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I have uploaded some views of river Lidder near Village Mattan in Anantnag district. Lidder also flows through Pahalgham .I personally believe that Entire kashmir valley is the most beautiful place on earth . Lidder valley , Sindh valley , Kupwara area, Kulgam, shopian , Lolab , Sonamarg , Alpine tourist resort of Gulmarg , Pahalgham or Kokernaag Daksum Range , Yusmarg , Sonamarg or Gurez ,No area is less beautiful than the other . Coming to Lidder valley in specific , i have to add that i lived in this area for 3 full years when i worked as Manager of our Mattan Branch. I have repeatedly visited Seer ,Salia , Nanil, Akad , Aishmuqaam , Akura , Nambal ,Silligam, Bumzoo,Ranbirpora , Chandergom, Batakote ,HapatNaar , Brah, Chithi Singh Pora and many other beautiful areas and villages around Matttan. Most often, i would sit under old wooden bridge at Akura and watch packed tongas go to Village Nambal or Akura or Nanil. The bridge was a scenic spot with Lidder dancing its way through willows tossing each other in evening breeze . There would be complete silence except the mild roar of water splashing down after being resisted by stones and pebbles in lidder bed. ocassionally, a kingfisher would pick up a small fish from the river and fly away.Now a new bridge has come up on river Lidder over here . From this spot ,Lidder broadens and embraces clusters of beautiful willows on its banks and moves down in happiness to join VItasta some killometres below . . Once you cross Lidder from this bridge , you can go to Bijbihara from this side . .Tongas have now been replaced by Tata sumos ( Vehicles ) and mini Buses but the rest is the same .This bridge is just 1 Km from Mattan town. Enjoy some views of river lidder taken below Akura bridge near Mattan.we visited Mattan , Akura nanil , Nambal , Bumzoo caves , Salia and Seer area some days back. Enjoy the views of lidder at akura along with two lines from a poem of late Naadim Sahib

Soan Wattan Rut Gaam Hue
Thal Ruvith zan Boni Shihilis
Greestis Aaraam Hue
Soan Wattn Rut Gaam Hue

Our country is like a beautiful village
Behold !The villager sleeps under cool chinar
after Harvesting his crops .

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  1. Nostalgic,realistic and grounded in reality, the scenes are a true depiction,- an artist's "flash" and a viewers/ readers experience. Both perfectly compliment each other.May be elements of belonging make it emotional,but they are real. Compliment creator for them. ( I.b.Zutshi)

  2. very good work by this gentleman. Has brought 20 year old memories back to me. I have grown up playing in these waters and am son of this very soil.
    i belong to village Silligam and was quite touched by the mention of this name in your blog.
    God bless you

  3. Thanx for the comments dated 02.10.2009 by anonymous.


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