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               ( Sahir with his mother)
             ( Sahir and Lata Mangeshkar)

             (Sahir sitting with sandals in his feet)


Right from his childhood, Sahir  had little interest and inclination towards  Religion .  There could be many reasons for that .  And Later in 1947 , Having observed the killings  unleashed by  Custodians of various  Religions  , he turned   spiteful towards the Religious Leaders     who, according to him,    controlled the aspirations  of the people . He aspired  for a society where Religious Dictum  shall  find no place .

 I quote  from his poems


Aqaayid Wehm hain Mazhab Khayaal e Khaam hai Saqi
Azal Se Zehan e Insaan Basta e  Auhaam  Hai saqi.
 ( Sahir )

( Beliefs are phony and Religion  nothing but an Immature  idea,
From Early on , Man stands Brainwashed  with a  bundle of whims   ..)


Bezaar hai   kanisht o Kaleesa se  Yeh Jahaan
Saudagaraan e Deen Ki Saudagari  Ki   Khair
Ilhaad Kar Rahaa  Hai  Murattab  Jahaan e   Nau
Dair o Haram Ke Heel e Gaarat-gari Ki Khair
Insaan Ulat   Raha Hai  Rukh e Zeest  se Naqaab
Mazhab  Ke Ehtemaam e  fusoon  Parvari ki  Khair.

( Sahir )

( The world is tired of the Temple and the Mosque
 Beware   You  Merchants  Religion .
 Atheism is spreading  a New Order in the world
  Beware You , Who sow seeds of Communal  discord .
 Here , Now man unveils  the true face of life ,
 Beware you, who Proliferate the magic of Religion .)

Yeh paap hai kyaa ?yeh punya hai kya?
 Reeton par Dharam ki mohrein hain,
Har yug mein Badaltay Dharamon ko
 kaisay Aadarsh Banaaogay..


(What is sin?
What is virtue?
Just a bundle of rituals bearing religious sanction .
These religions that keep changing in every Era,
How should you base your ideals upon them? )

I quote from Akshay Manwani's book SAHIR LUDHIANAVI ..THE PEOPLE'S. POET..

"  Anwar Sultana , his sister  narrated that When the foundation of Sahir's house PARCHHAIYAAN (  in Versova Mumbai  ) was laid, Maa ji ( his mother ) , according to old ritual , asked for a  Qurbaani ( Goat's blood) to be done to mark the auspicious beginning , Sahir was dead against it even though he never disobeyed his mother's wishes. He was against bloodshed in the name of religion for such a cause. He did not allow it"

( Avtar Mota )

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