Friday, September 28, 2018




He is an immigrant from Turkey. Almost illiterate yet his communication skills leave nothing unexplained. Hardworking,truthful and helpful ,  I rarely saw him telling a lie or devoid of sincerity . I struck a  friendship link with him and almost everyday visited his footpath shop to buy fresh fruits. He sold variety and he sold cheap.

 He said this when i asked if the Muskmelons (  that he was selling ) tasted sweet.

" Everytime you look Muskmelons, you say how it taste. I can't say how it taste. This musk melon you buyin Westside ,you buying Whole Foods, you buying Barzini or you buying Traders Joe's or you buying  there that Garden of Eden  Store ,  it go same. I buying same  common farm market. You get me sir . I say what i know. If i say it sweet it turnout no taste. I seller here i no say tasteless. Then nobody come here. We  come here Turkey to earn honest way not  cheat. Here customer  from   Pekestan ( Pakistan) ,India,Boongla deish (Bangladesh) go asking "How it taste? " I say I not know. You buy not buy your choice. Spanish speaking peoples , African American peoples and local peoples bother not what it taste. They mix other salad ,green leaf, herb and olive and enjoy . You people cut knife pieces and eat single fruit . So you care  taste .

Hey sir look this way.  I   keep  this watermelon fresh fresh  .  It sweet. My assuring . Take  water melon . I taste. It go sweet juicy.Other fruit i know not. "

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