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Zabt Keejiye to dil hai angaara
Aur Agar Roiiye to paaani hai...
(Firaq Gorakhpuri)



Josh Makihabadi..

"A bundle of contraries, a blend of glass and steel, now a garden breeze , now the desert blast; Now a holy guide , now the stray wanderer;Now the dew on the grape leaf, now the devastating flame ;now a herald of heaven , now a messenger of hell. He who does not accept Firaq's personality is crown on India's brow , the pride of Urdu language , and the sacred sandal mark of Urdu poetry, is by god, sadly deficient in sense and judgement "

Prof. Jagan Nath Azad..

" Firaq is surely a very good poet of GAZAL. But more than this , his mature lyrical accent is really captivating, and his attempt to introduce into Urdu poetry the elements of Hindu culture , convention and philosophy is equally admirable. Yet all this is not sufficient to rank him with great poets like Mir, Ghalib and Iqbal."

Dr  Gopi Chand Narang..

" For lovers of urdu , death of Firaq  is like the shattering of the Himalaya of poetry. He was , without doubt ,a very great poet , intelligent and perceptive, who has changed the very colour and complexion of urdu poetry."

Syed Ehteshaam Hussain..

" Firaq's poetry presents a .fine blend of thought and feelings"

 Intezaar Hussain..
" In the death of Firaq, Urdu has lost not only an individual but a kingdom.He contained within him an empire of wisdom and perception , and a wide range of creative experiences."

Ali Sardar Jafri .

"  Basically he is a poet of sensuous  beauty ,an adept in depicting the psychological states of a lover .He has an authentic , individual voice , and a delightful way of using the language"

Prof. Mamtaz Hussain..
“ After Ghalib , Firaq seems to be the only poet who will be valued not for poetry , But also for his Conversational Brilliance and witticism His Poetry , though , a forest , and not a neatly trimmed garden of verse , But it is a forest where tall trees seem to rub their branches against the holy tree of Paradise .”

Majnun Gorakhpuri ..

“ en of such sterling worth and perfection as Firaq are rarely born on this earth, Firaq’s tremperment is essentially lyrical, And he is preeminently a poet of Ghazal.He is the master of Modern Ghazal and the best role model for the younger generation of Ghazal writers in the first half of the century ”

Ismat Chugtai ..

“ Firaq was a Treasure of knowledge and wisdom .”

Prof. Ale Ahmed Suroor ..

“Firaq can be described as a poet of spiritualized  sensuousness, one who can make us hear the music of the soul in the lines and curves of physical form.”

Suuntay hain ishq naam ke guzrein hain ek buzurag,
Hum log bhi faqueer issi silsilay ke hain
( Firaq)
We hear, there once lived , a revered elder :Love,
We too have descended from the same saintly clan.

(Autar Mota)

Source..Firaq Gorakhpuri ..Selected Poetry .By KC Kanda
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