Saturday, October 6, 2018



After a longtime, i saw something straight, simple and beautiful . This movie needs to be watched for many reasons. No violence ,No item songs, No expensive sets ,  realistic portrayal of  dreams and struggle of  a lower middle class family  and above all superb acting by one and all. The movie has been mostly shot in easily identifiable surroundings  that  carry warm and nostalgic memories of our own life as it used to be  in  childhood and youth. You easily identify with people , situations and  story line as it moves ahead.

 Kudos to the casting director. It looks as if  each actor learnt acting  for his role in this  movie only.

Anushka Sharma is versatile.  If she  is  silent, she has something serious to convey. Her smile is her USP. It appears to  spring forth   somewhere from her soul . Her Body language compliments her natural acting.    With very little make up, She looks elegant in ordinary Saree, Bangles and Bindi . I never knew that varun Dhawan is such a good actor. Excellent performance by actors who played Mauji's ( Varun Dhawan')parents in the movie.

(Avtar Mota)

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