Sunday, March 4, 2018



                       (Prof. Gigoo  at his work place)


“ I had a habit of collecting wood    from rivers , Dry  and dead trees, stray pieces lying here and there and quite often from Timber Traders . A mere look at the piece gave me an idea as to  what I could create from it. Sometimes I had something in my mind and there was a lookout for  a suitable raw piece of wood. "

" Look  ,  these are  the tools that I use  for making wood sculptures .  It is quite a tough job and not so easy like writing a story or essay or a  poem. So many were gifted by me to friends . Some are still with me  . Some are  hanging on these walls . ”

“ Exhibition !  You mean  demonstrating   creativity for marketing . This is  Love’s labour for me. I keep looking at these silent friends  created by me  and feel happy. ”

“ I remain thankful to my family for allowing me to do what I wanted to do . Believe me we lived in a rented house at  Udhampur and  almost all the rooms in that house were full of wooden pieces and my tools at one point of time. If you live in a family , you are not supposed to  occupy entire physical space like that  .”

“  Autar ji , Arvind Gogoo is nobody . Neither  an Artist  nor a  writer .  He shapes wood with his hands and tools  . He shapes  words into sentences with his Pen. The mind is the source and he is trying to  follow what his mind wants him to do with words and pieces of wood . ”

( Autar Mota )

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