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PANDIT KALAADI HUT , Moti Bazaar (Near Parade Ground) Jammu..

The shop opens at 6 PM in summers and a little earlier in winters. Pandit ji,'s young and active son has taken over the business at this shop from his father who died some years back . The business is brisk. The boy is polite and the stuff sold as Kalaadi (Maesh-kraaer in kashmiri ) fresh ,delicious served with chutney and sauce.  A kalaadi  is not to be confused with cheddar ,  mozzarella or any other type of processed cheese sold in the market. Sprinkling a pinch of kala Namak over fresh hot kaladi makes it mouth watering. He stuffs the kaladi in a Bun , a combination that is finally known as kaladi kulcha sold for rupees 45 /=.Try it some day ,tastier than sardar ji shop of udhampur Bazaar .

                 ( Kaladi with bread slices ) 
            ( Kalaadi at Pahalwan Sweets ,Jammu)

I have been frequenting the shop since early eighties of the last century when senior Pandit ji would serve delicious Kalaadis fried on a heavy iron Tawa using kerosene stove. His son has not only improved the quality but added more customers to his business.

Yes i mean the small shop in Moti Bazaar that is close to Dr Shaktidhar Sharma's homeopathic clinic. Durring 1980s there used to be Tailoring shop just opposite to this Kalaadi hut known as GOONGA TAILORS. That shop had a huge sign board with a picture of a man in chains with a line "Teray Pyaar ki Meharbaani Pe Roye" written in bold letters below the picture.

(Avtar Mota)

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