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TULIPS grow on Bulbous spring flowering plants. The flowers can be traced to have been brought by Ottomman Turks to Holland (Netherlands) in early 16th centuary. Tulips are also cultivated in Austria .But in Netherlands , Tulips have now become as one of the symbols of the country . Tulip Bulbs and their future options are traded in Stock Exchanges in Holland (Netherlands ). Being Colourful, captivating and tender , these flowers have a limited life every season.

TULIP Garden of Kashmir which is about 7 kms from the srinagar city, was inaugurated in March2008 by Smt Sonia Gandhi.The garden is just on Boulevard Chashme Shahi Link Road proximal to the Botanical Garden. Developed recently with the support from Dutch Experts , the garden has mid spring Varieties of TULIPS lasting for one month only from mid April to Mid may. The garden is perched in the lap of foothills of the ZABARWAN mountain range with scenic Dal Lake forming the front view from the garden . It is terraced in three levels with two terraces completely occupying the Tulip Beds . These beds are being laid in the last or the uppermost terrace now.Fountais have also been laid in the garden .Though the Tulip Gardens of Amesterdam (Netherlands ) are known world over for their varieties and expanse yet Tulip Garden of Kashmir has come up as the largest mid spring Tulip garden in Asia. .

Enjoy the views with four lines from a poem of my reverred teacher Prof Gh Nabi Firaq noted Kashmiri Poet. Like Firaq Gorakhpuri ,the doyen of Urdu Poetry , Our own Firaq sahib was a Professor of English in S P College . Erudite scholar , sensitive poet , Kashmiri to the core and affectionate teacher to his students , Firaq sahib dominated the Kashmir's Cultural scene for four decades alogwith Dina Nath Naadim ,Prof Rehman Raahi , G R santosh , Amin Kaamil , Mirza arif Beg , Moti Lal Saqi and Som nath Zutshi . I remeber Firaq sahib (sometimes in his mood ) explaining Lal Vakhs or Shrukhs of Nund reshi to us in his English class in S P College srinagar .Lately in 2004, Firaq Sahib Was awarded sahitya academy award for his Book Sada Te Samander.

Subahik Vaavo ,Kath Akh Vanhay

Tsitee Maa Chhuham Gomut Sarkaari.

Brainti Khabar Kous Kath Buzikh Tay

Haavus Heran Vaeuth NanVaari

( Gh Nabi Firaq )

O Refreshing morning Breeze,
Come this way listen to us as well .
Have you too turned Pro Establishment ?
My sorrrows listened a word of relief somewhere ,
Barefooted they made me to rush down the Staircase .

( Translation A K mota )


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