Thursday, September 24, 2009


If you travel from Srinagar to Anantnag town by road , you find a strange Natural green tunnel just before Bijbihara town. The tunnel is about 2 Kms in length and is made of tall poplars standing erect on both sides of the road. So dense are thsese poplars that apart from providing soothing shade , barely do they allow sunlight to pass through them . They provide a shady stretch of 2 Kms on this road which every driver or commuters enjoys . This stretch is known to everyone over here as GREEN TUNNEL. We had a similar feature on Srinagar Baramulla road but due to widening of this road , most of the Poplars on one side have been felled . The scenic beauty of this road has been wiped out by ruthless cutting of Poplars .Tonga drives on Srinagar Baramulla road by popular movie stars were often picturised in Bollywood movies of yesterdays . Now that Poplars on this road have been felled , the beautiful stretch of 2 Kms developed on Srinagar Anantnag Road with tall, shady and majestic Poplars , we do have an alternate visual delight while driving or commuting on Srinagar Anantnag Highway .Drive through this Green tunnel to enjoy its beauty and shade .Till then enjoy the views of this Green Tunnel with some lines from a popular song of Kashmiri Poet Ghulam Ahmed Mehjoor known as wordworth of Kashmir

Roz Roz Bozu Myaan Zaar Madno
Daadi Chaani Chhuss Bemaar Madno

Kaach Zoon Gajithuss Safras Laajthuss
Chhor mukh Haa Gaam Shahaar Madno

Roz Roz -----------

Nazrey Chhanei Saeti Bemaar Baley Kaeit
Myaani Viz Loguth Haa Be Aar Madno

Roz Roz -----------

Khoon Goum Jaari Aush Haari Haari
Phael Phael Gomaa Mokhta Haar Madno

Roz Roz ----------

( Ghulam Ahmed Mehjoor )

Stay, O Love, and hear My plaint!
Love sick, I yearn for you .

You have made Kartik full moon peak and pine ,
Seeking you over hill and dale .

Stay ,O Love, ----------

You Have cured so many with your loving eyes ,
But why was no compassion left for me ?

Stay , O love ,----------

My blood joins now with streams of tears
Like scattered Necklace pearls I lie !

Stay, O Love ---------
( English
Translation by Prof .T N Raina )

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