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Unknown Artist Maheshwar Nath Dhar (1908-1992)

He was an accomplished Artist from Chandpora Habba Kadal. Not to be confused with another Artist of the same name who worked as Royal Artist in the Darbaar of Maharaja Partap Singh.
Sunita Handoo ,his grand daughter informs me :
" I owe my Artistic activity to him only. He was my maternal grandfather. He served as Art teacher in Kangra Himachal Pradesh . He painted the images of goddesses that were displayed at Kheer Bhawani , Hari Parbat and many other Temples. He made thousands of paintings that were lost in the turmoil of 1990. A few are available with his friends and relations. These paintings , he had already gifted to them prior to 1990 and as such, only these could be saved. He remained unknown and unsung . "
I have heard that the beautiful wall paintings of Shiva temple of Jogi Lanker Rainawari( near Vishwa Bharti college) were done by some Artist from Chandpora Habba Kadal. Could he be the person? I am not sure.
(Avtar Mota)

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