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Clock Tower in srinagar was gifted to the people of valley by Bajaj Group when Sheikh Mohd abdullah was the CM perhaps in early eighties . Since then it is identified with Lal Chowk or the focal point of Srinagar city.It is located in the comercial Hub With Vitasta on one side , Amira Kadal bridge on the other side , Maisuma area on the third side and residency Road or the posh area in its fourth direction.The area is Busy with Shopkeepers , Shoppers , Reddi walas , Footpath Shopkeepers and Commuters . The Jammu Tata Sumo service operators have their adda near this clock Tower only.Enjoy some lines from urdu poet Sahir Ludhianavi's Anti war Poem with these views . Here they go:-
Khoon Apna ho Ya Paraaya ho
Nasle aadam Ka Khoon Hai Akhir
Jang Mashriq Me Ho Ki magrib Me
Amne Aalam Ka Khoon Hai Akhir
Tank Aagey Badein Ki Peechey Hatein
Kokh Dharti Ki Baanj Hotee hai
Fateh Ka Jashn Ho Ki Haar Ka sog
Zindgi Mayaton pe Rotee Hai
Bomb Gharon Pe Girein Ki Sarhad Par
Roohe taamir Zakhm Khatee hai
Khait apne jalein Ki Auron Ke
Zeest Faqon se tilmilaati hai
Iss Liye Aey Sharif Insaano
Jang Taltee Rahey To Behtar Hai
Aap Ke aur hamarey Aangan Me
Shama jalti Rahey to Behtar Hai.
( Sahir Ludhianavi )
The blood that is spilling can be our own or of others ,
In any case it is the blood of the progenyof Aadam( Human being ).
A war in east or in west ,
implies ultimately the murder of world peace .
The forward or backward movement of tanks on the front,
makes the womb of mother earth barren.
Be it a celebration of victory or gloom of the defeat ,
Living beings always weep for the dead.
Bombs may explode on border or in houses ,
The soul of all constructive thoughts is hurt.
We may burn fields of others or our own ,
Human beings suffer from pangs of hunger.
Hence o thee good people on this earth ,
let us join to abolish wars .
Let us join and illuminate the candle of peace
In thy as well as our own house.
( Translation from original urdu by A K Mota )
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