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         (Photo.. Yemberzal or Narcissus Flower. This flower declares the arrival of Spring in kashmir)

So many Kashmiri folk songs revolve around some professions practiced by common masses. Professions like teacher( Master ji) , Vosta-kaar( Trained and skilled Artisans), Bobu ji( Clerk) , Hakeem Sahib( Doctor) , kraal( Potter) and many more find regular mention in Kashmiri folk songs. Professions of Pandits and Muslims are easily identifiable from Kashmiri folk songs. I quote a sample.


Nabuss me gondmaai taar Lo Lo
Naba myaani sodaagaar Lo Lo .
Nabaa tche chhuyi na Aar Lo Lo
Nabaa ba karthhus  Khaar LoLo..

I have tied my fate with Naba
My love ! My Naba ,The Trader.
O Naba! Why Aren't you Compassionate?
O Naba! I have been put to misery by you.


Rama ji  Rama ji
Nikuss Lassinum Mama ji

Mol goyā daftar
Toraai gatchhi Baazar
Taeti anni Ranga -tcher
Tuss saet  Gindheim Shama ji
Rama ji Rama ji

O Lord Rama! O Lord Rama!
Let this Baby's maternal uncle ( Mama)live long.
Your father has gone to his office,
On his Return , he shall visit the market,
From there he shall by a Colourful sparrow,
Little Krishna shall play with that sparrow,
O Lord Rama! O Lord Rama!

So  during  old days ,  our  desired professions in Kashmir valley  were also defined by  our folk songs   ; A Trader or an office goer.. In kashmir ,Ghulam  Nabi is a popular name.  A person with this name is  also fondly called as ' Naba '  some times Naba Toth  or dearest Naba .

(Autar Mota)

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