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                                     (AWARD  WINNERS )

    I meet him almost everyday at the baker’s shop. The baker’s shop has many  customers during morning hours . Accordingly , we have to wait for our turn to buy hot baked bread .  To kill time, people gossip and talk to each other. He prefers to talk to me. I have no option.   He has retired from a senior position that he held in agriculture department. His children are  married ,  well settled and  living in Pune and  Noida . He draws good pension and lives in Jammu with his wife.
And then one day he said:

 " Did you read yesterday's 'Globe Express'? "

 " No, I didn't read it . What is there in that newspaper?".

 " At page 7 column 4, you will find my name. I have been made organising secretary of the cultural cell of  the " Rok Tok  " party . Yesterday we had a meeting at  Som Nath's backside  verandah. Som Nath is now general secretary of the cultural cell of  the“ Rok Tok”  party. Aziz Lipton is our  president while  Sham Lal Talvaas is the  chief cultural advisor. This is all due to  Shri N J Lihaaf,  the  chief spokesperson  of  the  “Rok Tok ” party. Lihaaf Sahib  took  ten thousand rupees per person from us as  donation for the  “Rok Tok”   party and distributed these posts after due concurrence of Shri  Gilaas Karwaan   ,  the  state general secretary and working president of the  central high command of   the   “Rok Tok”  party . Karwaan Sahib is the elected legislator of our party. He will now raise our issues in the next assembly session. It was a special favour and concession to us. The normal price for such posts can go up to fifty thousand rupees. And Lihaaf Sahib  has assured us one to one detailed meeting with Karwaan Sahib in September. Now our names will  regularly appear in 'Globe Express 'newspaper every week even if we don't hold any meeting. We have to give a press release to  Ratan Berang. Ratan Berang, the city correspondent of Globe Express is a close friend of NJ Lihaaf.  It is all set now."

 " That is good. Som Nath was telling me that you have also been awarded some SSCD 2019 Literary Award. How many persons were awarded? What is this award? "

 " Yes apart from me, five persons were given the prestigious SSCD Literary Award for the year 2019. Poet Sham Lal Talvaas, writer Som Nath,  Parvez Muscle ( owner of Muscle Gym ) , Aziz Lipton ( Assam tea trader )  and upcoming singer Surbaaz  Pahalwan ( from Langot Akhara )  were given this SSCD 2019 Literary Award. In total ,  6 persons received SSCD 2019 Literary Award. SSCD is an NGO  of  Shri  Samir Samar. All the six awardees had donated five thousand each to SSCD, the NGO of Samir Samar.  The awards were presented by ex-minister Dil Nawaz Bedil in a grand function held at Tehzeeb Theatre. Our names appeared in newspapers ."

 " What is SSCD?"

 " Society for Stopping Cruelty to Dogs."

 " What is the connection of SSCD or a dog society  with literature? "

 " There is enough indirect connection. In the prize distribution  function, Sham Lal Talvaas read a poem on the faithfulness of a dog. Though nobody listened to him as lights suddenly went off while he was reciting his poem but the audience cheered him lustily at the end.   Som Nath read his short story in English titled 'Frog, dog and wooden log'. He had to wind up early as tea was served to the chief guest who stood up and had an argument with  Shri Samir Samar for not serving tea to his party workers in the audience. Aziz Lipton gave a lecture on the art of mixing Red Label and Green Label tea to create an excellent flavour of Lipton tea exactly like what is served at Ahdoo's Hotel in Srinagar. He also revealed that after  domestic dogs, street dogs  have also started liking Lipton tea .
Pervez Muscle revealed how he trained some dogs in his gym thereby implying that dogs and human beings are excellent at learning if the trainer knows his job. He also spoke on how to build six-pack muscles with a flat tummy. He distributed some samples of 'Power Tone' brand of protein supplement to the audience. He added that he had taken up pan state distribution of this high-quality product lately. According to him, the product dramatically reduces weight and removes extra fat from the body. He gave three packs of Power Tone  free to ex-minister Dil Nawaz Bedil. 
Surbaaz Pahalwan gave a lecture on the link between wrestling and music. According to him, many wrestlers in the US became singers and musicians. He said  that wrestling gives perfection to Sur and Taal apart from improving performer's grip ."After all wrestling and music revolve around the grip ", added Surbaaz Pahalwan. He also informed how  he had introduced wrestling to  domestic dogs in his Akhara . He further revealed that   he was all set  to introduce this skill to stray dogs  very shortly .  I had also to read a  paper on “ Sadat Hassan Manto ka  khaarishzada kutta aur Saugandhi afsaana ” in Urdu  but Shri Samir Samar advised me to go back to my seat as the chief guest had to leave. We had  to receive award certificates hurriedly. Now the SSCD 2019 awardees have formed a society  called BBWA. This society  will  present  awards in 2020. BBWA  will also present award   to Shri  Samir Samar . We will have a grand function in Tehzeeb Theatre. Karwaan Sahib will be the chief guest. This suggestion has come from Shri  N J Lihaaf who is a close friend of  Shri  Samir Samar. We have already donated rupees six thousand each for the BBWA award event. The event will be known as the “ BBWA Top Literary 2020 Award Ceremony “ .  Shri NJ Lihaaf and Shri  Ratan Berang will also be given BBWA 2020 Literary Award.  Along with Som Nath, Sham Lal Talvaas , Aziz Lipton , Pervez Muscle , Surbaaz  Pahalwan  , I will also  get one more award in 2020  . One semi Pashmina  shawl will be presented to  Shri Gilaas Karwan Sahib .  Come that day. You will enjoy. If you desire and donate six thousand to BBWA, you can also get the award. "

 "Thanks. What is BBWA ?"

 " Body Builders Welfare Association"

 (Avtar Mota)     

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