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.......Habib Jalib..

Aik hamein āvaāra kahnaa  koyee  badaā ilzaām nahīn

Duniyaa  vaale dil vālon ko aur Bahut kuchh kahtay  hain......

( Habib Jalib )

Habib jalib ( 1928-1993 ) was a communist and a revolutionary poet..He was associated with progressive writers movement in the subcontinent . He was a Punjabi born and brought up in Hoshiarpur ( Punjab ) .Jalib had a  colloquial style to draw large audiences who related to his poems. He was repeatedly imprisoned  for leading demonstrations against establishment and rulers in his country opposing martial law  or  Gen. Zial Ul Haq's rule .

Once, in jail ,  he demanded pen and paper .    The Jail superintendent  told Jalib :

" This time  , I am under Instructions  from above that no  pen or paper should be provided to You for writing your poetry against the Government ."

To this jalib replied :

 " Tell Your Bosses that Jalib shall Recite his poems to  jail Guards  , who will recite it in the town square, and so it will reach  Lahore .”

“No poet since Wali Dakkani has been able to capture greater audience than Habib Jalib. He is truly the poet of the masses..”

[Faiz Ahmed Faiz]

Read these lines written by him....

Onchey Onchey Aiwaanon Mein Moorakh Hukm Chalaayein.
Qadam Qadam par iss nagri mein pandit Dhakkey Khaayein .
Dharti par Bhagwaan bane hain Dhan Hai Jin ke pass
............Bhaye kabir Udhaas .

Geet Likhaayein paise naa dein Film Nagar ke log.
Unn ke Ghar Baaje shehnai Lekhak ke Ghar soag.
Gayak sur Mein Kyon Kar Gaayein kyon Naa kaatein Ghaas
......     Bhaye kabir udhaas

Kal Tak Jo Tha Haal Hamaara Haal vahi Hai Aaj
Jalib Apnay Des Mein sukh ka kaal vahi hai aaaj
Phir bhi *Mochi Gate pe leader Roz karein Bakwaas
............Bhaye Kabir udhaas

( Autar Mota)

**** Mochi Gate in Lahore is a place where political Rallies were regularly held  .

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