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Today i am posting something on Rasool Mir , the Romantic Poet of kashmir. Rasool Mir is popularly known as John Keats of Kashmir . While everything is documentted and recorded about keats ( 1794-1821 ), even exact year of birth of this great poet of kashmir is still unknown. According to Prof Gh Nabi Firaq he died at an age of 60 years but people in kashmir tend to believe that he died young. Nothiing is authentic. What a pity ?

From study of the work of this great poet one comes to a conclusion that possibly he died young. Certainly around 1870 AD. Born in village Dooru Shabaad near Ananatnag in Kashmir , Rasool mir brought GAZAL to Kashmiri poetry .GAZALS with rivers , valleys , birds , fruits , Flowers and  scenic imagery of kashmir is  his Forte. Romance is visible and sprinkled in almost all his works. It is believed that he was in love wiith a Hindu Girl. References to names like KONGI,PADMINI, POSHMAAL and RAAJHINDUVAANI are frequent in his poetical works.

Maqbool Shah kraalwari and Mehjoor have paid rich tributes to Rasool Mir in their poems.It is Rasool Mir only who shaped the Romantic background of kashmiri poetry by withdrawing it from the clutches of TASSAWUF( Mysticism ). Instead of using mystism , Rasool Mir spoke directly the language of pain, sorrow ,hope and love .He laced it with local colours making mention of rivers, flowers , mountains , hills, birds and beauty of kashmir .The pain and sorrow is thus easily identifiable by Kashmiris.The poems are like brooks in and around Dooru Shahbaad area . Like the crystal clear Neel Naag spring ( Veri Naag )water near by . Like the Jungle garden of Achhabal near by.Like the dense Kair forests of Koker nag nearby. He has been liberal in Praising the beautiful creation of nature called woman. I have uploaded some views of Dooru Shabaad area for this post . But for Board displayed outside a Park in village Dooru named after the poet ,nothing much is known about Rasool Mir to Local people with whom i interacted .Enjoy some lines from this great poet. Here they go:-

Boeti No Yeh Dooreur Chonuai Zarai,
Baal Maraayo .
Kya Karah Thovthum Zar Zarai
Baal maraayo.

Dilber Achato Myane barai Deiv Barai Deun
Tse Ross Gul Zan Gayas Barai
Baal Maraayo.

Heus Vess rovthuss Kalwaalo Vess Kamo Chhei
Tim Chha Saani Khotu Sondari
Baal Maraayo
Anigatti Vanineum Nanii Kathai Laal faroshan
Kani Manz Neraan Jowharai
Baal Maraayo.

( Rasool Mir )

This sepration from Thee my Love !
I can't withstand.
Helpless you made me ,
I may perish in this grief .
Love enter this dwelling ,
I shall lock the doors .
Without you,i am extinguished and
Thrown out from this dwelling of love .
I may perish in this grief .
O My saaki you made me oblivious of my existence ,
Now tell me whom have thee brefriended ?
How could they be prettier than me Love?
listen I may perish in this grief .
In darkness , the pearl seller told me straight truth
The real Pearl lies hidden in a stone only.
Listen love , i may perish in this grief.


Yi chhu  Rasool Mir Shahabad Doo-rey
Taemi  chhu   trov’mut   lo’la  du’kaan
Yiyuvu  Aashquv  cheyiv  toori toori
Mey  chhu  moo’rey  lala’vunn  naar.

My Simple English Rendering would be …

“Here at Dooru Shahbaad Village
 stands Rasool Mir  ,
 Having Opened a   Love shop ,
 He now invites you all Lovers ,
Come over , Come for the drink ,
And here he handles the fire ,
A fire that Burns deep within.”

( Autar Mota ) )

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