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SHAH HUSSAIN (1538-1599)
Born during the reign of Sher Shah Suri, Shah Hussain was a sufi poet ,saint , mystic and originator of Kaafi style in Punjabi Poetry .His grandfather Kuljas Rai was a Hindu Rajput of Dudha clan who converted to Islam . His father had taken up the profession of weaving.
Shah Hussain was born and brought up in Lahore . So much was he fond of his Brahmin disciple Madho lal that he changed his own name to Madho Lal Hussain.And Madho Lal remained steadfast in his loyalty to his master. Together with Madho lal , Shah Hussain defied the then conventional set up of the society by declaring and proclaiming the supremacy of Humanism over everything else.
After Shah Hussain’s death , Madho lal became the leader of this sect of sufis. Madho lal also lies buried near the tomb of his master in Lahore .
The annual Urs held at the shrine of Shah Hussain is known as Mela Chiraagaan by Lahoris( Residents of Lahore ).
Shah Hussain is reported to have personally gone to meet Guru Arjun Dev ji while he was compiling Guru Granth Sahib .
A defiant sufi who stood firm in his support of peasants and poor , Shah Hussain had a carefree life style . Even emperor Akbar is reported to have ordered his arrest once . Akbar had ordered public hanging of Dulha Bhatti for leading agitating peasants for excessive levies / Taxes during his rule .
Word “Maaye ( O Mother )“ has been frequently and beautifully used by him in his poetry . He also uses Ranjha and Heer symbolically to convey his unflinching love for the divine . His poetic language is by and large spoken urban Punjabi . I quote sample lines from his poems ….
(1) Ranjhaa ranjhaa kardhe kardhe
Ni Mein aap hi Raanjha Hoyee .
Sayyoni Mainu Saddon Raanjhaa
Heer na aakho Koyee …
( Shah Hussain )
Calling Ranjha’s name repeatedly ,
I myself have become Raanjha Now .
Henceforth, Friends call me Raanjha ,
Hereafter , None to call me Heer any more .
( These lines are comparable with Naam simran or Naam Japaa )

Maaye Ni me Konoon Aakhaan
Dard vichhorre da haal ni
Dukhaan di Roti soolaan da saalan
Aahein da baalan baal ni..
( Shah Hussain )
O Mother ! O Mother !
Before whom should I express
This pain of separation ..
For me , O mother , Make bread from this misery,
Sauces from these thorns
And lit your fire from these laments of mine .
( These lines are comparable with Poems of Intense Bhakti Yoga )
Mein Bhi Jhok Ranjhan di Janaan
Naal Meray Koyee Challey
Pairaan Pwodhi Mintaan Kardhi
Janaa Taan Peyaa Kalley
(Shah Hussain )
O Fellow Travelers !
I too desire to travel towards the abode of that beloved ,
Would any one accompany me ?
I begged everyone around,
I made repeated requests as well.
Now , alone I set out towards that Goal .
( The lines are comparable with the philosophy of “ Self Ascent )
Surti di sooi prem de Thaagey
Paiwand laggey Satsangey
Kahey Husssain faqeer Saayin da
Takhat Na Mildhey Mangey .
( Shah Hussain )
The needle of superior awareness
And the cord of love ,
Get bound together
In the company of wise men alone .
Husain , a poor wanderer in the path of his master adds
“No throne of wisdom is ever granted by mere asking for it.”
( The lines convey the Importance of Satsang or True company or company of wise )
( Autar Mota )
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