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Kokernag is located in the heart of Bringhi Valley and the garden in particular is about 76 Kms( Distance measured in own car) from srinagar and about 18 Kms from Anantnag town.Well connected and well frequented, this garden finds mention in Aine Akbari , the detailed Gazeteer of Akbar's rule in India . Koker in mashmiri means Cock and Naag means the spring .The Kokernag spring bublles at five places resembling five claws of of a cock. Hence the name . The water channel resembles a moving serpent .This place was also known as PAPASHUDAN NAG (Sin Cleansing Spring )
We visited the garden in september 2009.Much has changed in the village ( Situated at an altitude of 6200 feet from sea level ) since i saw it last in 1987 . A degree college has come up just opposite the Garden . New Houses , shops and speeding Tata sumos ( Public Transport Vehicles ) on Annatnag Koker Nag route signify the Apprarent change.The garden is blooming with roses ,Botanical Plants and variety of other flowers . Chinars , Pine trees , Lush green Lawns add grace to this garden . The water from the spring gets converted into Channels which flow down from the garden . It is said that this water is full of medicinal properties .
Spread on an area of about 300 Kanals of Land out of which 171 kanals area is for development of forest area near the garden, this garden finds mention in various travalogues of famous writers . As a matter of fact the garden is also a Forest garden with dense pine forest forming the very backdrop on one side . I have also gone to Daksum which is girdled by mountains and is about 12 kms from Koker nag and where from one can trek to Kishtwar through SIMTHEN pass . Village Hangalgund the birth place of Mirza Kak a saint or Reshi of kashmir lies nearby . Enjoy the views along with some lines from from a poem of Sahir
Kiss Ko Batayein, Kaise Batayein
Aaj Ajab Hai Dil Ka Aalam
Chain Bhi Hai Kuchh Halqa Halqa
Dard Bhi Hai Kuchh Madhem Madhem.
Jaltey Huvey jangal Pe jaise
Barkha Barse Ruk Ruk Thum Thum.
(Sahir Ludhianavi )
Whom shall i tell ?
How shall i tell?
This Strange feeling in the world of heart within .
Relief too trickles in to this world slowly ,
Yet Pain too comes up from this world .
It is like intermittent rains pouring over a jungle on fire .
( Translation from Original urdu by a K Mota )

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