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 .             ( Rice and Khata Meat or  Mutton cooked with Tamarind)

PARAS RAM DHABA ..Upper Daunthali Bazaar, Panjtirthi Jammu.

This oldest surviving NonVegetarian Dhaaba in Jammu city is located near Agnihotri Gail  upper Bazaar , Panjtirthi in the building  owned by Wazir Lakhpat Ram Trust.

 Three decades  back, When just a few Dhaabas  cooked  good Non-vegetarian food  in Jammu City, Paras Ram had an edge; He cooked  excellent Mutton YAKHNI  for his regular customers .I would visit the place now and thenJ. Khataa meat ( Mutton cooked in Tamarind) was also a speciality over here.

Being located in the  vicinity of old Secretariat, it was a choice food point of Government employees and Traders .

With the arrival of  WAZWAAN and Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine   , many places in Jammu now  offer good  Vegetarian and non vegetarian food. And Paras Ram has not  improvised  the traditional  dishes or tried to catch the pulse of ever increasing young crowd of non vegetarian  food lovers in Jammu city.

You may also try  Rogan Josh, Mutton Kofta  and chicken  at this Dhaaba. Rice ,Tandoori Roti with mooli( Radish) chutney is  served in steel plates and cups . Rates are reasonable and additional YAKHNI or  KHATA MEAT gravy is free.  The Dhaaba has limited tables and  chairs and you may get nothing to eat  if you are a little late. Still then , it remains a heritage Dhaaba in old city serving mouth watering Khata Meat  and  tasty YAKHNI  .

Down below towards Pucca Danga, there used to be  another non Vegetarian food joint owned by a Kashmiri pandit known as Goond Ram.Goondh Ram was specialist in cooking Mutton YAKHNI(Mutton cooked in Yogurt and spices )  , Mutton kofta, RoganJosh, and Kalia (Mutton cooked in turmeric and milk). YAKHNI at this shop was   much in demand during Winter season. Kashmiri employees from old Secretariat would visit this shop that had three or four tables. You were served rice and dishes  in brass plates ( Thaalis) and katoris ( cups).No Chapatis. This shop was closed sometime in early eighties of last century after the death of Goond Ram. Goond Ram was nicknamed as GOONDHA YAKHIEN by Kashmiris.

(Autar Mota)


Another outlet of Paras Ram Dhaaba has been lately opened at  canal road in close Proximity of Jammu Railway station and Trikuta Nagar Colony.

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