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Oil on Canvas by Edouard Manet ( 1832-1883 )..
In August 2018, I visited Princeton University Art Museum. I saw Exhibition of Frank Stella's work titled " Frank Stella Unbounded " at this Museum. It had his Abstracts ( Imaginary Places ) , Reliefs , Etchings , Aquatints , Lithographs , Screen prints, , Woodcuts, Engravings and paper cut images . The variety was amazing . Opened on 19th may 2018, This Exhibition was there upto 23rd of September 2018.
Princeton visit was a wonderful experience as original signed works of some Great masters were seen by me for the first time in my life. I saw Claude Monet's ' water Lilies And Japanese Bridge , Picasso's " Young Girl with a basket of flowers " , Henri Matisse's " Reclining Odalisque with Magnolias " , Paul Cezanne's " Provencal Manor ', Camille Pissarro's " Still Life ", and many more works in original. One such master and Pioneer who's work i saw for the fist time is Edouard Manet ( 1832-1883 ) of France .
A student inside the Art Museum told me :

" Sir we had International Designer and artist Maya Lin here in April 2018. She is doing a wonderful On site Art Creation Near this art Complex . This creation is known as "Earth Drawing " and " Water table ". It reflects Artist deep interest in environment . It shall be on display in October possibly .Frank Stella Exhibition you saw today. So many events ,Programs and visits by leading artists are a part of the Museum activity round the year .  This museum is visited by more than 200,000 visitors each year. Millions  visit the museum online. I would suggest to visit  Museum store as well. You can see creations of some highly talented Artisans. See Merrie Buchsbaum's polymer clay work. Fantastic colorful Mosaic pens. "

Art Critic Louis Gonse has said :

“Manet is a point of departure, the symptomatic precursor of a revolution .“ And To this day, Manet is considered to be the father of modernism in Art or what is known as Progressive realism . He is best known for painting Nudes , Parisian bars, cafes, races , cabarets , portraits . His work reflected both the joys of the city and the loneliness of urban life.


This painting ( Oil on Canvas ) is on display inside Museum of Art University of Princeton .Well preserved, It hangs elegantly on the wall on first floor of the museum . My  Guide told me that this painting was discovered in Manet’s studio after his death. He hadn’t named it. After his death , it was in possession of renowned artist Edgar Degas who named it Indian Woman or Mexican Woman.
This painting was done by Manet in Spanish style. The woman in the painting beams with confidence with her left hand on her hip and a cigarette dangling from her lips while She supports her head with her right hand . In her bold frontal pose, she looks like a carefree outsider. Her hair, dress and appearance support her robust carefree demeanor . Confident of herself , She focuses her gaze on some distant object . A horse is her close companion .

To many Art critics , the painting looks like some incomplete work of Manet . May be Manet wanted to add more .

It was later named “ GYPSY WITH A CIGARETTE” .

( Avtar Mota ).

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