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MAHADEVI VERMA ...( 1907-1987 )..Kya Pooja Kya Archan Re. ..

Those among us who have not known her or read her have missed some great Literature .  Along with Nirala , Jai shanker Prasad and SumItra Nandan Pant , she happened to be a strong   pillar of the Chhayavaad movement in Hindi Literature .

Mahadevi ji worked for emancipation of women all along her life. She retired as Vice chancellor of Prayaag  Mahila Vidyapeeth Allahabad . She was a painter as well.

With a mutual understanding  with her husband Dr Swarup Narain Verma , she lived separately to devote full time attention to literature and  other social work essentially emancipation of women through education.  During later years of her life , she was greatly influenced by Buddhism and devoted much time to study some ancient Buddhist scriptures . 

The compassion that is evident in her poetry is a result of  Buddhist influence on her life and thought. This influence played  key role in moving her towards the life of a Sanyasini .

Mahadevi Ji always slept on hard bed made of wooden planks, put on white clothes and had no mirror in her room

Here is a sample of her poetry ….

Chitrit tu, mein hoon rekha- kram,
madhur raag tu, mein swar-sangam,
tu aseem mein seema ka bhram,
kaaya-chhaya mein rahasmay,
preyasi priyatam ka abhinay kyaa !
Tum mujh me priya, phir parichay kyaa

( Mahadevi Verma )

You are drawn, I am just an outline,
you are the sweet melody, I am just a string of notes,
you are limitless, I am but an illusion of limits,
In the secrecy of real image-reflection,
why enact to be lovers!
Why an introduction, since you are within me.

( Avtar Mota )

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