporary of Sachal Sarmast of sindh , Waris shah and Mir Taqi Mir. In sufi poetry , he followed the style of Shah Hussain of Punjab .
Incidentally the renowned hindustani classical singer ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali khan sahib was also from kasur..
( Autar Mota )

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