Tuesday, March 6, 2018


  ( With his wife. Photo source....Shri.Surya Kant Kaul)

           (A Paper  Collage titled 'Across The River ' by sant Ji Sultan)
     (A Paper  Collage titled 'Snow Fall In Kashmir ' with  a  Poetic  Quatrain of Master ji  by sant Ji Sultan)

Prof. Sant Ji Sultan.

He taught English at various colleges in Kashmir.A tall man who loved to wear bush shirts and speak less.He joined as  Science Teacher in SP Higher Secondary School Srinagar  before being appointed as College Lecturer . He did his schooling at CamS School Srinagar.

 Prof sultan is definition of a gentleman. A well known painter who stopped painting sometime around 1980.

He happens to be son in law of Master Zinda koul the great poet and saintly personality from kashmir.

As a young Artist, He exhibited his work at Mujahid Manzil  Downtown srinagar in 1952. His work is also in possession of J&K Academy Of Art culture And Languages. He did some exceptionally beautiful  paper collages apart from some  oil  paintings  expounding poetry of Master Zinda Kaul. He remained closely associated with various leading Artists from kashmir  valley more particularly with Suraj Tikoo.In kashmir,  He was also associated with Cultural Congress.

Adds Prof Arvind Gigoo:

" He is a great friend. He has done notable work using oil and water colours. Later he created many impressive  paper Collages. He held many Exhibitions as well. A very talented Artist. In 1989, He did extensive renovation of his house at Fateh kadal but never lived in that renovated house due to onset of militancy. Migration  from valley hit his soul. And Art  still lives in that soul. Possibly  Simplicity and sincerity has come to him from Master ji's side as greatest gifts. Yes he is a gentleman to the inner core. "

Many Many Goodwishes for his health and happiness.

(Autar Mota)

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