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Walk the Talk with Turkish fruit seller.

" Why you go Pharmacy store yesterday Sir ? All ok ! What you lookin ? If Medicine then i help. I friendly with Boongladesh (Bangladesh) coontri ( Country) sales guy. He hire in some pharmacy 34 street . The man they call  Eziz . Long Beard . He come my shop. Buy Banana and sometime Mexican Mango .He like mango . He go friendly and good man but say why I not Beard. I say I no less Moslem if no beard.. I come here sell fruit make honest living . That my business. I waalcom( welcome) all peoples . He not understand. Leave that .If you problem buy medicine ,I go speak . I knowing some african American guy . He hire Duanereade Pharmacy store midtown.. He my friend. He customer. He help all peoples ."

" I wanted to buy some medicine but no pharmacy store agrees to sell without prescription. Some Arthritis medicine . They say it is prescription drug. They don't recognise prescription of Doctor from India. Not so easy to buy medicine here. We brought all medicines from India.."

" Yeah sir it tough. Here No government hospital no Doctor for poor peoples . You insurance you enter company hospital. No insurance no Doctor No medicine no hospital. Many go homeless if go hospital treatment when no insurance. They selling house.. Too much money they pay. Too much if you insurance also. I go fail how understand here medical system . God ! Save all. God! Everybody good health. Here system Good only rich peoples. How your Madam health now ? She say She pain knee and Walking problem. This not good . When I go Istanbul I bring good good pain cream . Rub Rub and knee pain finish. Good good medicine."

" She is better now. Had madam come here ? Did she tell you that we need some mix fruit ."
"Yes . Madam say need mix fruit mother in law death anniversary day. When it ? I keep good good fruit. No complain .you taste and say Turkish friend good guy. "

" Yes keep good fruit for that day. I will let you know. We don't want fruit for ourself on mother's death anniversary day." 

" Who go eating fruit then?" 

" We Call it Shraadha in Hindu Religion  or simply Death anniversary date of parents or elders in the family  . We need to give to some hungry man. It is something like Sadaqah in Islam to earn Sawaab. I mean charity . We call it Dhaan or charity .Here , we make the ritual very simple this way. ."

" How great sir . You knowing my religion . That amazing. Many poor here. Here poor homeless peoples always wanting food.. They go eating what you give . Money , Food ,water, fruit, cigarette all they needing. Extra keep in bag next meal. Some homeless go over eating .Some bad luck they getting very little and they search waste food Trash bin ."

" Isn't the trash bin food stale?"

" No, No sir. Here they clearing bin two times one day. Some good peoples here buy food give half half homeless. Some drinking half juice ,close cap and half in trash bin for anybody homeless. "
" Do you give them fruits? " 

" When homeless come , The say give banana. I give. I giving regular banana there that man  sit outside church next block opposite . He real poor .He need shirt . He need trouzir ( trousers) . Only 3 months and come winter. He some mental problem. Sometime he weep, cry .Alone alone he smile . Real Poor guy." 

" No problem. I give shirt and Pyjama to Paul along with fruit..Shirt and pyjama is Indian garment .Good stuff. New one. "

" Sir my coontri peoples also go charity what you do. That why i like you peoples.When your mother death anniversary day, I give Free 10 Banana to homeless that day. Allow please. I respect guys remember elder family member . I regard who look after elder family member. Here old peoples living alone . Nobody care. Suffering and go real Sick. Poor go Very bad . Very very bad sir . What i say . They no cat , dog or parrot company.. They not able their work what they do pet. All alone. When some old come buy fruit ,i say no come next time. Talk mobile ,i drop home. He doubt me. He think i go some cheating. "

" Yes, they are right They live in different culture. They can't trust everybody. But you should keep helping old people"

" Agree what you say.That reason i like talkin you sir. My request sir 10 Bananas . You pay nothing .You give homeless my side that day .For my happiness. You get me . I not know why I feeling your family my family one family. My respect always your family. When i see your Madam ,i see Nissim my Sister .your Madam face and Nissim face same same . "

(Avtar Mota)

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