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My friend  Lucce ( immigrant from Albania name pronounced as Lukka )   told me to visit Cafe Lalo on 83rd  street ( West side) upper Manhattan for some  surprise.I was told to taste fruit tart and cheese cake at this  place. When i visited the  place in August 2018,   some movie was being shot near by.  The cafe is a  bakery cum  restaurant. They serve finest pan cakes ,cheese cakes, fruit tarts ,bagels, croissants, ,muffins, grilled cheese sandwiches,  ice creams, cookies, chocolates, sundaes  and so many mouth-watering  items along with a variety in coffee. 

Open till 3 a.m. every day, this   reputed old cafe is actually located  on West 84th Street, a brown stone-lined block between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. To its regular customers, Cafe Lalo also  serves  breakfast and   brunch  comprising of sandwiches  ,cheese and salads   but its primary focus is on dessert, with 70 different types of cakes.

  Bought  two small  cheese  cakes for family after having a small strawberry sundae  in the cafe. The cheese cakes were really fantastic when we ate them at our place. As usual , I had a little conversation with a fellow customer at the shop . I reproduce it verbatim..

" What is the shooting going on over here. The entire road is blocked with  too many vehicles ?"

"   That is a regular feature in this area. A Hollywood movie. They are simultaneously shooting at  nearby AMC theatre" 

" Who are the  actors?

" I don't know but here they have a second line  of actors . The first line  is shooting at Battery Park as i know . They have the second unit shooting here. Some fight sequence in the  nearby AMC theatre and here. "


" Why are you asking so many questions?  Are you a journalist?"

" No, tourist. Just for the sake of knowledge."

"You from Mexico?

"No ,India."

"O lovely. That is great. So many indians   come to Cafe Lalo   to buy bakery or cakes. I am told   that great  Indian actor  Devo Nenda ( Devanad)  also came   here to buy   cheese cake. My mom  and dad visited India  with their friends. They  like India. Tauj Mahaal(Taj Mahal), Joipore (jaipur) ,Goa and many places. They saw the   Monsoon rains and a week long downpour .They liked  Varanasi . So lovely. I saw photos."

"Did they visit Kashmir?"

"No , no, They did not .I know Kashmir is beautiful. They were advised   not to go.  Troubled  place
 . "

" You from Kashmir ?"
" Yes" 

"Any Hollywood movie shot over  here? You say so many."

" Yes ,long back,  ,Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks  shot a romantic comedy   sequence for 6   consecutive days over here  in Cafe Lalo  for  the Hollywood movie "You have got  mail" . After that shooting so many people came to see the tables and the  chairs where they sat. People still keep coming to see Cafe Lalo. You know Meg Ryan?"
" I know Meg Ryan.. I enjoyed her acting in " When Harry met Sally " 

" Lovely. I too enjoyed." 

" Can i take  your picture?"

" Sure . Why not?"

" Thanks"

" You are Waalcom"

(Avtar Mota)

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