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After his divorce from Mileva Maric, Einstein moved to 112 Mercer Street in Princeton, Mercer County, New Jersey. “The Albert Einstein  House” was his home in the United States, where he lived with his second wife Elsa from 1935 until his death in 1955. This small and simple house was built before 1876. It is a private house that Einstein's wife Elsa had purchased in her own name.
Many bright ideas came to the greatest mind in this very house. Inside a room, Einstein would play Mozart or Bach on his favourite Violin .

The current owner does not allow public entry. You can take a photograph but it is a private property though listed as a place of historical importance in US National Register of historic places.
Einstein had willed that this house may not be made a Museum. In 1949, Jawaharlal Nehru and  Mrs Indira Gandhi  met Einstein in this house .

It is quite pertinent to mention that Albert Einstein (1879–1955) was living in Bern Switzerland when his Theory of Relativity totally changed our perceptions of Time and space . Accordingly, a grand Museum covering approximately 1000 Sq metres of space known as ' Einsteinhaus or Einstein Museum Bern Switzerland 'offers a detailed peep into the life and achievements of the physicist.
This small cottage in Princeton (No 112) painted in white is located on Mercer Street . Presently, Somebody , May be a caretaker is living in this house.

No entry is allowed to any person but you can take a photograph from the street or sidewalks. There are two small but prominently visible plaques / Notice boards for visitors; one hanging on the outer gate and other on the  steps leading to Verandah  of the building declaring boldly
" Private Residence".
So every visitor is required to take notice and avoid any trespassing attempt. 

From the main entrance of Princeton University, the house is just 1km away. You need to take a left turn from Palmer Square and you are on Mercer street. Walk about half a mile and you can see this house on left side of the road.

1955, the house passed to his stepdaughter and well known Sculptor Margot Einstein. She owned the house until her death in 1986. Einstein’s home was also occupied by Nobel Laureate and well known physicist Frank Wilczek( who was a professor at Princeton for sometime ) and later owned by Eric Maskin and his family until 2012. 

Einstein riding a bicycle in the US) 

The house remains a private property even though it is owned by the Institute of Advanced studies Princeton University where Einstein worked as professor of Theoretical Physics  and where from  he  retired in 1945. He Continued to remain visiting Professor of Princeton University till his death.
Einstein moved to America in 1933 , joined Princeton in 1935 and became American citizen in 1940.
After short illness , Einstein died on April 18, 1955 at the age of 76. As he hated personality cult, he prohibited any funeral service. Only his closest relatives and friends joined his funeral.

(Avtar Mota)


 The adjacent Building to Einestein's residence ( with American Flag fluttering high )  is some office. There is a beautiful park near the house . Princeton club is near by. I was told by a neighbour that some caretaker is living in the house. A group of tourists from Japan were waiting for me to finish my  video recording as they had come with Tripods and cameras for filming the house . This was my second trip to Princeton .. 

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The uploaded Painting is by Van Gogh that i photographed inside the  Princeton University Museum of Art . Saw students from  so many Asian , African and  European  countries studying in this great university. Came to know that Dr Shamit Kachru well known Scientist in USA is an alumni of this university.

Donated a book " Talks on Bhagwat Gita by Vinova Bhave "  that i had brought from India to Princeton University Library(Firestone Library).

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