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Roughly 9 kms from Tulamula village or 10 kms from Doderhaama bridge in GanderBal, lies a lake of deep green colour known as MANASBAL in Kashmir . The lake suddenly opens up from a mountain cliff on the road when you drive towards Bandipora on this route . A bout five functional springs add fresh water to the lake and the lake is in better shape in comparison to Dal and Wular though Weeds have grown to dangerous proportion in this lake too. Some thing need to be done to deweed this lake which is just 4 km long and 1.2 kms wide.. At the moment , it is the deepest lake in Kashmir. From this lake only , a road branches to SAFAPORA . Stone quarries are also located near the lake and the surrounding mountains are practically devoid of dense forests or for that matter forests at all. Sainik school run by Government of India is located nearby. An ancient Shiva temple built in 8th centuary has also been dug out and cleaned by MWDA and is presently housed in well maintained spring enclosure. One third of this temple is in spring water .. I have already put a photograph of this spring in one of my posts. One thing I would like to comment and request to MWDA officials with whom I also interacted is to stop washing of clothes near all outer springs feeding water to the lake . From morning till evening , villagers come in groups for washing clothes using detergents and caustic based soaps which water ultimately flows into the lake . This poses a serious threat to aquatic life of the lake . Let us at least preserve this small lake after allowing two major lakes to dry up slowly.

I again say that Excellent work has been done by Manasbal Wular Development Authority in and around the lake. A beautiful garden , accommodation , cafeteria , Shikara rides , Fountain display , well laid out lawns and colourful flowers of all varieties keep you busy and absorbed in watching them. to conclude this post ,I would like to add something for all Kashmiris wherever they are but more specifically for the younger generation . The words of wisdom from Lalleshwari or Lal Ded are known as VAAKHS .Similarly the words of wisdom from Sheikh ul Aalum or Nund Reshi are known as SHRUKHS. In one of his Shrukhs , Sheikh ul Aalum appeals to God to Relieve Kashmiris of their Sins . The Last Line of this Shrukh had been very popular with Kashmiris . This line is a true representation of the sufi Cult of Kashmir. First two words come from Persian language ( BAAR KHODAAYA ) while other two are from sanskrit ( PAAP NIVAAR ).Kashmiris would speak it aloud before the shrines of saints weeping with sighs, Physically raising their hands in sky or bowing their heads to ground . Alas !This line has also been forgotten now.
BAAR KHODAAYA PAAP NIVAAR(Oh God !Relieve us of this Load of Sins )

How beautifully and in simple words renowned Kashmiri poet Dina Nath Naadim has finished one of his poems with this line. In this poem, Naadim Sahib is critical of Kashmiris for having forgotten their Mother tongue . Some lines from this poem in Kashmiri are as under :-

Teli Aus Maachh Modhur Guftaar
Kaashir Zevih Aus soan Anhaar
Az Assi Nazran Dholah Chhe Dhyaar
Baayis Boay Na Yaaruss Yaar
Reshi Kathhi Kuss Kari Katih Yaqraar
Kashiri Zeivi Yeli Kor Inqaar
Baar Khodaaya Paap Nivaar
( Dina Nath Naadim

Those were the days when our communication was Honey sweet,
Our language expressed our dreams and Aspirations .
Now money has put its haze in our vision,
Brothers don’t care for each other nor do friends,
Who shall understand the words of our Reshis ,
When we start disowning our own Kashmiri Language ?
O God ! Relieve us of this load of Sins.

( A k Mota )

(Many other kashmiri Poets Like Moti Lal Saaqi , Farooq Nazki and Syed Rasool Pampori , Mohan Niraash , Gh Nabi Aatish, Abdul Ahad Farhaad , Mashal Sultanpuri and many more have also used this line in their poems )


  1. Beautiful poem and beautiful translation!

  2. Thanks for the comments by anonymous on 17th sep at 3 PM

  3. Great post about Manasbal lake, it remind me my last visit to Manasbal lake. One of our muser has also written post for lake please go through it.


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