Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sangarav Gaash Heuot Lolieh Lalvunayeh .
Veuth Aayee Maharin Sonuyyeh.

(Dina Nath Naadim )

The Mountain tops have started cuddling the Sun Rays in their lap ,
Lo and Behold ! Here Comes Bride Vitasta to her own Kashmir.

( Translation from original Kashmiri by a k mota )

I have already conveyed that Veri Nag is also called NilNag . The name justifies the Physical appearance of this spring . Deep sea blue , Fresh , Ice cold and gushing is the water of this Jungle spring perched below the Forests of kail and deodar in Verinag village . A beautiful Garden laid again By Mughals in 1620 allows this spring water to dance out from its lawns for river VITASTA to originate .The place is about 76 Kms from Srinagar city and proximal to Jawahir Tunnel area . This Mughal Garden is the most beautiful and well maintained garden of Kashmir . Lofty chinars , Kail and deodar Jungle nearby and variety of flowers with lush green lawns add grace to this jungle garden . The spring has circular double storey Enclosure with entry and exit and a circular path inside laid with Devri stones .

Originating from Veri Nag ,River Vitasta covers a distance of about 203 Kms in Kashmir valley . Inside Kashmir valley it pours into WULAR Lake wherefrom it emerges out afresh to go to Pakistan after passing through Baramulla and Uri. In Pakistan it Joins the Mighty INDUS which originates from Mansarover lake in Tibbet . Another river which comes from GUREZ area of kashmir Known as Kishen Ganga or Neelam too joins Vitasta at DOMEL. All brooks , rivers , streams , Lakes and springs of Kashmir pour their water into Vitasta . Apart from irrigating entire kashmir valley , this river generates electric power through various hydro electric projects essentially the Lower Jhelum project and Uri Project. Enjoy the views of this spring and the Mughal garden Captured by me in September 2009. While visiting this garden my mind suddenly rolled back to the poem Poverty by celerated Bengali poet Qazi Nazrul Islam. I must have read this poem 100 times . Here are some lines from this great poem:-

Life , Impassioned , Celebrates itself .
Quite unaware myself ,
I sing aloud of the imminent joy.
My eyes fill with tears for no reason.
Someone ties an inseparable bond between the earth and me.
With an offering of flowers in her mud smeared hands,
The earth comes forward to welcome me ,
As if she is my youngest daughter ,
My favourite child.

( English Translation done by Pritish Nandi from original Bengali )


  1. "Zameen gair ho gayee, yeh aasman badal gaya
    Hawa ke rukh badal gayee, har ek phool jal gaya"

    Our longing and belonging, will not die. We shall continue to sing like Mota ji,= praises for our motherland. i.b.zUTSHI

  2. Dear Mota JI
    These photos have brought nostalgia. No matter how far we go fm the valley, our hearts and souls will never leave our motherland.
    Many thanks for your efforts
    I N DHAR

  3. Thanx dear I N D.Kashmir is certainly unfotgetable .

  4. oh Great.. really fabulous. I was born there in Verinag. Although i left Varinag at a very young age of 13, i still remember every corner, every field and everything about the place. And how can i not remember the garden and beutiful spring.

    I have been in the UK for last 6 years but still haven't seen a place like this. Was dying to see some recent pics and came across your blog... wonderful work. Thanks a lot... can't thank you enough infact. Already thinking of visiting the place next year.

  5. Thanx dear .come, visit ur mother land . it misses its children


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