Wednesday, March 21, 2018




JALLIYAAN  DI  HATTI...Bhabra Bazaar or Jain Bazaar, Jammu.

In the entire North India , no match for the Desi Ghee chocolates that are sold at  this shop. You can see them being  prepared before you. Soft, delicious and tasty.  Just 360 rupees a kg. You can also get Suund Panjeeri,Feeniyaan . Qatlame and the special Gondh Vaali  Barfi all made from Desi Ghee.This old shop in Jammu is known for its quality in the  entire state of J&K. Qatlame ,Feeeniya and Suund Panjeeri  from this shop attract  many customers  from neighbouring Punjab especially Jalandhar and Amritsar.

The  Quality and taste  created by Des Raj Arora, who founded this shop remains intact to this day. Try once and you are hooked to this speciality from Jammu.

(Avtar Mota)


The word 'Bhabra' derives its origin from Sanskrit. Bhabra means Jain trading community. Before 1947, we had Bhabra bazaar in almost all cities of Punjab like  Lahore, Sialkot Rawalpindi,Ludhiana etc. Bhabras were traders and goldsmiths brought by Maharaja to Jammu. Scan any old record ,you find mention of Bhabra Bazaar in Jammu.


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